Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is Almost Here!!

Finally!! I am so excited for Christmas this year! I get to see ALL of my family and I love all of our traditions! I think that's what I am most excited for!

Here is an update on the last couple of days!

_Paige and I were SPONTANEOUS! (12/16):  On friday night we just decided to go to disneyland! It was SOO fun!! As we got there (around 8pm) EVERYONE WAS LEAVING!!! It couldn't have been any better!! The lines were pretty short for the most part, but we were more concerned with pictures! hahah We are VERY crazy when it comes to pictures because we have to have THE BEST when it comes time to scrapbook!! We got a photo-pass card from the first photographer and after that we didn't go as crazy as we thought we did, but we still had a lot of pictures.  When we went to view them, they were ADORABLE!!! But, with the name Disneyland, you expect extremely over priced EVERYTHING.  The photos were no exception!  SO Paige and I decided to keep the photo-pass and next time we go which is going to be ASAP, we are going to go PICTURE CRAZY!! I am so beyond excited to scrapbook all of these pictures! They are seriously the CUTEST pictures you have ever seen!!

_Saturday TRIP TO NEWPORT (12/17):   We had previously taken a trip to Newport Beach to go to Sprinkles and then hit the temple on the way home.  This time, our soul purpose was Roger's Gardens! Seriously the prettiest nursery in south orange county!! We got some really REALLY cute ornaments and I also got an ornament twirler!! You plug the end into one of the lights on the christmas tree and then you hook the ornament to the bottom of it and turn on the tree lights! WHALA!! The ornament starts SPINNING!!! One of the ornaments I got was a golf ball w/ tee! Seriously SO STINKING CUTE!! The golf ball is sparkly and it has a red tee that is also SPARKLY!!! I wish I had a picture to put up, but I have not uploaded the pictures to my computer yet.
      After Rogers Gardens, (the exit basically FORcED us into it...) we stopped by Sprinkles!! Oh my gosh those cupcakes are seriously the best cupcakes ever!!!!! This time I only got two and when I got home I gave one to Jeffrey, so I was only able to enjoy one, but hey! Spread the happiness right!?
      And what would a Newport trip be without a visit to the Temple?!?! Of course on the way home we stopped by the gorgeous Newport Beach Temple to get some UH-MAY-ZING pictures when it wasn't raining! (last time it was kinda pouring! haha) We walked the temple grounds and went to the fountains with the temple in the background.  We got some gorgeous photos, but it wouldn't have been a complete photoshoot without SOME kind of blooper!!!

**As I was going to stand on the fountains edge, I tripped and almost FELL IN THE FOUNTAIN!! Such a close call!!!! I was so happy to not have fallen in because it was chilly outside and I was NOT in the mood to drive home wet! hahaha.  Paige ended up getting a picture of it so we can always remember that moment.  Oh and a trip isn't complete without a bruise either! I got a nice big purple on right below my knee from it! haha #memories!**

       After the Temple, Paige had to leave to go home to pack/prepare for Utah. :( She  went home and I stayed in Newport and went to Fashion Island.  I had heard that there was a hair salon that only styles and I wanted to check it out.  When I arrived, it was just cloudy, but as I started to search for the place, it started to rain and I had to seek refuge in this very interesting store to say the least.... I think they thought they were a little tidbit of LA in Newport, because they had a wall sticker above the cash register that read "Say Goodbye to the 405, LA just got a little closer." They had some bizarre items in that store.  After the rain let up, I found the "DRYBAR!" I was so excited!! The idea of this place to me is so intriguing! They only style! No Cuts, Color or anything else! (*I think they might wash*) But this place is so cool to me!! I am definitely going back soon!!

_Sunday Funday! (12/18):  After church, nothing big happened except for the neighbor hood annual CHRISTMAS PARTY!! I thought oh, I'll get a gift card or something like that, but NO! I got possibly the COOLEST GIFT THIS YEAR!!! THe Horner's had me and my mom had told them that I am OBSESSED with scrapbooking so they got me a paper cutter! *ok I know you are reading this and thinking... oh how cool a paper cutter, and you may not be as obsessed with scrapbooking as I am, but just keep reading it gets cooler!* It is a guillotine cutter on one side and then connection to it is a slide blade they cuts perfectly! and the slide blade is INTERCHANGEABLE with other blades!! I can perforate, make wavy, ^v^v^ (the up-down arrow kinda thing) a scalloped one, a fancy one and then make an imprint! SERIOSULY I AM IN LOVE!!!!!! here is a picture of the box. It sums it up better than I could.

so far the best gift I have gotten this season! (I also haven't opened anything else!)

THe adults had a white elephant gift exchange and i wrapped my families... here is a pic! I love the wrapping haha!

That's all the update I have for now!! I am going to get the pictures from Paige from everything we have done and I will post them, but more importantly SCRAPBOOK THEM!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Spare time!

Spare time is sometimes hard to come around, but I found some today and created this! Thought it was pretty cool!! It reads: "Maddy + Paige > (=) bffs!"

Create your own!! Just go to the app store and search for apps that their logos are letters!!

Peace, love, joy and hope! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

XOXO, Maddy

IN the Future :)

While walking through California Adventures, I saw they cutest little townhouse decorated for christmas.  I always pass by it, but that day it stuck with me.  I took at picture of it because I thought it was adorable and I found myself wanting my house to look like that in the future! I mean how cute is that?!?! Who wouldn't want their house to look like this!?

here is the Cute little townhouse :)

just thought I would share its cuteness.  Hopefully my future home will someday be this adorable!! 

XOXO Maddy <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disneyland never fails to brighten my mood!!

"I saw that you went to disneyland last night on facebook.." Allison

{I posted this picture v}

"Yeah, I did. It was SO FUN!" Maddy
"Why did you go last night? It was a Thursday night..." Allison
"Cause I have a car, with gas in it, a pass, and had no golf practice." Maddy
"Oh, ok... you went alone?" Allison
"oh, no.. haha we went as a golf bonding.. I went with Bayli and Kasey." Maddy
"Oh gotcha, ok that's cool." Allison

Just an average Friday conversation after a super fun Thursday night!!

I <3 disney land during the hoildays! even though it is VERY crowded!! I don't mind!! here are the rest of my pictures!!

walking in on Main Street!

walking out, but still just as gorgeous as when I walked in! haha

captures what california is all about: Rollercoasters and Palm Trees :)

I love this place!
(not on earth because New York makes me happier!)

L to R: Kasey, Bayli, Duffy, Me

California Adventures Christmas Tree!!!!

Hello Winter!

As fall came to an end, Paige and I still had many things planned ahead for this coming winter! On our list there are many things we must check off and in a relatively short period of time!

here are some:

~Follow The Star
~Sing Noel
~See Santa
~Christmas Boat Parade in Newport
~Rogers' Gardens Christmas Decorations Pictures
~Festive Christmas T-shirts
~Gingerbread People
~Ginger Bread Houses
~Christmas Lights

Out of those we have accomplished 4 items! WOO! hahaha, we still have a long ways to go!

Festive T-Shirts!
Made by Maddy :)
Made by Paige :)

Then we went to see CHristmas Lights with the Sister Missionaries (not pictured)!!

ginger hugs <3

ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

then it started to "snow!!"

That's all the pictures for now!! I am trying to get better at updating!! Hopefully more pictures will be up soon!!



Saturday, December 10, 2011

The FINAL Post about FALL :) (Finally!)

Fall 2011 was one I will never forget! So many amazing memories!! Here are some more pictures oh all the fun activities I did!

Fall Festival!
Cowgirls :) Melinda, Me, Paige

Black Friday with Allison and Aunt Ronnee (and Mommy too!)!!

Target Line with Allison! 1230 AM!!

Allison getting her TV! Target line is CRAZY!!

then I joined my super adorable aunt! Fany pack and ALL!

FULL CAR of Christmas Presents!!

Thanksgiving with the FAMBAM!! 

Uncle Jared :) haha

Dailee Anne <3 Uncle Brett in the background

Uncle Brett! 

My Favorites <33

Thanksgiving in a nutshell! haha

Golf Banquet: 

these girls <3

My Best Friend Paige!!

Follow The Star!!
           ~ This year I was able to participate in the actual show! I portrayed Mary twice.  The first time walking to the inn and the second time in the manger.  I got to hold a "baby Jesus" too!  Such an amazing experience!! 

Joseph and Mary ( Me and Rushton )

Sisters Madsen and Christensen with Paige and Me in the middle :)

Paige and Me with the gorgeous Christmas Tree <3

*Also for follow the Star I was able to make Gingersnap Cookies. They were the most amazing cookies I have ever made!! Recipe post to come!***

Christmas Service!
      Tuesday Activity: SERVICE IN THE WARD! We got to help the Kirkendall's DECORATE! Didn't feel like service! It was super fun!!

Taking the boxes down from the secret second floor!

discovering FUN costumes :) 

service group!
Top: Me, Brooke
Middle: Sister Kirkendall, Paige
Bottom: Ellen and Drew

Recently Paige and I took a Road Trip to visit Sister Tubb in Escnodidos!! While we were down there we got to visit CSUSM! (California State University- San Marcos)

The ROAD part of the ROADTRIP! :))

~We got to the church sister Tubb was at an hour early and had time to kill so thats how going to CSUSM came about! :)


Campus = GORGEOUS!!



oak trees <3



she's our favorite!

Officially goodbye Fall and HELLO WINTER!!!!!!