Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last week in Laurels we had a great discussion on SERVICE.  As a group we all sat down and talked about potential service projects we could do. Boy, did the thinking juices get flowing! 
This opened my eyes so much because it showed me that I am clearly not doing enough service in my life!  Yes,  I am busy, but so is my mom and look how much service she does for others every single day. She has a full time job and 3 extremely busy kids, yet she still finds time to volunteer at the baseball fields, at our schools, and with all of our sports and driving us everywhere.  I really look up to her as such a great and amazing example of service and I strive to be more like her everyday.  

As we sat there on Sunday and were talking about possible ways to serve our ward and out community it hit me that I could be doing SO MUCH MORE! Immediately when I went home I got on the computer and started researching possible places I could serve at after school or places where I could work and not get paid and I was so excited! Although I didn't find very many things, It still showed me a world of possibilities and it showed me just how simple it is to serve in my community, whether I have 5 minutes to pick up my neighbors freshly TP'd house or 5 hours to volunteer at "Walk Against Drugs" I cherish my service.  

After doing some research I finally came across a soup kitchen that would allow people under 18 and above 14 to come volunteer their time with out an adult (so I can go and serve whenever I please) I was so excited that I immediately called my friends and asked if they would want to go with me. Some declined, but others were super excited.  I plan to make serving a permanent aspect in my life. 

  I am so thrilled to be able to serve my community at this time in my life.  Some people may say "oh it's just a phase, you won't want to serve in 5 years and you will just grow out of it, but I say NO WAY! to that! Serving is such a testimony builder and I know that for a fact.  This year at EFy I  was really disappointed with the service project because it was JSUT writing THANK YOU Letters.  As I saw it, they had gathered 400-700 YOUTH! THEY COULD HAVE PICKED ANY SERVICE PROJECT AND WE WOULD HAVE WILLINGLY DONE IT!! We could have accomplished SO MUCH with so many people, but small things do matter and even though they were just thank you cards, they did make a difference.  BUT I WANT TO SERVE ON A HIGHER LEVEL and that is exactly what I plan on doing.  After I volunteer on Friday, it's going to be general conference which I am SOO EXCITED FOR! Keep checking for updates! I will hopefully be back on soon to update you some more! 

XOXO, Maddy


I miss you so much!

Doctrine and Covenants 51:19

And whoso is found a faithful, a just, and a wise steward shall enter into the joy of his Lord, and shall inherit eternal life.
I know that is where you are, living with Heavenly Father!

I wish you could still be here to experience all of the wonderful things we are all still going through, I know you are blessing me from above and I can't wait to see you again some day soon! You were and are still such an amazing example to me! I LOVE YOU!

<3 Maddy 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Junior Year 2011

  Let the emails from schoolloop start coming! School has officially started. The first day is always stressful & today was no exception! From getting there on time, to getting my finalized classes, to walking into all 4 of my classes not knowing who was going to be in my class or how the teacher was going to be like.

  I was most scared for first period because I knew absolutely NO ONE who was taking physics, like me.  Turns out I know a few people in my class, but it's going to be a very interesting year. With only 7 girls, and 25 guys, only God knows what will happen. But I have faith that it will be a good year & hope that I can learn a lot from my experiences in this class. My teacher, Mr. Cahill (Kay-Hill) is kinda cooky. Every 5th word he will say FoLks. And emphasize the 'L.' After counting 28 'Folks' I decided to stop counting and accept that I would just have to get used to his voice & vocabluary for the rest of the year. He is a very chilche science teacher & is very amusing so this should be interesting.

2nd period is English & last year my class was in the portable 2nd to last from the VERY END of the portables... Aka the farthest walk, ever, to a class. I thought this year that I wouldn't have to make that walk another 180+ times, but oh boy was I mistaken. I now am in P20. The absolute farthest portable.  Being stuck all the way out there with mostly the same people from last year reall bites but it helps to have a couple friends in the class and a really good teacher. Mrs. Brincks is super funny & knows how to relate to each student. She understands us and has her moments of being funny as oppsed to TRYING to be funny. As she was calling roll, she started to say 'BROOKE?! BROOKE HANNAH?! Ahahaha just kidding, it's MADELINE. MADELINE, ARE You HERE?!' I responded 'Yes I am here' which she said 'Hello. Oh Madeline, that's my cats name.' how do I respond to that?! Ahaha at that moment she reminded me of Tawnya pulling out the pliers. LOL.

3rd period was APUSH & it wasn't anything I had already expected. Hannah G is in this class tho! WOOWOO! There are a ton of great people in this class & even tho it will be a tough course, I know that I can do it.

4th period is math. Previously I had been told that if I got Marzolo to switch out. When I realized I had gotten him, I was planning on switching out until I walked into the class.  This could by far be my favorite class because of all the people. As I walked in I saw Sarah, Renee, Maya & Allison & that's when I knew I couldn't switch out. I had a ton of friends in this class, so why switch out? He may be a bad teacher, but with some tutoring & faith I can get through this class.

After a long day at school I was able to go play in my golf match, which we lost sadly. We played Dana who our whole team dislikes because they are rude stuck up snobs and they cheat, but I was lucky enough to get to play with two bery nice girls who changed my opinion on the team as a whole. We really do need more nice people on the Earth to brighten up peoples moods all the time! 

As this day has now come to a close I am counting my blessings & I know my heavenly father loves each & every one of us. I pray to him that this school year will go by smoothly & that we will all be safe & healthy. Love you all & thanks for reading!


First day of school 2011! Junior & Freshman year. Here we come capo! AND I got my license YESTERDAY SO I AM SO EXCITED TO SAY I WILL BE DRIVING MYSELF TO SCHOOL! Woowoo!! (driving jeffrey too of course,but ya know! Driving!)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pictures from My Summer Adventures

my finger, after catching a football wrong, decided to swell up on me.
 after two long and uncomfortable plane rides, we are finally here! NYC HERE COME THE HANNAH'S!
 First Subway RIDE!...

we were soooo excited.. v

 coney islanddd
 empire state building!

                              templeee <3

hahahah greeeen screen ^


                                   "day one"


< dirtyy

tawnys cmoputerr
pizza nightt 

                            "I've seen chairs before"

ultimate creeper pictureee


my husband to beeee


Paige's Husband to beeee

bye efyyy </3

just dance. >>

SLC Temple August 2011

                                    park cityy^

                                   this car....

                        THEN SISTER LISA TUBB CAME BACK!

                         and so did MISS KAILEY MURPHY!
                              i miss you girliee!