Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last week in Laurels we had a great discussion on SERVICE.  As a group we all sat down and talked about potential service projects we could do. Boy, did the thinking juices get flowing! 
This opened my eyes so much because it showed me that I am clearly not doing enough service in my life!  Yes,  I am busy, but so is my mom and look how much service she does for others every single day. She has a full time job and 3 extremely busy kids, yet she still finds time to volunteer at the baseball fields, at our schools, and with all of our sports and driving us everywhere.  I really look up to her as such a great and amazing example of service and I strive to be more like her everyday.  

As we sat there on Sunday and were talking about possible ways to serve our ward and out community it hit me that I could be doing SO MUCH MORE! Immediately when I went home I got on the computer and started researching possible places I could serve at after school or places where I could work and not get paid and I was so excited! Although I didn't find very many things, It still showed me a world of possibilities and it showed me just how simple it is to serve in my community, whether I have 5 minutes to pick up my neighbors freshly TP'd house or 5 hours to volunteer at "Walk Against Drugs" I cherish my service.  

After doing some research I finally came across a soup kitchen that would allow people under 18 and above 14 to come volunteer their time with out an adult (so I can go and serve whenever I please) I was so excited that I immediately called my friends and asked if they would want to go with me. Some declined, but others were super excited.  I plan to make serving a permanent aspect in my life. 

  I am so thrilled to be able to serve my community at this time in my life.  Some people may say "oh it's just a phase, you won't want to serve in 5 years and you will just grow out of it, but I say NO WAY! to that! Serving is such a testimony builder and I know that for a fact.  This year at EFy I  was really disappointed with the service project because it was JSUT writing THANK YOU Letters.  As I saw it, they had gathered 400-700 YOUTH! THEY COULD HAVE PICKED ANY SERVICE PROJECT AND WE WOULD HAVE WILLINGLY DONE IT!! We could have accomplished SO MUCH with so many people, but small things do matter and even though they were just thank you cards, they did make a difference.  BUT I WANT TO SERVE ON A HIGHER LEVEL and that is exactly what I plan on doing.  After I volunteer on Friday, it's going to be general conference which I am SOO EXCITED FOR! Keep checking for updates! I will hopefully be back on soon to update you some more! 

XOXO, Maddy

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