Sunday, November 13, 2011


I would just like to update everybody on everything!! Paige and I have started a list of things we want to do and have started Scrapbooking it too! Yesterday we went to sprinkles cupcakes and they were so delicious!! After, we stopped by the Newport Beach Temple and walked to temple grounds and took some pretty adorable pictures! (more to come!)

As for the list, we are 12 deep out of 85 or so list items and we are so excited for fall! Even though we don't get touch of real "fall" around here in MV we are carpe diem! Getting the fall pix while we can! There is a very small window for this!!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching we have a ton of stuff to do! January is going to be FILLED with just Scrapbooking! Haha we had recently agreed by to get behind with Scrapbooking but that will soon be out the window because the holiday season is so short! 

Today, my mom and I went over personal progress too and I am a lot closer than I thought! I only have 13 value experiences left and only 2 value projects!! One of which is reading the Book of Mormon which I am so excited to finally complete! I plan on being 100% done with personal progress and receiving my medallion by May 2012!! 

As for school, things are going really good now! I am so happy with all of my classes and I love all my teachers! (well most of the time, anyway) 

I'm loving life right now and loving being a teenager! These are the glory days and I can't wait for college! Planning ahead seems so crazy but I am already prepping for college essays and apps! I am so ready to be at BYu! Can't wait to get out of California and experience the rest of the country and just go to college!

But for now, I am stuck in the little bubble of Orange County with my best friend, Paigey, as we continue to make progress on our list! 

Happy Fall! 


Maddy :)

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