Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disneyland never fails to brighten my mood!!

"I saw that you went to disneyland last night on facebook.." Allison

{I posted this picture v}

"Yeah, I did. It was SO FUN!" Maddy
"Why did you go last night? It was a Thursday night..." Allison
"Cause I have a car, with gas in it, a pass, and had no golf practice." Maddy
"Oh, ok... you went alone?" Allison
"oh, no.. haha we went as a golf bonding.. I went with Bayli and Kasey." Maddy
"Oh gotcha, ok that's cool." Allison

Just an average Friday conversation after a super fun Thursday night!!

I <3 disney land during the hoildays! even though it is VERY crowded!! I don't mind!! here are the rest of my pictures!!

walking in on Main Street!

walking out, but still just as gorgeous as when I walked in! haha

captures what california is all about: Rollercoasters and Palm Trees :)

I love this place!
(not on earth because New York makes me happier!)

L to R: Kasey, Bayli, Duffy, Me

California Adventures Christmas Tree!!!!

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