Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello Winter!

As fall came to an end, Paige and I still had many things planned ahead for this coming winter! On our list there are many things we must check off and in a relatively short period of time!

here are some:

~Follow The Star
~Sing Noel
~See Santa
~Christmas Boat Parade in Newport
~Rogers' Gardens Christmas Decorations Pictures
~Festive Christmas T-shirts
~Gingerbread People
~Ginger Bread Houses
~Christmas Lights

Out of those we have accomplished 4 items! WOO! hahaha, we still have a long ways to go!

Festive T-Shirts!
Made by Maddy :)
Made by Paige :)

Then we went to see CHristmas Lights with the Sister Missionaries (not pictured)!!

ginger hugs <3

ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

then it started to "snow!!"

That's all the pictures for now!! I am trying to get better at updating!! Hopefully more pictures will be up soon!!



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