Saturday, December 10, 2011

The FINAL Post about FALL :) (Finally!)

Fall 2011 was one I will never forget! So many amazing memories!! Here are some more pictures oh all the fun activities I did!

Fall Festival!
Cowgirls :) Melinda, Me, Paige

Black Friday with Allison and Aunt Ronnee (and Mommy too!)!!

Target Line with Allison! 1230 AM!!

Allison getting her TV! Target line is CRAZY!!

then I joined my super adorable aunt! Fany pack and ALL!

FULL CAR of Christmas Presents!!

Thanksgiving with the FAMBAM!! 

Uncle Jared :) haha

Dailee Anne <3 Uncle Brett in the background

Uncle Brett! 

My Favorites <33

Thanksgiving in a nutshell! haha

Golf Banquet: 

these girls <3

My Best Friend Paige!!

Follow The Star!!
           ~ This year I was able to participate in the actual show! I portrayed Mary twice.  The first time walking to the inn and the second time in the manger.  I got to hold a "baby Jesus" too!  Such an amazing experience!! 

Joseph and Mary ( Me and Rushton )

Sisters Madsen and Christensen with Paige and Me in the middle :)

Paige and Me with the gorgeous Christmas Tree <3

*Also for follow the Star I was able to make Gingersnap Cookies. They were the most amazing cookies I have ever made!! Recipe post to come!***

Christmas Service!
      Tuesday Activity: SERVICE IN THE WARD! We got to help the Kirkendall's DECORATE! Didn't feel like service! It was super fun!!

Taking the boxes down from the secret second floor!

discovering FUN costumes :) 

service group!
Top: Me, Brooke
Middle: Sister Kirkendall, Paige
Bottom: Ellen and Drew

Recently Paige and I took a Road Trip to visit Sister Tubb in Escnodidos!! While we were down there we got to visit CSUSM! (California State University- San Marcos)

The ROAD part of the ROADTRIP! :))

~We got to the church sister Tubb was at an hour early and had time to kill so thats how going to CSUSM came about! :)


Campus = GORGEOUS!!



oak trees <3



she's our favorite!

Officially goodbye Fall and HELLO WINTER!!!!!!

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