Friday, January 27, 2012

The First Pictures of 2012!

Hello 2012!! I am so excited to come into the new year!! 2011 went out with a bang and 2012 will be another amazing year! I am so thrilled to explore what this year has to offer me! I can only imagine that I will be posting pictures all the time because I know that Paige and I will be making a lot of progress on the list!

Here is January so far!!!

January 1st: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
January 2nd: Paige and I went shopping ALL DAY! not the kind of shopping you would expect though.  We hit up Joann's, Michael's, Timeless Treasures, and many more craft and specialty stores.  It was exciting to get a TON of new scrapbooking stuff!!

January 3rd-6th: Getting back into the swing of things. Seminary and School start bright and early! On my way home from seminary I saw the most BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE and just had to grab a picture.  It is a little blurry and I'm so sorry but it was just too gorgeous to pass up and NOT take a picture!!

January 6th: It's Friday! Paige and I slipped to Disneyland for a half day and had a blast! We went on Buzz Lightyear:

And after when we were in California Adventures we found the cutest toys that walked when we pressed a remote.  I had one with 6 legs and it was blue and Paige had one with 4 legs and it was silver.  You would think that more legs = FASTER!! yeah, NO.  haha.  We were deceived. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

our racers!

On your mark, get set, GOOOOOOOO!!!!

well, what we learned, more legs = SLOW!

January 7th&8th: It's the weekend, RELAX. Sunday at church I decided to do my hair different and thought I would share.  I never curl it with a normal clip curling iron, because it normally doesn't stay, but this time it did, and I loved it!

January 9th-13th: Another week at school! 
January 13th: Another half Disneyland day!! This time we spent 3 hours in the animation studio! 
Pluto, one of 5 we drew!
walking out we saw these gorgeous trees and I just had to take a picture!

January 14th: SCUBA DIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For my birthday, my Aunt got me a scuba diving lesson.  it was more of a "try-it-out-to-see-if-you-like-it" kinda thing.  It was so much fun! They had some kinks in their system though... First we sat there and listened to our instructions for an hour which was fine, because we learned about the safety procedures and learned about the equipment which was kinda cool.  We learned that you can't dive if you have a cold or can't breath out of your nose (e.x. because of allergies) because when you go under water, the pressure in your sinuses can't be released and then it fills up with blood.  (You know that it has filled up with blood when the throbbing pain in your head all of the sudden goes away...) The guy then went on to explain what happens once your cold goes away or your allergies die down... but it is too gross to explain here... 
     Anyway, after we had out lesson in the classroom, we proceeded to have a lunch break... we were not made aware that we had this and were kind of frustrated but it worked out because we got subway and it turned out to be a blessing.  (we never realized how much of a workout scuba diving was.) Once we got back from lunch, we suited up, completely and 100% fully dressed to jump in the pool.  After we got dresses we walked outside to get our tanks and realized that the pool was 10 miles away! we were so embarrassed! Everyone was laughing at us.  
     That was another kink... they didn't tell us that we were going to have to drive to the pool with all of our gear and drive back to the shop with all of our WET gear.  We were just a little frustrated at this.  But overall, it was a great experience and so much fun!!  
here are the pictures we got! 

me and my tank :) 

our tanks!

waiting and waiting and waiting to go in!
I'm Ready! I'm Ready! I'm Ready!!!

the we got bored... so we had a mini photoshoot on the lounge chairs! 


Full Wetsuit! 7.5mm it was SO thick!! 
We then proceeded to get in the pool and to my dismay I FORGOT my waterproof camera so these are the only pictures I got.  I know, it's sad, but I think the pictures we got were super cute!

January 15th: Church
January 16th: Driving to school down the junior lot hill, my car started dinging to tell me it was 37degrees or LESS! it was SO STINKIN COLD!!! When Jeff and I got out of the car it was 34degrees!! here is the proof!! 

January 17th-19th: The usual. School, homework, School, more homework... throw pinao in there on wednesdays.   FUN, FUN. 
January 19th: My mom had a white elephant gift exchange for bunco and asked my to make the gift tag appealing so I took to my scrapbooking supplies and went to work!! I thought it was really adorable but here it is for your opinion!

"white elephant tag"
1. print out a decent sized elephant from the internet. (or if you are an amazing artist, draw one...)
2. trim the elephant and secure it onto silver glitter paper.  (I used hot glue for this paper because tape will not stick.. when you shake the paper, glitter literally falls off.)
3. Trim the glitter paper to make it a border for your "white elephant"
4. punch a hole in the elephant to make it a tag... I put a three ring hole punch hole fixer on top of the hole punch to reinforce it.
5. Pick festive ribbon, tie and curl.
Here is the finished project V

red, light pink and hot pink ribbon, curled and make shift wrapping.  I guess it fits because it is a gag gift. haha finally getting rid of the foot massager we have had for 10 years!
January 20th: Friday. Paige and I hit up the best scrapbooking sale we have seen yet at Joann's! you could get 6 sheets of open-stock paper for 96c!!!!!! I ended up getting 181 sheets of paper... I am officially an addict.
"MOM!! Look at my receipt!"

"OK, don't freak out!! How much do you think I spent?"
"at least 100 dollars!! MADDY!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!"
"MOM!! I told you not to freak out!! and No, I only brought $40 with me.  I just about SAVED $100!!!" 
Total Savings: $88.73! SCOREEEEEEE!!!
You could say she was UH-MAZED.
Also stopped by the last CAPO homegame of the season.  WE WON and made CIF!!!

January 21st-22nd: WEEKEND. Also stake conference. Nice relaxing weekend. Saturday I slept in until 11 and then pinterested until noon. Pinterest is seriously my new obsession. I go on it everyday.  I finally found a recipie that I could make and had all the ingredients so I went downstairs and just made them.  And let me tell you, THEY WERE DELICIOUS. They were called cakebatter chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, they don't sound so good, but they looked so fluffy and amazing... here is a picture of the ones I made... the recipe will be listed under my page "In the Kitchen." That can be found here.

and this is the pic I intragramed. haha :)
I then went to subway. There was a perfect spot open so I quickly snatched it! but... This minivan decided to park like this:

and I parked like this.  I felt awesome because I was still within my lines.. it made me look like I am an AMAZING parker!! hahah It was a great victory for Maddy today!

January 23rd: On a whim, decided to ask Ryan to formal and made the "proposal."
here it is: 
 January 24th: I actually asked him to formal... he wasn't home on Monday so tuesday had to do...
He said YES!

January 25th: Wednesday, Piano... recital in a week! 
January 26th: School, Chipotle Date, Golf, Temple! What a perfect day!! Went to school until 1220, then picked up my friends and headed over to Chipotle... It was so fun! We went to golf after and everyone who wasn't invited got kinda jealous.. but you just gotta be in our little group to get an invite... I mean we don't bite! haha after golf I ran to the mall and got my formal dress! I love it!! I will for sure be posting pictures from formal as soon as Formal comes! After I picked up Jeffrey and headed home.  Had a short 30 minute break and then off to the temple!! I love going to the temple! It is always such an amazing spiritual experience! I love doing the Lord's Work! After, the Laurels ditched the beehives and went to sprinkles cupcakes!! YUMMY!! Saved the cupcakes and went to the Gilato place where two hot guys were working... it was entertaining.  After we got sugar high we headed to IN n OUT on Campus and ran into more hot guys! hahah and some classy girls... here are all the pictures I have as of right now... I am waiting on a few more to be sent to me..
Chipotle Lunch Date:
waiting in line :)

oh heyyy there! I'm really excited to be getting chipotle right now!

driving back to Golf.. even though you can't see Eric, he still had a ton of fun!! 
Temple Trip!!

Before the Temple: 
 After the Temple:

Sprinkles Cupcakes are the best!! 
 We crept SO HARD at IN n OUT... hahaha
Quote of the night: "you know when someone thinks they are attractive when they look and you, smile and give you the head nod. Kinda like, hey yeah, I see you lookin at me.." ~Kendall

Driving home, Paige had the brilliant idea to take pictures of me at my very extremely best.  I thought that you would enjoy them.

this is why boys don't like me.... 
Ahhhhh, finally 100% up-to-date!! AS soon as I have more pictures, there will be more posts! 2012 is in fully swing ladies and gents!! Happy January!!! 



Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Final Pictures of 2011

Last time I updated with pictures was December 20th!! Its crazy that it has been one month already!! I have done SO much in the last month and have so many pictures!! Time to share!

December 20th: Last Update...
December 21st: Went to Knotts Berry Farm with my Family!
We had a blast!! We enjoyed Ghost rider all together except for Declan and Dailee came off balling her head off and then went on bumper cars too!
bumper cars!

Damon getting ready to drive!! Go get 'em!!

precious :) waiting for Ghost rider!

Ghost Rider Line!

me and Dailee :)

the boys: Daniel, Jeffrey, Damon and Declan
he got his pass and signed his own name! This kid is too cute!!!
ready to go into the park!! from L to R: Jeffrey, Declan, Daniel, Dailee, Damon and Me.

December 22nd: WRAP WRAP WRAP. I wrapped presents for my mom at the office and successfully backed HER SUV into a tiny parking space at her office without hitting any other cars!! I felt pretty accomplished considering it was something very difficult! AND I'm within the lines!! WOO!

December 24th: Christmas Eve with the family at my house! What a blast! here is my one and only favorite picture of the night!
My Grandma: funniest person I know.
Shirt reads: St. Nick's World Tour 2011.  Coming to your town, One night Only. 12-25-2011

December 25th: CHRISTMAS!!!!! On Christmas we woke up early and headed off to Church.  I loved going to church on Christmas because I could really feel the spirit and it brought the true meaning back into Chritmas!  Once we got home,  we opened all of our presents and then the boys headed off to Holy Jim Canyon while I took my Uncle Brett and Dailee on a tour of Capo.  Complete with parking in the junior lot, walking up and DOWN the dirt hill and walking to some of my classes and showing them my locker.. they got a kick out of how big my campus is.  Once we got back from Capo and the boys got back from Holy Jim, we headed over to the Walton's (Robert and Sharon) for Christmas Dinner.  Such a fun night!

Me and Uncle Brett with our crowns!

don't worry, its sparkling cider haah

damon :) this kid just kills me sometimes!

December 26th: I scrapbooked ALL DAY! haha :) Love lazy days! OH and I opened the gift Paige gave me! CUTEST THING EVER:

its a mini BMW:)
its JADEPARKER JR!!!!!!!!!! with the license plate and all!! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAIGEY!!!

December 27th: I painted my nail so they looked like cheetah print! I got super cool stamps for christmas that I used to do this! Love them like this!!

December 28th: LA Trip part 1. GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY!!!!!! These are some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PICTURES of 2011!!!!! We had quite an adventure getting there! First my navigator told us to turn the wrong way and made us go up the wrong road.  We all saw the "Road Closed" sign but ignored it because well quite frankly we trusted the navigator more.  That was mistake number one! hahaha.. after we got to the top of the mountain and realized the the road was most definitely closed because we were not allowed to go any further, but we could see Griffith Observatory AND all the cars going in. We then proceeded to take 7 other different closed roads until we made it to the OPEN one hahaha... while searching for the correct path to the observatory we came across some interesting people.
First was the chinese guy who couldn't speak english..... we asked him for directions which didn't work out to well...
"Whaa? Whaa? WHAAA?"

Then we drove past the Mexican family and the terrorists.... just some nicknames we gave the people we saw and then we came across this!

Its the Hollywood sign!!

in the car :)

finally found the right way to the Observatory and then there was NO parking... hahaha this is how far we had to park away.
It worked out perfect that we got lost because I had wanted to be there at sunset but we left mu house at 12, so I had thought we would be in and out of there before 5.  Since we got lost,  we didn't even end up walking in until 330 and got to stay during sunset! It was perfect! We got to experience the Observatory is the day time, watch the sunset AND see the skyline at night! Here are the pictures!
daytime skyline :)

pretty door 

in the front of the observatory!

Hollywood sign!!

I know its sideways, but I love this picture! (I couldn't rotate it :|)

the view :)

the grandma with pink hair!!

hollywood sign! (again! haha we took a lot with this!!)

almost nighttime!!!!!!

right after the sun had set!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!! 

last picture of the night! haha my brothers...

December 29th: LA Trip Part 2!!! INDOOR SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quite possibly the exhilarating activity of 2011!! Groupons + Lisa living in LA = P&M go skydiving and get some pretty awesome pictures!! We had a blast and it was an experience I will never forget! I can't hold back on any of the pictures so here they all are! ahahha
driving there, Lisa the photographer is amazing! haha

at the citywalk! 

Paige and Me at the citywalk, the vortex of air is right behind us!

observing the people going in before us

all suited up and ready to jump in!

waiting to go in! Almost time to fly!

going into the vortex :)

we are ready!

about to go in!!

jumping into the wind tunnel!!!! so scared!

These are all of me FLYING!!! 

After we went skydiving, we went into the city to the museums... we decided to go to Guinness World Book of Records, Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not.  Ripley's was by far the best one out of all three... the wax museum was terrible.. and the World Records was just very outdated... some of the funniest pictures:

World's Tallest Man: 8'11''! Crazy!!

here's me: 5'8'' hahah :) don't even compare!


Wax Museum in the background!

Ripley's... Lips :)

standing on the Marilynn Monroe platform that made her skirt fly up in that famous picture.. that's why my hair is crazy haha

at the wax museum.. it's obviously Will Ferrel! C'mon!
December 30th: It was a friday and after the two day LA I was exhausted!!  I rested all day! wooo :)

December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR's EVE!!! Today I went on a picnic with the sister missionaries in my ward, Sister Rokobuli and Sister Christensen, and after I went golfing with my family, minus my mom, but it was fun none the less!! I shot a 46 and beat everybody! (My dad and Jeffrey really ahah) here are some fun pictures:

picnic at Frog Pond :) Me, Paige, Christensen, Rokobuli
After our breakfast picnic we went on the rope swings which were so much fun!!
rope swings! 

love this one :)

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. 

love this one too :)

screammmm :)

feels like I'm flying 

love you guys <3

Golfing! My pride and Joy!
candid :)

8 south at Coto :) hate this hole, but got a par on it!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! First picture of 2012!!!
2011 was such an amazing year. All of the memories I made in 2011 are so amazing and will never be forgotten.  What an amazing way to end 2011 and start 2012.  I can't wait for all the new memories and experiences 2012 is going to bring!!