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The Final Pictures of 2011

Last time I updated with pictures was December 20th!! Its crazy that it has been one month already!! I have done SO much in the last month and have so many pictures!! Time to share!

December 20th: Last Update...
December 21st: Went to Knotts Berry Farm with my Family!
We had a blast!! We enjoyed Ghost rider all together except for Declan and Dailee came off balling her head off and then went on bumper cars too!
bumper cars!

Damon getting ready to drive!! Go get 'em!!

precious :) waiting for Ghost rider!

Ghost Rider Line!

me and Dailee :)

the boys: Daniel, Jeffrey, Damon and Declan
he got his pass and signed his own name! This kid is too cute!!!
ready to go into the park!! from L to R: Jeffrey, Declan, Daniel, Dailee, Damon and Me.

December 22nd: WRAP WRAP WRAP. I wrapped presents for my mom at the office and successfully backed HER SUV into a tiny parking space at her office without hitting any other cars!! I felt pretty accomplished considering it was something very difficult! AND I'm within the lines!! WOO!

December 24th: Christmas Eve with the family at my house! What a blast! here is my one and only favorite picture of the night!
My Grandma: funniest person I know.
Shirt reads: St. Nick's World Tour 2011.  Coming to your town, One night Only. 12-25-2011

December 25th: CHRISTMAS!!!!! On Christmas we woke up early and headed off to Church.  I loved going to church on Christmas because I could really feel the spirit and it brought the true meaning back into Chritmas!  Once we got home,  we opened all of our presents and then the boys headed off to Holy Jim Canyon while I took my Uncle Brett and Dailee on a tour of Capo.  Complete with parking in the junior lot, walking up and DOWN the dirt hill and walking to some of my classes and showing them my locker.. they got a kick out of how big my campus is.  Once we got back from Capo and the boys got back from Holy Jim, we headed over to the Walton's (Robert and Sharon) for Christmas Dinner.  Such a fun night!

Me and Uncle Brett with our crowns!

don't worry, its sparkling cider haah

damon :) this kid just kills me sometimes!

December 26th: I scrapbooked ALL DAY! haha :) Love lazy days! OH and I opened the gift Paige gave me! CUTEST THING EVER:

its a mini BMW:)
its JADEPARKER JR!!!!!!!!!! with the license plate and all!! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAIGEY!!!

December 27th: I painted my nail so they looked like cheetah print! I got super cool stamps for christmas that I used to do this! Love them like this!!

December 28th: LA Trip part 1. GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY!!!!!! These are some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PICTURES of 2011!!!!! We had quite an adventure getting there! First my navigator told us to turn the wrong way and made us go up the wrong road.  We all saw the "Road Closed" sign but ignored it because well quite frankly we trusted the navigator more.  That was mistake number one! hahaha.. after we got to the top of the mountain and realized the the road was most definitely closed because we were not allowed to go any further, but we could see Griffith Observatory AND all the cars going in. We then proceeded to take 7 other different closed roads until we made it to the OPEN one hahaha... while searching for the correct path to the observatory we came across some interesting people.
First was the chinese guy who couldn't speak english..... we asked him for directions which didn't work out to well...
"Whaa? Whaa? WHAAA?"

Then we drove past the Mexican family and the terrorists.... just some nicknames we gave the people we saw and then we came across this!

Its the Hollywood sign!!

in the car :)

finally found the right way to the Observatory and then there was NO parking... hahaha this is how far we had to park away.
It worked out perfect that we got lost because I had wanted to be there at sunset but we left mu house at 12, so I had thought we would be in and out of there before 5.  Since we got lost,  we didn't even end up walking in until 330 and got to stay during sunset! It was perfect! We got to experience the Observatory is the day time, watch the sunset AND see the skyline at night! Here are the pictures!
daytime skyline :)

pretty door 

in the front of the observatory!

Hollywood sign!!

I know its sideways, but I love this picture! (I couldn't rotate it :|)

the view :)

the grandma with pink hair!!

hollywood sign! (again! haha we took a lot with this!!)

almost nighttime!!!!!!

right after the sun had set!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!! 

last picture of the night! haha my brothers...

December 29th: LA Trip Part 2!!! INDOOR SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quite possibly the exhilarating activity of 2011!! Groupons + Lisa living in LA = P&M go skydiving and get some pretty awesome pictures!! We had a blast and it was an experience I will never forget! I can't hold back on any of the pictures so here they all are! ahahha
driving there, Lisa the photographer is amazing! haha

at the citywalk! 

Paige and Me at the citywalk, the vortex of air is right behind us!

observing the people going in before us

all suited up and ready to jump in!

waiting to go in! Almost time to fly!

going into the vortex :)

we are ready!

about to go in!!

jumping into the wind tunnel!!!! so scared!

These are all of me FLYING!!! 

After we went skydiving, we went into the city to the museums... we decided to go to Guinness World Book of Records, Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not.  Ripley's was by far the best one out of all three... the wax museum was terrible.. and the World Records was just very outdated... some of the funniest pictures:

World's Tallest Man: 8'11''! Crazy!!

here's me: 5'8'' hahah :) don't even compare!


Wax Museum in the background!

Ripley's... Lips :)

standing on the Marilynn Monroe platform that made her skirt fly up in that famous picture.. that's why my hair is crazy haha

at the wax museum.. it's obviously Will Ferrel! C'mon!
December 30th: It was a friday and after the two day LA I was exhausted!!  I rested all day! wooo :)

December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR's EVE!!! Today I went on a picnic with the sister missionaries in my ward, Sister Rokobuli and Sister Christensen, and after I went golfing with my family, minus my mom, but it was fun none the less!! I shot a 46 and beat everybody! (My dad and Jeffrey really ahah) here are some fun pictures:

picnic at Frog Pond :) Me, Paige, Christensen, Rokobuli
After our breakfast picnic we went on the rope swings which were so much fun!!
rope swings! 

love this one :)

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. 

love this one too :)

screammmm :)

feels like I'm flying 

love you guys <3

Golfing! My pride and Joy!
candid :)

8 south at Coto :) hate this hole, but got a par on it!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! First picture of 2012!!!
2011 was such an amazing year. All of the memories I made in 2011 are so amazing and will never be forgotten.  What an amazing way to end 2011 and start 2012.  I can't wait for all the new memories and experiences 2012 is going to bring!!

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