Friday, February 3, 2012

Mom left with my keys... No way to Get home.

Today, Allison and I had a piano recital.  It was a duet recital which was fun because I got to play with Allison.

We were not nearly as ready to perform as we should have been and so I picked up allison and we went to the recital a half hour early to practice some more.  I wasn't thinking and  forgot to bring a purse so I asked my mom to hold my keys, and so the piano recital went on and there were three performances left and Mrs. Chun and my mom decided to leave and go to dinner with our dads.  Totally forgetting she had my keys I watched her walk out and thus we end up with this picture.

JadeParker is locked and I don't have the keys :'(
So after I called my mom and told her she had my keys Allison and I had some time to kill at the church and we got this picture :) aha enjoy.

Such a great way to end a Friday night! hahaha

XOXO< Maddy

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