Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Formal 2012!!

Yesterday was WINTER FORMAL!! Our theme was Alice in Winterland! I had so much fun! This year I had a date and it was a blast!! Here are some pictures:

Started the day off right by getting my nails done!

Then headed to the florists and saw the coolest tree ever and realized I have one just like it in my yard, but sadly it is still a bush :( and my mom also found a matching hat to go with her poncho...

After the florist I went home and had about two hours to kill so I scrapbooked. haha here is one of the pages I did.

I then look out the window and Jeffrey washed my car for me!! WHAT AN AMAZING BROTHER!!!


Then Andrea did my hair and make-up! SHE WAS AMAZING!!

make-up                   hair

(*yes I know there are A TON OF PICTURES! I'm not sorry about that because I love pictures but juts know that these are the best of the best! My dad took over 120 pictures!*)

My Individuals at the house:

oh heyyy there Dad :D


me and Jadeparker :)

over the shoulder hehe

me and mommie

check out the hair! 

last minute check to make sure I have everything! 
Then we headed to FLOJO to take date and group shots!

The corsage

the boutonniere! I tried so hard! 

jk, i just went straight to my mom for help! 

my dashing date, Ryan!

my best....

the only people we liked in the group!

another candid

this was a group shot, but I cropped out the people we didn't like or know for that matter hahaha

hahah DAD! where are you going? he was walking around trying to get different angles

daddy creeping through the bushes

appreciate the makeup!
I don't wear it, ever...


better picture of the shoes!

daddy, me, mommy!

the best group, minus our freshman friends!
Ryan, Me, Hannah, Joseph

me and Allison after the dance!

in the limo on the way there! with out freshman friends!


  1. It is a cool WINTER FORMAL and beautiful hair.
    I also like that you read the Book of Mormon. So are you a church member? We come from Taiwan and speak Chinese. My wife and I will visit California. Do you have any suggestion?

  2. Thank you! Yes, I am a church member! When you visit be sure to go to Laguna Beach, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Balboa Island and hmm, my favorite place would be the Rancho Santa Margarita Lake!