Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day Seven, The Last.

30 June 2012

I knew today was going to be relaxing but I didnt know it would be so much fun!  I got to sleep in (again-yay!) and then headed to breakfast with my parents at the mill. Our last breakfast there. Sad. 

I ate, today, a bagel and banana bread. I also tried a donut that was coated with sugar. They had the best kind of toaster too. The kind where you Put the bagel in and it rolls over the hot stuff and then drops out the bottom. Just like east coast bagels back home. It toasted my bagel perfectly. I was a very happy camper! I also got more banana bread. THE BEST BANANA BREAD EVER! I am definitely going to have to get a banana bread recipe! 

After breakfast I went back to the room to change into a bathing suit and get sunblock on. I knew it was going to be a hot day so I caked it on. I wanted to get a little more sun on my legs so I only put lotion on my calves. My thighs could handle the sun today! Haha. 

I headed out to the pool and didn't really want to go in the water so I sat around with my mom for awhile. Breakfast had settled in and then I made my way into the pool. Just to cool off. I got a drink and then got out. I wasn't really in the mood to sit in 1/3water, 1/3 chlorine and 1/3 pee. 

I went back to the room to cool down and then went back to the pool. I decided, what the heck I might as well go to the beach one last time! Grabbed towels and went to get a lounger. 

As I passed the waterside, Alton said hi to me (just like every other day! He is so cool!) and I went on my way. 

Once on the beach, I listened to some music, sent some snapchats and just took everything in. I am going to miss that beach. It really is the only beach I like for many reasons. 
A) the sand doesn't get everywhere! It is kinda condensed, and super soft!
B) I can see what I am stepping on! 
C) it is super shallow all the way out to the bouies! 
D) the beach breeze is just perfect. 
E) the water feels like a jacuzzi!

Once I got bored I headed back to the pool and watched kids shoot the basketball in the hoop all the way across the pool. It was amusing but I didn't want to get smacked in the head so I got out. 

I got lunch with my mom and headed back to the seat. I got a veggie burger today and remembered to salt my fries before I sat down! Success! Haha that is something I won't miss- unseasoned fries! The veggie burger was so nasty. Velma (my boss) definitely makes one heck of a veg burger compared to that hunk of crap I had on my plate today! I am so grateful she is such an amazing cook! 

After lunch I took a dip in the pool, got my picture taken and was just relaxing when a nice lady came and told me the banana boat was going on. I decided I would do it because YOLO. Lol jk, I did it because I was bored and thought it would be fun. 

When I got out there I rode with some really fun people and the girls sitting behind me fell off! It was funny. Since we were complaining about going too slow, at the very end the driver sped up the boat to full speed and turned hard! Long story short that banana boat flipped and we all fell off. It was still a lot of fun! When I got off I ran into Jeffrey and his friends and took a ride with them. During that ride Jeff fell off and ate the water! Other than that it was a good ride.

Once back on the shore I left Jeff and his friends to be and headed back to the pool. It was getting really cloudy. I knew rain was in the near future! While walking back I saw a cute black couple walking arm in arm. All the sudden the girl shouts at me and tells me that the guy she is holding onto thinks I am cute. I was taken aback because I thought they were together. It was so nice of her though. He came over and talked to me and was super nice. Uncomfortable with the situation I quickly bailed by saying I had to go help my mom. 

Back in the pool area I saw alton again an talked to him for a few and then jumped in the pool. I was finally letting down some of my walls by socializing with people I didn't know when it started to sprinkle. It was totally cool though because it was fun playing water basketball in the pool while it was raining. 

As it started to come down harder the lifeguards came and got us out. It was no longer safe to be in the water because lightening hard started! I went over to my mom and dad and was going to wait it out with them when I got a genius idea. Measure how much rain the storm would bring. I quickly went and got a cup and set it down on the ground. 

My mom and I both assumed the storm would be just like yesterday. Rain for ten minutes and then blow over. Mmm mmm. Not today my friend. It poured and poured for about 15 minutes and then started to lighten up. We thought ok here we go it's almost over and then BAM! It starts DUMPING BUCKETS ON US! After 29 minutes of sitting under the umbrella my mom & I fled to Arizona's for legitimate cover under a building. While we were still under the umbrella however, my mom was pulling up a towel and came across a lizard. It was the size of my pinky finger (so very tiny!) but she still screamed and freaked out!

While under real cover over at Arizona's I got a compliment on my cheetah bathing suit. The lady said she loved how vintage it was. I love that too!  We got to talking with her and her family and they were from new York! <aka only my FAVORITE place in the world!> 

We talked to them through the storm and for awhile after. They were super chill and totally nice. We talked about the city, golf, so cal an more golf. Go figure. 

After the rain had stopped I went and got the cup I had put out when it started. I was so shocked to see that the glass was 2&1/2 Inches FULL! Within the 49 mintue rainstorm, we got 2&1/2 inches!!!! That is insane! The lifeguards started to clean up the area a little bit and all the sudden Alton brings over a huge crab! 

It was a land crab and its body was the size of my dads fist. It was insane! And scary too. It totally freaked me out and made me act like a typical girl. Hahaha. I tried to get a picture but it was really dark. 

After the storm I went back to the room and changed into normal clothes and headed to dinner with my parents and Jeffrey. we ate at the mill (for the last time 😔) and it was Italian themed! Yummy in Maddogs tummy! I had ravioli, chicken and curly fries. Interesting mix, huh? It was all good food though.  

After we ate we went to 'snapshots!' the resorts photography studio, laughed at all of our hilarious pictures and then headed back to the room to pack up. Sadddd:( 

My mom and I took a detour to the bar and the ocean to view the sunset while on our way back to the room. The sunset was gorgeous. I wrote fun stuff in the sand too. 

Once I was back to the room, i went out to see if I could find Alton to get a picture. I had no luck so I headed back to the room. Did I mention that Alton is ripped? Yeah he is a looker. I still can't get over that of all the people he sees every single day, without fail he ALWAYS says hi to ME. He made me feel so important. While searching for him I had the idea pop into my head that if I couldn't find him I would leave him a letter at the front desk. I didn't have any luck finding him so I did leave him a letter. I really hope he gets it! 

Once I came back to the room, my brothers were ready to go out so I headed out with them. They met up with a super nice kid from Alabama and we were all chilling in the Xbox room. Somehow the church got brought up and Daniel mentioned that I am pretty much a molly mormon an the kid from Alabama stated defending me! It was so sweet of him. I turned around and said "are you Mormon?" and he said, "no but I have friends who are and I know you are a good Mormon because of the way you dress and you don't cuss." I am so happy that the way I act and dress shows who I am. That was such a cool experience to have. That kid is such an example to me and I am so thankful for him and that experience. It was truely eye-opening and a testimony builder. 

After I was done hanging out with the boys I went to the front desk to see of I could get an envelope and paper to write the letter and I also grabbed towels to pack. (my little tradition: it the towels are good, take some home!) I wrote the letter and dropped it off. The guy at the front desk was super nice to me and even asked me if I had his contact information. I told him that I didn't have it but it was okay and that he just needed that letter.  I pretty much just told him that I was so thankful for him saying hi to me everyday and thanked him for being so nice to me.

After I headed to pick up our cd from snapshots and then went back to the room for the night.  I loaded the pictures onto the computer and headed to the shower. After the shower  I packed up my stuff and started watching the news. I think i heard them mention the Tom cruise and Katie Holmes divorce story like 3594722829204482910 times! It is a little ridiculous. It's a private matter! Why are people so nosy? 

Now my dad is sleep talking and we have to be ready by 5am tomorrow to drive to kingston. Sianarah for now! I will revise and edit all my stories while I am on the plane home! 


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Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Six!

29 July 2012

What a day. Fridays are always bound to be good days because it's friday! The weekend is here and all is well. This Friday dint disappoint! 

Started off sleeping in and then headed off to breakfast. I was the last one out of the room so I missed breakfast at the mill... But it was okay because stew fish on the beach was open... FRENCH TOAST SICKS! Yes!! 

I saw my dad coming out of the mill and he told me the rest of the family had already left. I thought, crappp I am going to have to eat alone.... Again! I headed over to stew fish because hardly anyone is there and I was not about to eat at the mill by myself. The mill is quite possibly the busiest spot in the resort, except for the pool of course. 

When I got to stew fish I was seated and then got my water. When the waiter came over he already knew my order. Already a regular! Weeooooo! It was nice to get to see him again and know that he knew who I was.  Literally 5 minutes later I got my fruit plate and then 2 minutes after (not even enough time to eat the fruit) my meal came out! It was so fast today! The waiter must have seen me coming and put my order in before I got there. It was so kind of him to get my food so fast! Why can't American men be like the Jamaican men? 

After breakfast I watched jeffrey water ski, recorded him doing so and then headed back to the room cause my throat hurt and I was coughing up a storm. I decided to stay in the room until scuba diving at 11 and I would have to be down there and ready at 1030. Unbenounced to me my dad changed scuba diving to 1 pm so he could come with us. It worked out perfectly though. 

At 1030 I was just finishing putting on the sunblock when Jeff came rushing in to get the last minute things for scuba. I guess my dad didnt tell anyone he changed it. We headed down together only to find out our dive had been changed. 

Now I was all ready for some time in the sun but I didn't want to be in the sun, I desperately needed shade. I went to the pool with my mom and jeff disappeared to the Xbox room. It was so hot where my mom was sitting I was pretty much forced to take a dip in the pool. I have been surprised to learn that wood decking gets hotter than concrete! 

When I got in the pool I found daniel but I guess he was too cool for me because he wouldn't hang out with me... His friends were more important. I got a drink and just relaxed in the water for a bit. Finally Jeffrey came around and we all three hung out. We went down the water slide and into the lazy river and got in trouble... I guess you can't just jump into the lazy river... You must have a life vest or tube. We were hanging with our little English friend Ben, from whales, and he told the lifeguard: "the pool is deeper than this and you don't make me wear a life vest in the pool!" we all got a kick out of that. 

After that we headed to scuba! Ben was on that boat too so we all just went together. This time I made sure to get a small tank so it would weigh less and boy did it make a HUGE difference! 

The boat ride out was great and all the prep was super easy the second time around. It was also a smaller dive too.. Only about 15 people total including instructors and all. 

We went to a different spot, Anchored the boat and jumped in. I wasn't nearly as scared this time I just didnt want to look like a fool cause there was a cute guy on the boat... I jumped in and went over to the rope to go to the bottom. 

Something must have been wrong with my ears because they weren't clearing. I should have cleared them before I got in the water, but we learn from our mistakes right? 

It was a lot more difficult on my ears, but I eventually got down. I didnt get all the way to the bottom but I was only 4 feet from the sand. 

This dive spot was different than the other day and was so much cooler! I got to see so much more! The fish were so bright and tropical it was insane! The coolest part was we saw a GINORMOUS CRAB! I mean it was freaking huge!!! Jeffrey and Daniel also found a fish that blended in with the sand and we got to see it swim and then blend in! It was awesome! At the end of the dive Karen, the dive instructor, found a fish in a hole on the bottom and it bit her! we made are way to the surface and loaded up to head back to shore! 

Once back on the shore we turned in our gear and I headed straight to the pool! I needed to get some freshwater on my legs. They were stinging like crazy! I find that when I shave and then go jump in the ocean my legs don't really like me... 

Once I had sorta 'rinsed' off it was perfect timing to go on the banana boat. I grabbed Danny and our English friend, Ben, and headed to water sports.  

There was no line today! It was so cool! We grabbed helmets and jumped on! We were able to go on two consecutive rides without anyone else coming and wanting to ride. The only thing missing was Jeffrey! I decided to go look for him and when I got back Danny and Ben were gone! 

I went back to the pool and found them there. I got a drink and started talking to Daniel and his friends. They were cool, but definitely 13.

I got bored of them and headed back to my mom. I sat up with her for awhile and them got hungry and brought her with me to get food. We started walking around and decided to grba pizza. I ordered two cheese and they were so good today. Totally hit the spot. Yummy in maddys tummy! 

On our way back to our chairs we stopped by the gift shop and the bar. While we were at the gift shop it started dumping buckets! Tropical storm here we come! I had to race over to our chairs to make sure all of the electronics were okay. Luckily my dad was there and he had already covered up all of our stuff. 

After that little snafoo we just headed back to the room. I needed a break and the room was the perfect place to relax. I just chilled for a couple of hours with my mom and dad and then my mom and I headed to dinner. 

We ate at the mill, again, and it was actually really good tonight. I had pasta salad, herb rice, marinated chicken and 6differeny types of beans. It was really really good. There was also a little cat roaming aroun looking for food scraps. I guess it found some In between a woman's legs and it went for it. That lady freaked the freak out and jumped out of her chair faster than she could scream! It was funny cause they had new York accents and my mom said: " probably scared her cause she is from new York and she probably thought it was a rat!" 

My mom got dinner for my dad and we went back to the room. I got ready for bed and the boys got ready to parrrrrtayyyy! They were going to the club. 

I layed down for a while and relaxed and then thought that I should go check out the chocolate party. It was pretty cool and there were a ton of people there. It was popppppin! I faced timed my mom while I was there so she could see everything since she was almost asleep. 

While I was there I saw Jeff ad Dan and talked to them for a bit then I came back to the room to grab my mom and bring her with me back to the chocolate party. 

When my mom and I arrived it looked like the chocolate party had been demolished! All the chocolate was gone! The chocolate fountain was just dripping now and they were out of cotton candy! It was perfectly fine though because my mom and I weren't going to eat any of it anyway. 

I then came back to the room with my mom and the boys stayed out. We watched a show called UFO Chasers and it was kinda sketch. Then my brothers came back to check in and begged my mom to let them stay out later.. It was already 11 and so my mom said "no way!" they weren't happy to say the least. 

Now we are all watching tv and off to bed! Tomorrow is going to be one amazing last day! I'll be posting lots of pictures! 


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Love this pic!

Before Ricks

I love this picture! The foliage is amazing!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Five! [only three days left :(]

28 June 2012
Today started off great! I got to sleep in for starters! First time of the summer and first time on this vacation! It was only until 9 but still! It was extra sleep! Considering I had a late night last night, the sleep was much needed!

Daniel and my dad were up bright and early and my mom got up after them. Daniel went to go get us chairs by the pool and my dad left for his two-tank scuba dive. Little did we know those lounge chairs would come in super handy later on. By the time I got up and ready, Jeffrey was just rolling out of bed. We decided to get breakfast and meet him at water skiing. I wanted French toast sticks again, so I went and got them. I love all inclusives! I dragged my mom with me because I didn't want to go alone, again. We ate at the restaurant on the beach and Jeffrey came and joined us not too much longer after we had ordered. He popped his order in and we were golden!

My french toast sticks were delicious today! They most definitely added more sugar, caramel and whip to them today! Yay! Heart attack here I come! Hahaa, I hope not! They were literally so good though. As I was drinking my water mid-meal I realized there was back wash in it that wasn't mine. GROSS. I kinda of signaled to my mom that my water was gross and she just picked up my glass and threw the water out over her shoulder! What she couldn't see was the server coming with a FULL PLATE OF FOOD! Haha! He was startled to say the least! The waitress was super cool about the situation though and they all immediately swarmed me asking me what was wrong. It was an easy fix though. New glass and new water! I was good as new.

After breakfast Jeff and I headed over to water sports to see what we were able to do right then. We didn't want to wait for the water skiing so as a family (well minus my dad cause he was on the scuba ship) we chose to go on the water trikes! It was going to be really fun. We quickly went to the pool, dropped off our stuff, re blocked up and headed to the water sports again to get our life vests and boats!

When we got there, there was only one trike left so Jeff and Daniel jumped on that! They grabbed life vests and were already in the water before my mom and I even had time to realize that they took the last one. Regrouping we thought, "Lets go Kayaking!" They had a two seater kayak on the shore and so my mom and I headed out to jump in and catch up to the boys.

Right when we got to the shore, a mom and her son were pulling up in a two seater kayak and so my mom and I decided to take that one instead. (WARNING: THAT WAS A MISTAKE!) We walked up to that kayak and were about to turn it around when a small little mini wave hit the side and tipped it towards my mom. I guess it slid right over my moms foot and all the sudden I see blood in the water and my mom is cussing up a storm. What had happened was when the kayak slid over my moms foot, it ripped up her bad big toenail and completely tore the toenail off from her toe. It was gushing blood. By no means was this situation funny, but I just had the urge to laugh and laugh and laugh. I didn't though because my mom was in so much pain.

So now, the boys are halfway out to sea, my mom's toenail is off and we need to go to the nurse, but we need to tell the boys what is going on. I jumped in a single kayak and paddled my butt out there to them. When I showed up they were all "come closer to our trike!" I explained to them the situation and had to start laughing out there but they didn't care much. They were still going to ride and then they would check on mom later. As I came closer to the trike Daniel jumped on my kayak and started to tip it! He was successful.

As the kayak tipped, somehow I got caught. So here I am laying in the water and stuck to my kayak. If it weren't for my amazing brother Jeffrey, Daniel would have left me out there. My shorts got hooked onto something and I was literally stuck. My shorts were tightening around my thighs too... It took him a couple minutes, but finally I was able to get back on my kayak and my shorts werent ripped!

I paddled back in and took my mom to the nurse. When we got there, some people were already with her and so we waited five minutes for her to be done. Once we got in there the nurse cleaned it out and it was very painful for my mom. All I could say to her was "It's not as bad as childbirth!" It made her laugh and got her mind off of the toe for a split second which was good. The nurse wrapped it up and told my mom that she should probably see the doctor and get antibiotics. We passed on that because it was wrapped and she decided she wasn't going to go in the water or anything. The boys stopped by and made sure she was okay and then headed off to do there thing.

We went back to the room to regroup. After we went poolside to relax. My mom needed to take the edge off so she had a few drinks. I got bored and decided, what the heck. I hate the beach at home, I might as well utilize the amazing ones here! I grabbed towels, my phone and sunglasses and headed out.

While on the beach I grabbed a lounger and dragged it into the shade. I relaxed and listened to some music and enjoyed the nice breeze. I really was in the mood to get 'beach curls' so I took a dip in the wata and got my hair wet. A couple crunches, a nice beach breeze and some humidity and wala! CRAZY BEACH HEAD ON THE MADDOG! It was insane how curly my hair was. At 2 I headed back to the pool, but stopped by the pizza shack first. I got a peperoni pizza and a frozen bob. They were both delish! When I went back to where my mom was sitting I sat down right as daniel was winning a weight lifting contest!

In the contest he won by lifting two five pound weights about 415 times! The funniest part was he introduced himself as Bryan from Japan... because that is sooo believable. Also the counter kept misscounting! It would be like 1,2,3,6,4,7,5,9,10,14,10,11,12,13... and so on.

After that I decided to go back to the room because I was SO HOT. When I came back the guy came and refilled our fridge, and housekeeping came. The last three days I have been here when housekeeping came and so the lady today asked me "do you ever go out? You are always in here when I am here!" I thought it was so funny because I am hardly ever in the room. It just so happens that when I am in the room, so is housekeeping. I fiddled around on the computer, checked facebook, oh and filled up Daniel's camera roll with a TON of picture of me. :) he will appreciate them later!

My mom came back from the pool and asked me if I could help her wash her hair in the tub since she couldn't get her toe wet. The thought process she went through to get to that question I will never know, but I helped her. Let me just say, when I am a doctor and she needs assistance, I will probably send her to a nursing home. Love her to death, but I just don't know if I can do that.

FINALLY! Time to go to Rick's café! We headed to the lobby and waited for our transportation. We got there at 430, but they were 20 minutes late. The ride was nice and our driver, Chen, was super chill. He gave us the full tour all the way there. Let me just say, we made a good decision when picking out our hotel. Pretty much past the 7 mile beach, it is all rural and not very pleasing to the eye.

The ride to Rick's was maybe 15 minutes and we had some more close calls while driving! Chen even had the nerve to say that American drivers don't know what they are doing because they crash more. I would beg to differ because I feel A LOT safer on our roads!

Arriving at Rick's was cool. It was all open and you just walked in and BAM! There are the stairs you walk down to view the cliff jumpers! The three kids all went down to see what was going on and my mom and dad stayed up by the bar because my mom's toe was still in a lot of pain.

Daniel took no time and threw me his shirt and jumped in! Jeffrey followed. I went back up to my mom gave her all of my– our stuff and went down to join them. There were cool locals who called themselves "lifeguards" standing around helping people out of the water. They were all super nice and very funny.

I was really scared my first jump but after that it was no problem! There were four jumps. Small, small+ 3 feet, medium and high. I stuck to the small. I jumped off the medium once while screaming "YOLO" (you only live once) and then I thought: "ok, yolo. I am done." plus it hurt my nose because water just kept going up and up my nose. The small ones were perfectly fine! And SUPER FUN!

The locals were super nice like I said before. They were signing and dancing and helping people jump off. I don't think they had ever seen someone so white with such red hair and blue eyes before because they were all over me. I am not even kidding. One guy kept asking me if I would go in the cave with him. Another asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I said no he said, "you be my baby mama!" They all kept commenting on my butt too! I guess that thing really does help me get the guys! I think my favorite line was when the guy said "how old are you?" I responded with "16." I then proceeded to run up the stairs and jump in again. When I got out the guy said to me, "you are only 16? YOUR BUTT IT HUGE!" it was so funny. They didn't mean anything mean, they were just so cute. All the boys were super attractive too. So I didn't mind that they were checking me out. Haha. They kept asking me if I had a boy friend and could they have my name, number, email address... I finally gave in and just gave them my email address... I mean what's the harm? Its not like they can stock me! I live on another continent!

I had so much fun jumping and I am so glad I got to experience that. I know I was mean to be there and I was meant to meet those boys.. Well men. <prayers ARE always answered!> I am so grateful for the experience of cliff jumping! I think the craziest part was when the most buff black man (a local) jumped from about 60 feet! There were also kids in the trees and on the other side of the cliffs.

While we were in the water, Daniel and I struck up conversation with some of the local kids. They were super nice and were telling us all the little jamaican secrets. They knew the older boys too which was good cause I was asking them questions about them. Haha, just making sure they were all good kids.

By far the best part of the night was when I went back and took pictures with the locals. Even though most of them had left and gone to the other side, the cutest one was still there. He though I was so cute! :) In the pictures I look SO ALBINO! But those dark chocolate men are delicious! Mmm mmm! I am staying true to my word! I AM GOING TO MARRY A BLACK MAN! Hahahahaha!

After I took the pictures it was time to go. We loaded up and headed back to the resort. Once we got back, we went to dinner. It was being served on the beach as a buffet. It was a cool experience, but the food wasn't that great. What I have realized while I have been here: I am kinda picky! I got to eat pasta and potato wedges. Yum. They were actually pretty good though!

After dinner Jeff and Dan decided to go hang with their buddies and I went back to the room. I needed to shower bad! I had been in the pool then ocean then the ocean again and I was exhausted.

Now it is time for bed.... Early morning tomorrow! I think I am going to try knee boarding since I couldn't get up on the water ski's! Bye for now!


Dark Chocolate at Ricks!

I got me some delicious dark chocolate at Ricks tonight. They were in love with my butt! Hahaha! Kept asking me for my number! FUN NIGHT.

Mm yes.

Oh these guys are so funny!

Whiteness at its finest.

You could say I am white or you could say I am really white. Or you could just say these people are black! Staying true to my word! I will marry a Blackman!!!

Ricks cafe!

On our way to ricks cafe! So excited!

The weather is perfect!

Just chillin on the beach today! Life is good! The hair is curly and the legs are freckle-y! The weather is just right!

Mm mm this view:)

Just another morning in paradise!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


How cute are jeff and Dan in the amazingly green and blue water!

Day Four!

27 June 2012

Day Four!

Today was super fun! We started off by heading down to breakfast at the mill. It was a buffet and I met my mom, Jeff and Dan there cause as I was waking up they left. 

They had already stared eating web I arrived and by the time I got my food Daniel was done and decided to leave. It worked nicely because my dad showed up right when he left. I had pancakes and French toast. Can you say carbo load? I guess I just wasn't in the mood for protein! Haha. It was delicious though! On the pancakes and French toast sticks they sprinkle brown sugar which just makes them that much better! Plus they are super fluffy and the butter is sweetened and whipped. It was delicious. 

Once we were done with breakfast we headed down to the beach. I thought we were going down there to scuba dive but I was mistaken. We were scuba diving at 11. We were actually there to water ski! I was totally excited to try something new! The instructor said that the boat was broken so they had to go get another boat from beaches sandy bay. (the sister resort of beaches negril) 

While we were waiting for the boat we( me my mom and dad) struck up conversation with the other people waiting for the water skis. They were a dad and son from San Francisco! The first people I had met from California! It was pretty exciting for me considering everyone else was from other random states. 

Those two were leaving the resort today so they had to go first on the water skis. Very first the dad went and then somehow my brothers slipped In between him and his son. It was a goo thing and an answer to my prayer! God truly does work in mysterious ways!  I got to talking to the son and he was super sweet. His name was mark and he is going to be a junior in high school. It was cool talking to someone my age finally at the resort! After we finished talking he went on the water skis and I decided not to go today because I wouldn't have enough time with scuba diving at 11. 

I didn't realize that it was only 1015 so I thought what the heck! I might as well go! I got the skis from mark, said "nice to meet you! Add me on facebook" and off I went to water ski! 

On the beach, when learning how to water ski it was relatively easy to stand up an get going. Yeah in the water, different story. I had a hard enough time trying to just stand normal in the water and I started to get nervous that I wasnt going to be able to stand up and actually go. Then I thought, "no Maddy! I can do this!"  I grabbed a hold of the rope and gave them the go ahead. I didn't realize that my dad was right behind me to help me get stabilized, but I was very grateful for that! 

The boat started to go and I almost was halfway up, it freaked out that I was going to fast so I let go! I really like to be in control of my own speed and that's why I got freaked out cause I started going really fast way too soon. I went to try it one more time and then I had to go scuba diving. This time I got a little farther up, didn't feel in control of the skis underneath me and so I let go in fear that the skis would slip up from underneath me and nail me in the head. All the people watching were encouraging me to try again but once I explained to them that I was going scuba diving they were all like "ok go have more fun."

I went and got my gear for scuba diving and then headed out to the boat. When I got there, Daniel and one of his little buddies were jumping off the side of it! They are crazy! The water is so shallow! They could break there necks so easily. 

We all loaded up onto the scuba boat and settled in. We had a quick 5 minute ride over to beaches sandy bay and then another 5 minute rise to the scuba spot. There were about 12 people from beaches negril and we picked up 4 more at beaches sandy bay. And we were finally off! Once at the dive spot we double checked out tanks psi, got out bc's and regulators and then put them all together. It was finally time to jump in! 

I was very very nervous because just in the 10 foot pool my ears took a long time to adjust and at the bottom of the pool they still weren't completely equalized. I was so scared that I wouldnt be able to do that in the ocean and then I wouldnt be able to see anything else. 

As it drew near my turn to jump in the water my heart was pounding. I was freaking out. I just had to keep telling myself, if Daniel and Jeffrey can do it so can I. My dad has done this a bajillion times. MADDY, you can freaking do this. 

I jumped in and wabamb! All my fears were washed away! I dont even know how. I'm telling you, prayer works! God hears you and answers your prayers! Even if they are at the last second! I quickly deflated my vest and grabbed onto the rope. As I descended down deeper, my ears were adjusting nicely. I was a lot slower than everybody else but that is what I was expecting. The instructor kept signaling to me asking me if I was ok because I was taking so long. I was the last one so it worked out perfectly. I finally got to the bottom and there was a photographer. All four of us got a picture and started our adventure!

We started swimming and saw a ton of cool fish and coral reefs. The reef was a little sparse and there were minimal fish. We kept swimming, took more pictures and then turned around and headed back to the boat. On our way back we saw 3 eel! They were so cool! Super thin and long! Their heads were extremely flat too! 

Going up the ladder was easier than going down. My ears still hurt but it wasn't as bad as going down. We too our fins off in the water and then climbed the latter up back onto the boat. I knew my tank was heavy but I forgot it weighed almost 90 pounds! Getting out of the water was difficult.  Once the instructor had taken roll when we were all out we headed back to the resort. 

When I got back to the resort I wet back To the room, put more sunblock in and headed to the pool. It was about lunch time and so my dad, mom and I headed to Arizona's. The service was terrible today. I dont know why. It took us 10 minutes to be seated and then we weren't served our food for a good 20 minutes. I got a grilled chicken caesar wrap and it was terrible. The chicken was good and that was about it, oh and the fries were good too. After I added salt to them. Once we were done with lunch I took a dip in the pool and just chilled.

I talked to my friend, Alton, who is an employee who told me there was a spider in my hair and then went down the water slide. 

It was now time to snorkel but I wasnt really in the mood to snorkel. My mom and I went just to go sit in the boat. I was not about to be sunburned anymore than I already am. 

We got all of our gear, loaded up and then headed to about the same spot we went scuba diving. On the boat with us was a super nice family from Cleveland, Ohio and they were SO TAN. It was ridiculous. And here we are the little whites from southern california! 

My brothers and dad had a good time snorkeling but it was WAY to choppy and windy for my mom and me. The only reason I even got close to the water was to use the facilities. And even then I almost fell off the boat because it was so choppy! 

We all came back in and went straight to the pool. I was hungry again so I went and got a chicken sandwich from the grill. I thought it would be grilled chicken but it was ore fried, frozen and ready to be cooked. Not the best burger I have ever had but good enough to eat. After that we hit the poolside and cooled down. Had some family time and then went back to the room to get ready for dinner. 

We tried the Italian restaurant tonight and it was pretty delicious. When we first walked over to the restaurant, Jeff was told he had to change and then we had a 15 minute wait to be seated. 

In the meantime my mom and I went to view the pictures the resort had been taking of us and they were adorable! 

We were seated in a couple of minutes and the restaurant was very fancy. It took a long time to be served and get drinks and such. We were there for 2&1/4 hours.  In the middle of waiting for our food the boys saw a thunder and lightning storm. It was pretty cool to see that. 

I got the chefs special which was ravioli smothered in a cream sauce. The portions were perfect and the meal was really good too. Not worth the wait but still good. 

After dinner the boys and I headed up to the teen lounge and club liquid. I don't know when I am going to learn that clubs aren't my scene, but I definitely think I learned my lesson tonight when both my bRos ditched me. Good to know they have my back! Haha they do they just didn't want to be seen with the uncool sister! Haha after I left the 'club' I came back to the room and decide to go to bed but there was a really good show on called "barter kings" or something like that I think. It is so interesting! These guys only trade! NO MONEY INVOLVED. I need to figure out how they do this because it is pure genius! I watched two hours worth and now storage wars in on but I am exaughsted. Time for me to hit the hay. I want to be able to function tomorrow! 


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Three!

26 June 2012:

This morning we woke up and had to go straight to scuba diving. Us kids had to do a prep class while my dad just did a refresher course. 

For the prep class we went in a room with about 7 other people and watched a 20 minute video. It was okay at the beginning and then the audio started to go and after that it got choppy and we could barely understand it. It was good to re-watch though  because I had forgotten some important things from the scuba class I had taken. 

After the video we went back to the scuba shop and got all of our gear including the BC, regulator, fins and goggles. We headed to the pool where they had already dropped off our tanks. We had a quick briefing before  we jumped in. We swam the length of the pool and then came back an put our gear on.  Once we were all ready we practiced breathing and getting out regulator both under and above water. Then we practiced clearing our masks and purging. Free swimming in the pool followed the class. Daniel was causing a ruckus in the pool while the rest of us got out.

 I was surprised that the class was so short! When Paige and I took the class back in April it was 3 hours long! So being in the water only for maybe 34-40 minutes was a little shocking. The scuba gear was also a little beat. Daniels gear started to leak in the middle of the lesson and the lady was just like "ok" and twisted it and it stopped leaking.

After the scuba I was starving because I hadn't gotten the chance to eat breakfast before the scuba class. My brothers went to the cute little resturaunt on the beach and I headed back to the room to put on sunblock. I thought, "oh I will only be a few minutes and the boys will still be there," but no. I show up 10 minutes later and they are gone! So I had to eat alone. It was alright though. I had my phone and I had wifi so it was all good. I mean no worries man, we are in Jamaica! I ended up getting the French toast sticks and they were AMAZING. I mean literally to die for. So good. They were crisp yet fluffy and perfectly cooked. On top of it they put whipped cream and Carmel sauce and some brown sugar. No syrup which I thought was a little strange but it was no needed! It was perfectly sweetened without the syrup! 

After breakfast I eased back to the room, switched bathing suits, got more sunblock on and headed to the pool. 

While poolside I sipped some drinks, went down the waterside, chilled in the pool and then went out to the ocean and took a dip. It felt extra hot today outside for some reason. Then I tricked my mom into going down the fast water slide! We climbed up to the top and I told her that the fast Enclosed water slide was actually really slow and no big deal. Let's just say she wasn't too happy with me after that. 

We went back to our loungers I took a nap and then we got up to go snorkeling. Since it is so windy the trip got canceled so we went to go get on the banana boat instead. Daniel immediately took that offer up and jumped on it. He rode and then right before it stopped he fell off a hot the water hard! He came running to my mom with a headache... Here we go. 

I decided I wanted to go on the banana boat too and so I dragged my dad back out there with me. We got life vests and got in the line and
It was our turn and then the boat driver just unhooked the banana park and took off while saying "I have to go to the other resort!" the people who were next to us were not happy at all... And that's to say the least. 

I decided it was probably best to go back to the room after that to get ready for dinner because we had reservations at 5.  Considering it was 330 and I still had to shower, blow dry and straighten my hair. 

When we got back to the room Daniel had just got up and left! My mom started freaking out and went to search for him. I on the other hand knew he was somewhere on the compound and so I proceeded to get ready.  An hour later he was still missing.

Once I was ready and it was 450, and we had to be at kimonos at 5, I decided to go look for Daniel on my own. I found him in the main pool with some of his new found "buddies." 

I brought him back to the room and my mom was so pissed at him. We legitimately had 3 minutes to make our reservation. 

I went to kimonos and got our table with my dad and Jeffrey while my moment Daniel ready.  It all worked out fine in the end because Kimonos was running behind. 

Kimonos is our "chop-chop" at home, the only thing different is that you don't get to order they just make everything and you sample it all!

 It was a really cool experience.  Our chef was super cool. We had to cheer To get him out of the kitchen and them he sang songs the whole time he cooked while making up fun words to go along with the situation. The fried rice was good, chicken was excellent, steak was really good but the tenderloin wasn't too good. I must have gotten all the fat pieces because it was all gooey and nasty. The shrimp was good too. The stuff back home is better, but considering I only eat shrimp at these type of places it was good. 

After dinner we tried some interesting desserts. There was a chocolate banana cake that was spicy! I have never had spicy chocolate before so it was different. There was also a mini pumpkin thing and something else that looked gross and I don't try it. 

After dinner, we headed back to the room to regroup. Dad, Daniel and Jeff all started wrestling and the younger boys won. My mom and I were laughing at them and I was also taking pictures of my dad getting his butt kicked. Around 730 we decided we were going to go to the teen mixer at 930.  With two hours to kill the boys went to the Xbox room and I went online and checked on Facebook and played on my phone. After awhile I went looking for my brothers too see what they were up too. I found them in the xbox room and Daniel took me then to this cool new room above the lobby. It was the teens room and it was air conditioned! That alone was a good enough reason to stay in there for hours. I was having fun and then realized I had left Jeffrey in the Xbox room! I went looking for him and then lost Daniel in the process. 

After I had found both of them we went back to the room to check in with mom and dad and then headed back out to just explore. It still wasn't 930 and the 'club' wasn't open yet. Daniel ditched Jeffrey and me to hang with his bros to go 'get chicks...' that didn't work out too well for him cause when the club opened and jeff and I went in we found him in there with just his friends... And nO girls. I was the only girl in the 'club.'

The club would have been more fun if there were more people but since there were only 10-15 people I decided to leave with Jeffrey. Daniel had already disappeared again so we went searching for him. We decided to go back to the room to check in one last time and found Daniel in the room. He was already in bed so Jeffrey and I decided to stay in too.  

Now we are in bed and watching the show 'American Colony.' it's an interesting Show about people who live on a colony that is t modernized... Kinda like the Amish. Alright time to sleep now! I am going scuba diving tomorrow!!! So excited! Praying that it won't be windy and we can see some really cool stuff! I'll be posting tomorrow!

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I love this picture

Just had to repost!

Dinner Tuesday Night

Family dinner at the kimonos Japanese resturaunt!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Two!

25 June 2012

So today was a blast! Our first full say on the island. I got to wake up to this amazing view!

After we got ready we headed over to the scuba (show in the picture. Green roof anyone?) and attempted to sign up for scuba lessons tomorrow. We had to fill out these long forms about our medical history and yada yada yada... Long story short my mom put down that Daniel has asthma and they wouldn't allow him to go scuba diving. My dad was pissed. We then had to go get the resort doctor to clear him. Boy was that an adventure.

As we went over to the nurses office we were made aware that we would have to pay for this doctors visit... Only $100 bitt I guess it will be worth it in the end because both of my brothers will be able to scuba dive. Once we got to the nurse we went in and it was a nice little area. Air conditioned. You wouldn't even believe how amazing that felt. She proceeded to call the doctor and he said he could be on the property by 10. Just like MST (Mormon standard time) Jamaicans are typically late too... And we got to experience that today.

After the nurse called the doctor she told us to come back at 10 and my mom and Daniel showed up exactly at 10. The doctor was late because of some emergency outside the complex and when he showed up someone from the resort needed stitches. That bumped Daniel back. Then a super drunk lady passed out and so they helped her before Daniel. It seemed that the drunk lady took forever in there! By the time Daniel got into the doctor and cleared for scuba diving it was almost 11!

While Daniel was waiting for the doctor Jeffrey and I went to go get breakfast. When we walked in and asked to be seated the hostess asked us if we were getting married. When I told her we were brother and sister she was super embarrassed but it was pretty funny. The food was good. I had an egg omelet with ham and cheese. I also had the most amazing banana bread ever. IT WAS SO GOOD. While waiting for my omelet I probably at half a loaf! It was seriously so good. After breakfast we grabbed some smoothies and headed back to the nurses office. Daniel was still waiting but almost in.

Also while Daniel was waiting my dad and I set up the wifi! Woo hoo! Sad to say we have some SO dependent on technology and the Internet. But whatever! I LOVE technology! Now I won't be completely bored while relaxing poolside.

Finally the doctor cleared Daniel! We went to the scuba shop and signed him up! We then went directly to the pool. It was so hot that we needed to cool down and ASAP! Jeff, Dan and I all raced to the water slide! There were two, one enclosed and one open. The enclosed one was sooo much faster than the open one. It was fun for a while and then we got bored.

We headed to the lazy river took one lap around and decided to go to the beach! The sand is so soft and doesn't get very hot which is good! The water is crystal clear and WARM. It was like being in a bathtub! Super relaxing! Once we got bored swimming we went over to go on paddle boats. It was really windy and the people in front of us had just checked out all three so we went kayaking instead.

Lucky for us they had a triple seat kayak! Yay! No separating the kids! We jumped in the kayak and headed off into the water. We all got along really well and were working like a well piled machine. It took us awhile to get into a good groove, but eventually did it. We kayaked over to the swimming area, jumped out one at a time, and then were about to head back when my dad spotted us from the beach and swam out to us. After we talked to him we paddled back in and then decided to try out paddle boarding. Since it had gotten windier we couldn't take them out into the open water we could only play with them while they were still tied down.

Jeffrey and Daniel both had no problem getting on the board and standing up. Me on the other hand, I had some trouble. It was difficult but eventually I got it! We tried to tackle the obstacle of all three of us standing up on the same board at the same time, and almost did, but we just couldn't seem to get it! We did get some cool pictures though!

After that experience we headed back to the pool to relax and get more drinks! I swear, that swim up bar is going to kill me! We swam around, got some cool pictures and then ate some lunch. I had a cheeseburger with fries and the burger was really good, but what I have realized about the fries is that they don't season them! They were just straight up fries! Next time I will be sure to grab the salt!

After lunch I came back to the room do cool off and get ready for the glass bottom boat ride! I definitely needed to put more sunblock on! When I went back to the pool to meet up with the rest of my family I had to go find my brothers. I passed aide guard and asked him if he had seen them. He said, no, "but you have a huge spider in your hair!" So while I am trying to keep my cool he is just standing there doing nothing! I was like "well can you get it out?" and he said "sorry man, I am scared of stuff like that. Don't worry it just started sucking the blood for my our neck!" I absolutely lost it after that. Did the whole 'shake-the-spider-out-of-your-hair-dance-because-you-are-too-scared-to-touch-it' dance. It was a sight to be seen. Only after I had made a scene did Alton, the lifeguard, tell me he was joking. Gotta admit, it was a good one! And I ended up finding Jeffrey and Daniel too.

We left for the glass boat and met it at the beach. It was a worn boat but it still had a glass bottom. It was so cool how we could see everything! We first came to a coral reef that was dying because tourists touch it and then it dies. The next thing we saw was an alive coral reef. It was so much different than the dying one just because it was more colorful and had way more fish! It was interesting to learn that by me putting on too much sunblock and then going snorkeling or scuba diving effects the coral reefs. The sunblock comes off of me and then lands on the coral reef which then protects the coral reef from the sun. The coral reef doesn't get the proper amount of sun and then it dies too. After the coral reefs we passed over star fish and they were so pretty. A fun fact that we learned was that you can break a starfish into as many pieces and it will keep rejuvenating! It never dies! Unless you bring it out of the water of course. Next we explored a shipwreck not too far off the coast, which was a glass bottom boat that had been caught in a hurricane. When the your guide asked us to guess what kind of boat was sunk a kid responded "airplane!" Daniel and I couldn't stop laughing.

When we got back from the glad bottom boat we hung out in the pool more, switched pools, got more drinks, ate some pizza(which was delicious!), played some volleyball and then headed back to the room. We all got ready for dinner and headed off to eat. It was a buffet and I had baked pasta with peas and corn. Both were very flavorful an delicious, I was just so full I couldn't eat anymore. After dinner we went to the Xbox room and messed around for awhile, came back to the room and are now in bed. It was such an amazing day and I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! As we prep to go to sleep and I am so thankful for all I have been given and I am truely blessed. I will be back with an update tomorrow of tomorrows activities!