Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Five! [only three days left :(]

28 June 2012
Today started off great! I got to sleep in for starters! First time of the summer and first time on this vacation! It was only until 9 but still! It was extra sleep! Considering I had a late night last night, the sleep was much needed!

Daniel and my dad were up bright and early and my mom got up after them. Daniel went to go get us chairs by the pool and my dad left for his two-tank scuba dive. Little did we know those lounge chairs would come in super handy later on. By the time I got up and ready, Jeffrey was just rolling out of bed. We decided to get breakfast and meet him at water skiing. I wanted French toast sticks again, so I went and got them. I love all inclusives! I dragged my mom with me because I didn't want to go alone, again. We ate at the restaurant on the beach and Jeffrey came and joined us not too much longer after we had ordered. He popped his order in and we were golden!

My french toast sticks were delicious today! They most definitely added more sugar, caramel and whip to them today! Yay! Heart attack here I come! Hahaa, I hope not! They were literally so good though. As I was drinking my water mid-meal I realized there was back wash in it that wasn't mine. GROSS. I kinda of signaled to my mom that my water was gross and she just picked up my glass and threw the water out over her shoulder! What she couldn't see was the server coming with a FULL PLATE OF FOOD! Haha! He was startled to say the least! The waitress was super cool about the situation though and they all immediately swarmed me asking me what was wrong. It was an easy fix though. New glass and new water! I was good as new.

After breakfast Jeff and I headed over to water sports to see what we were able to do right then. We didn't want to wait for the water skiing so as a family (well minus my dad cause he was on the scuba ship) we chose to go on the water trikes! It was going to be really fun. We quickly went to the pool, dropped off our stuff, re blocked up and headed to the water sports again to get our life vests and boats!

When we got there, there was only one trike left so Jeff and Daniel jumped on that! They grabbed life vests and were already in the water before my mom and I even had time to realize that they took the last one. Regrouping we thought, "Lets go Kayaking!" They had a two seater kayak on the shore and so my mom and I headed out to jump in and catch up to the boys.

Right when we got to the shore, a mom and her son were pulling up in a two seater kayak and so my mom and I decided to take that one instead. (WARNING: THAT WAS A MISTAKE!) We walked up to that kayak and were about to turn it around when a small little mini wave hit the side and tipped it towards my mom. I guess it slid right over my moms foot and all the sudden I see blood in the water and my mom is cussing up a storm. What had happened was when the kayak slid over my moms foot, it ripped up her bad big toenail and completely tore the toenail off from her toe. It was gushing blood. By no means was this situation funny, but I just had the urge to laugh and laugh and laugh. I didn't though because my mom was in so much pain.

So now, the boys are halfway out to sea, my mom's toenail is off and we need to go to the nurse, but we need to tell the boys what is going on. I jumped in a single kayak and paddled my butt out there to them. When I showed up they were all "come closer to our trike!" I explained to them the situation and had to start laughing out there but they didn't care much. They were still going to ride and then they would check on mom later. As I came closer to the trike Daniel jumped on my kayak and started to tip it! He was successful.

As the kayak tipped, somehow I got caught. So here I am laying in the water and stuck to my kayak. If it weren't for my amazing brother Jeffrey, Daniel would have left me out there. My shorts got hooked onto something and I was literally stuck. My shorts were tightening around my thighs too... It took him a couple minutes, but finally I was able to get back on my kayak and my shorts werent ripped!

I paddled back in and took my mom to the nurse. When we got there, some people were already with her and so we waited five minutes for her to be done. Once we got in there the nurse cleaned it out and it was very painful for my mom. All I could say to her was "It's not as bad as childbirth!" It made her laugh and got her mind off of the toe for a split second which was good. The nurse wrapped it up and told my mom that she should probably see the doctor and get antibiotics. We passed on that because it was wrapped and she decided she wasn't going to go in the water or anything. The boys stopped by and made sure she was okay and then headed off to do there thing.

We went back to the room to regroup. After we went poolside to relax. My mom needed to take the edge off so she had a few drinks. I got bored and decided, what the heck. I hate the beach at home, I might as well utilize the amazing ones here! I grabbed towels, my phone and sunglasses and headed out.

While on the beach I grabbed a lounger and dragged it into the shade. I relaxed and listened to some music and enjoyed the nice breeze. I really was in the mood to get 'beach curls' so I took a dip in the wata and got my hair wet. A couple crunches, a nice beach breeze and some humidity and wala! CRAZY BEACH HEAD ON THE MADDOG! It was insane how curly my hair was. At 2 I headed back to the pool, but stopped by the pizza shack first. I got a peperoni pizza and a frozen bob. They were both delish! When I went back to where my mom was sitting I sat down right as daniel was winning a weight lifting contest!

In the contest he won by lifting two five pound weights about 415 times! The funniest part was he introduced himself as Bryan from Japan... because that is sooo believable. Also the counter kept misscounting! It would be like 1,2,3,6,4,7,5,9,10,14,10,11,12,13... and so on.

After that I decided to go back to the room because I was SO HOT. When I came back the guy came and refilled our fridge, and housekeeping came. The last three days I have been here when housekeeping came and so the lady today asked me "do you ever go out? You are always in here when I am here!" I thought it was so funny because I am hardly ever in the room. It just so happens that when I am in the room, so is housekeeping. I fiddled around on the computer, checked facebook, oh and filled up Daniel's camera roll with a TON of picture of me. :) he will appreciate them later!

My mom came back from the pool and asked me if I could help her wash her hair in the tub since she couldn't get her toe wet. The thought process she went through to get to that question I will never know, but I helped her. Let me just say, when I am a doctor and she needs assistance, I will probably send her to a nursing home. Love her to death, but I just don't know if I can do that.

FINALLY! Time to go to Rick's café! We headed to the lobby and waited for our transportation. We got there at 430, but they were 20 minutes late. The ride was nice and our driver, Chen, was super chill. He gave us the full tour all the way there. Let me just say, we made a good decision when picking out our hotel. Pretty much past the 7 mile beach, it is all rural and not very pleasing to the eye.

The ride to Rick's was maybe 15 minutes and we had some more close calls while driving! Chen even had the nerve to say that American drivers don't know what they are doing because they crash more. I would beg to differ because I feel A LOT safer on our roads!

Arriving at Rick's was cool. It was all open and you just walked in and BAM! There are the stairs you walk down to view the cliff jumpers! The three kids all went down to see what was going on and my mom and dad stayed up by the bar because my mom's toe was still in a lot of pain.

Daniel took no time and threw me his shirt and jumped in! Jeffrey followed. I went back up to my mom gave her all of my– our stuff and went down to join them. There were cool locals who called themselves "lifeguards" standing around helping people out of the water. They were all super nice and very funny.

I was really scared my first jump but after that it was no problem! There were four jumps. Small, small+ 3 feet, medium and high. I stuck to the small. I jumped off the medium once while screaming "YOLO" (you only live once) and then I thought: "ok, yolo. I am done." plus it hurt my nose because water just kept going up and up my nose. The small ones were perfectly fine! And SUPER FUN!

The locals were super nice like I said before. They were signing and dancing and helping people jump off. I don't think they had ever seen someone so white with such red hair and blue eyes before because they were all over me. I am not even kidding. One guy kept asking me if I would go in the cave with him. Another asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I said no he said, "you be my baby mama!" They all kept commenting on my butt too! I guess that thing really does help me get the guys! I think my favorite line was when the guy said "how old are you?" I responded with "16." I then proceeded to run up the stairs and jump in again. When I got out the guy said to me, "you are only 16? YOUR BUTT IT HUGE!" it was so funny. They didn't mean anything mean, they were just so cute. All the boys were super attractive too. So I didn't mind that they were checking me out. Haha. They kept asking me if I had a boy friend and could they have my name, number, email address... I finally gave in and just gave them my email address... I mean what's the harm? Its not like they can stock me! I live on another continent!

I had so much fun jumping and I am so glad I got to experience that. I know I was mean to be there and I was meant to meet those boys.. Well men. <prayers ARE always answered!> I am so grateful for the experience of cliff jumping! I think the craziest part was when the most buff black man (a local) jumped from about 60 feet! There were also kids in the trees and on the other side of the cliffs.

While we were in the water, Daniel and I struck up conversation with some of the local kids. They were super nice and were telling us all the little jamaican secrets. They knew the older boys too which was good cause I was asking them questions about them. Haha, just making sure they were all good kids.

By far the best part of the night was when I went back and took pictures with the locals. Even though most of them had left and gone to the other side, the cutest one was still there. He though I was so cute! :) In the pictures I look SO ALBINO! But those dark chocolate men are delicious! Mmm mmm! I am staying true to my word! I AM GOING TO MARRY A BLACK MAN! Hahahahaha!

After I took the pictures it was time to go. We loaded up and headed back to the resort. Once we got back, we went to dinner. It was being served on the beach as a buffet. It was a cool experience, but the food wasn't that great. What I have realized while I have been here: I am kinda picky! I got to eat pasta and potato wedges. Yum. They were actually pretty good though!

After dinner Jeff and Dan decided to go hang with their buddies and I went back to the room. I needed to shower bad! I had been in the pool then ocean then the ocean again and I was exhausted.

Now it is time for bed.... Early morning tomorrow! I think I am going to try knee boarding since I couldn't get up on the water ski's! Bye for now!


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