Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Four!

27 June 2012

Day Four!

Today was super fun! We started off by heading down to breakfast at the mill. It was a buffet and I met my mom, Jeff and Dan there cause as I was waking up they left. 

They had already stared eating web I arrived and by the time I got my food Daniel was done and decided to leave. It worked nicely because my dad showed up right when he left. I had pancakes and French toast. Can you say carbo load? I guess I just wasn't in the mood for protein! Haha. It was delicious though! On the pancakes and French toast sticks they sprinkle brown sugar which just makes them that much better! Plus they are super fluffy and the butter is sweetened and whipped. It was delicious. 

Once we were done with breakfast we headed down to the beach. I thought we were going down there to scuba dive but I was mistaken. We were scuba diving at 11. We were actually there to water ski! I was totally excited to try something new! The instructor said that the boat was broken so they had to go get another boat from beaches sandy bay. (the sister resort of beaches negril) 

While we were waiting for the boat we( me my mom and dad) struck up conversation with the other people waiting for the water skis. They were a dad and son from San Francisco! The first people I had met from California! It was pretty exciting for me considering everyone else was from other random states. 

Those two were leaving the resort today so they had to go first on the water skis. Very first the dad went and then somehow my brothers slipped In between him and his son. It was a goo thing and an answer to my prayer! God truly does work in mysterious ways!  I got to talking to the son and he was super sweet. His name was mark and he is going to be a junior in high school. It was cool talking to someone my age finally at the resort! After we finished talking he went on the water skis and I decided not to go today because I wouldn't have enough time with scuba diving at 11. 

I didn't realize that it was only 1015 so I thought what the heck! I might as well go! I got the skis from mark, said "nice to meet you! Add me on facebook" and off I went to water ski! 

On the beach, when learning how to water ski it was relatively easy to stand up an get going. Yeah in the water, different story. I had a hard enough time trying to just stand normal in the water and I started to get nervous that I wasnt going to be able to stand up and actually go. Then I thought, "no Maddy! I can do this!"  I grabbed a hold of the rope and gave them the go ahead. I didn't realize that my dad was right behind me to help me get stabilized, but I was very grateful for that! 

The boat started to go and I almost was halfway up, it freaked out that I was going to fast so I let go! I really like to be in control of my own speed and that's why I got freaked out cause I started going really fast way too soon. I went to try it one more time and then I had to go scuba diving. This time I got a little farther up, didn't feel in control of the skis underneath me and so I let go in fear that the skis would slip up from underneath me and nail me in the head. All the people watching were encouraging me to try again but once I explained to them that I was going scuba diving they were all like "ok go have more fun."

I went and got my gear for scuba diving and then headed out to the boat. When I got there, Daniel and one of his little buddies were jumping off the side of it! They are crazy! The water is so shallow! They could break there necks so easily. 

We all loaded up onto the scuba boat and settled in. We had a quick 5 minute ride over to beaches sandy bay and then another 5 minute rise to the scuba spot. There were about 12 people from beaches negril and we picked up 4 more at beaches sandy bay. And we were finally off! Once at the dive spot we double checked out tanks psi, got out bc's and regulators and then put them all together. It was finally time to jump in! 

I was very very nervous because just in the 10 foot pool my ears took a long time to adjust and at the bottom of the pool they still weren't completely equalized. I was so scared that I wouldnt be able to do that in the ocean and then I wouldnt be able to see anything else. 

As it drew near my turn to jump in the water my heart was pounding. I was freaking out. I just had to keep telling myself, if Daniel and Jeffrey can do it so can I. My dad has done this a bajillion times. MADDY, you can freaking do this. 

I jumped in and wabamb! All my fears were washed away! I dont even know how. I'm telling you, prayer works! God hears you and answers your prayers! Even if they are at the last second! I quickly deflated my vest and grabbed onto the rope. As I descended down deeper, my ears were adjusting nicely. I was a lot slower than everybody else but that is what I was expecting. The instructor kept signaling to me asking me if I was ok because I was taking so long. I was the last one so it worked out perfectly. I finally got to the bottom and there was a photographer. All four of us got a picture and started our adventure!

We started swimming and saw a ton of cool fish and coral reefs. The reef was a little sparse and there were minimal fish. We kept swimming, took more pictures and then turned around and headed back to the boat. On our way back we saw 3 eel! They were so cool! Super thin and long! Their heads were extremely flat too! 

Going up the ladder was easier than going down. My ears still hurt but it wasn't as bad as going down. We too our fins off in the water and then climbed the latter up back onto the boat. I knew my tank was heavy but I forgot it weighed almost 90 pounds! Getting out of the water was difficult.  Once the instructor had taken roll when we were all out we headed back to the resort. 

When I got back to the resort I wet back To the room, put more sunblock in and headed to the pool. It was about lunch time and so my dad, mom and I headed to Arizona's. The service was terrible today. I dont know why. It took us 10 minutes to be seated and then we weren't served our food for a good 20 minutes. I got a grilled chicken caesar wrap and it was terrible. The chicken was good and that was about it, oh and the fries were good too. After I added salt to them. Once we were done with lunch I took a dip in the pool and just chilled.

I talked to my friend, Alton, who is an employee who told me there was a spider in my hair and then went down the water slide. 

It was now time to snorkel but I wasnt really in the mood to snorkel. My mom and I went just to go sit in the boat. I was not about to be sunburned anymore than I already am. 

We got all of our gear, loaded up and then headed to about the same spot we went scuba diving. On the boat with us was a super nice family from Cleveland, Ohio and they were SO TAN. It was ridiculous. And here we are the little whites from southern california! 

My brothers and dad had a good time snorkeling but it was WAY to choppy and windy for my mom and me. The only reason I even got close to the water was to use the facilities. And even then I almost fell off the boat because it was so choppy! 

We all came back in and went straight to the pool. I was hungry again so I went and got a chicken sandwich from the grill. I thought it would be grilled chicken but it was ore fried, frozen and ready to be cooked. Not the best burger I have ever had but good enough to eat. After that we hit the poolside and cooled down. Had some family time and then went back to the room to get ready for dinner. 

We tried the Italian restaurant tonight and it was pretty delicious. When we first walked over to the restaurant, Jeff was told he had to change and then we had a 15 minute wait to be seated. 

In the meantime my mom and I went to view the pictures the resort had been taking of us and they were adorable! 

We were seated in a couple of minutes and the restaurant was very fancy. It took a long time to be served and get drinks and such. We were there for 2&1/4 hours.  In the middle of waiting for our food the boys saw a thunder and lightning storm. It was pretty cool to see that. 

I got the chefs special which was ravioli smothered in a cream sauce. The portions were perfect and the meal was really good too. Not worth the wait but still good. 

After dinner the boys and I headed up to the teen lounge and club liquid. I don't know when I am going to learn that clubs aren't my scene, but I definitely think I learned my lesson tonight when both my bRos ditched me. Good to know they have my back! Haha they do they just didn't want to be seen with the uncool sister! Haha after I left the 'club' I came back to the room and decide to go to bed but there was a really good show on called "barter kings" or something like that I think. It is so interesting! These guys only trade! NO MONEY INVOLVED. I need to figure out how they do this because it is pure genius! I watched two hours worth and now storage wars in on but I am exaughsted. Time for me to hit the hay. I want to be able to function tomorrow! 


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