Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day Seven, The Last.

30 June 2012

I knew today was going to be relaxing but I didnt know it would be so much fun!  I got to sleep in (again-yay!) and then headed to breakfast with my parents at the mill. Our last breakfast there. Sad. 

I ate, today, a bagel and banana bread. I also tried a donut that was coated with sugar. They had the best kind of toaster too. The kind where you Put the bagel in and it rolls over the hot stuff and then drops out the bottom. Just like east coast bagels back home. It toasted my bagel perfectly. I was a very happy camper! I also got more banana bread. THE BEST BANANA BREAD EVER! I am definitely going to have to get a banana bread recipe! 

After breakfast I went back to the room to change into a bathing suit and get sunblock on. I knew it was going to be a hot day so I caked it on. I wanted to get a little more sun on my legs so I only put lotion on my calves. My thighs could handle the sun today! Haha. 

I headed out to the pool and didn't really want to go in the water so I sat around with my mom for awhile. Breakfast had settled in and then I made my way into the pool. Just to cool off. I got a drink and then got out. I wasn't really in the mood to sit in 1/3water, 1/3 chlorine and 1/3 pee. 

I went back to the room to cool down and then went back to the pool. I decided, what the heck I might as well go to the beach one last time! Grabbed towels and went to get a lounger. 

As I passed the waterside, Alton said hi to me (just like every other day! He is so cool!) and I went on my way. 

Once on the beach, I listened to some music, sent some snapchats and just took everything in. I am going to miss that beach. It really is the only beach I like for many reasons. 
A) the sand doesn't get everywhere! It is kinda condensed, and super soft!
B) I can see what I am stepping on! 
C) it is super shallow all the way out to the bouies! 
D) the beach breeze is just perfect. 
E) the water feels like a jacuzzi!

Once I got bored I headed back to the pool and watched kids shoot the basketball in the hoop all the way across the pool. It was amusing but I didn't want to get smacked in the head so I got out. 

I got lunch with my mom and headed back to the seat. I got a veggie burger today and remembered to salt my fries before I sat down! Success! Haha that is something I won't miss- unseasoned fries! The veggie burger was so nasty. Velma (my boss) definitely makes one heck of a veg burger compared to that hunk of crap I had on my plate today! I am so grateful she is such an amazing cook! 

After lunch I took a dip in the pool, got my picture taken and was just relaxing when a nice lady came and told me the banana boat was going on. I decided I would do it because YOLO. Lol jk, I did it because I was bored and thought it would be fun. 

When I got out there I rode with some really fun people and the girls sitting behind me fell off! It was funny. Since we were complaining about going too slow, at the very end the driver sped up the boat to full speed and turned hard! Long story short that banana boat flipped and we all fell off. It was still a lot of fun! When I got off I ran into Jeffrey and his friends and took a ride with them. During that ride Jeff fell off and ate the water! Other than that it was a good ride.

Once back on the shore I left Jeff and his friends to be and headed back to the pool. It was getting really cloudy. I knew rain was in the near future! While walking back I saw a cute black couple walking arm in arm. All the sudden the girl shouts at me and tells me that the guy she is holding onto thinks I am cute. I was taken aback because I thought they were together. It was so nice of her though. He came over and talked to me and was super nice. Uncomfortable with the situation I quickly bailed by saying I had to go help my mom. 

Back in the pool area I saw alton again an talked to him for a few and then jumped in the pool. I was finally letting down some of my walls by socializing with people I didn't know when it started to sprinkle. It was totally cool though because it was fun playing water basketball in the pool while it was raining. 

As it started to come down harder the lifeguards came and got us out. It was no longer safe to be in the water because lightening hard started! I went over to my mom and dad and was going to wait it out with them when I got a genius idea. Measure how much rain the storm would bring. I quickly went and got a cup and set it down on the ground. 

My mom and I both assumed the storm would be just like yesterday. Rain for ten minutes and then blow over. Mmm mmm. Not today my friend. It poured and poured for about 15 minutes and then started to lighten up. We thought ok here we go it's almost over and then BAM! It starts DUMPING BUCKETS ON US! After 29 minutes of sitting under the umbrella my mom & I fled to Arizona's for legitimate cover under a building. While we were still under the umbrella however, my mom was pulling up a towel and came across a lizard. It was the size of my pinky finger (so very tiny!) but she still screamed and freaked out!

While under real cover over at Arizona's I got a compliment on my cheetah bathing suit. The lady said she loved how vintage it was. I love that too!  We got to talking with her and her family and they were from new York! <aka only my FAVORITE place in the world!> 

We talked to them through the storm and for awhile after. They were super chill and totally nice. We talked about the city, golf, so cal an more golf. Go figure. 

After the rain had stopped I went and got the cup I had put out when it started. I was so shocked to see that the glass was 2&1/2 Inches FULL! Within the 49 mintue rainstorm, we got 2&1/2 inches!!!! That is insane! The lifeguards started to clean up the area a little bit and all the sudden Alton brings over a huge crab! 

It was a land crab and its body was the size of my dads fist. It was insane! And scary too. It totally freaked me out and made me act like a typical girl. Hahaha. I tried to get a picture but it was really dark. 

After the storm I went back to the room and changed into normal clothes and headed to dinner with my parents and Jeffrey. we ate at the mill (for the last time 😔) and it was Italian themed! Yummy in Maddogs tummy! I had ravioli, chicken and curly fries. Interesting mix, huh? It was all good food though.  

After we ate we went to 'snapshots!' the resorts photography studio, laughed at all of our hilarious pictures and then headed back to the room to pack up. Sadddd:( 

My mom and I took a detour to the bar and the ocean to view the sunset while on our way back to the room. The sunset was gorgeous. I wrote fun stuff in the sand too. 

Once I was back to the room, i went out to see if I could find Alton to get a picture. I had no luck so I headed back to the room. Did I mention that Alton is ripped? Yeah he is a looker. I still can't get over that of all the people he sees every single day, without fail he ALWAYS says hi to ME. He made me feel so important. While searching for him I had the idea pop into my head that if I couldn't find him I would leave him a letter at the front desk. I didn't have any luck finding him so I did leave him a letter. I really hope he gets it! 

Once I came back to the room, my brothers were ready to go out so I headed out with them. They met up with a super nice kid from Alabama and we were all chilling in the Xbox room. Somehow the church got brought up and Daniel mentioned that I am pretty much a molly mormon an the kid from Alabama stated defending me! It was so sweet of him. I turned around and said "are you Mormon?" and he said, "no but I have friends who are and I know you are a good Mormon because of the way you dress and you don't cuss." I am so happy that the way I act and dress shows who I am. That was such a cool experience to have. That kid is such an example to me and I am so thankful for him and that experience. It was truely eye-opening and a testimony builder. 

After I was done hanging out with the boys I went to the front desk to see of I could get an envelope and paper to write the letter and I also grabbed towels to pack. (my little tradition: it the towels are good, take some home!) I wrote the letter and dropped it off. The guy at the front desk was super nice to me and even asked me if I had his contact information. I told him that I didn't have it but it was okay and that he just needed that letter.  I pretty much just told him that I was so thankful for him saying hi to me everyday and thanked him for being so nice to me.

After I headed to pick up our cd from snapshots and then went back to the room for the night.  I loaded the pictures onto the computer and headed to the shower. After the shower  I packed up my stuff and started watching the news. I think i heard them mention the Tom cruise and Katie Holmes divorce story like 3594722829204482910 times! It is a little ridiculous. It's a private matter! Why are people so nosy? 

Now my dad is sleep talking and we have to be ready by 5am tomorrow to drive to kingston. Sianarah for now! I will revise and edit all my stories while I am on the plane home! 


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