Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Six!

29 July 2012

What a day. Fridays are always bound to be good days because it's friday! The weekend is here and all is well. This Friday dint disappoint! 

Started off sleeping in and then headed off to breakfast. I was the last one out of the room so I missed breakfast at the mill... But it was okay because stew fish on the beach was open... FRENCH TOAST SICKS! Yes!! 

I saw my dad coming out of the mill and he told me the rest of the family had already left. I thought, crappp I am going to have to eat alone.... Again! I headed over to stew fish because hardly anyone is there and I was not about to eat at the mill by myself. The mill is quite possibly the busiest spot in the resort, except for the pool of course. 

When I got to stew fish I was seated and then got my water. When the waiter came over he already knew my order. Already a regular! Weeooooo! It was nice to get to see him again and know that he knew who I was.  Literally 5 minutes later I got my fruit plate and then 2 minutes after (not even enough time to eat the fruit) my meal came out! It was so fast today! The waiter must have seen me coming and put my order in before I got there. It was so kind of him to get my food so fast! Why can't American men be like the Jamaican men? 

After breakfast I watched jeffrey water ski, recorded him doing so and then headed back to the room cause my throat hurt and I was coughing up a storm. I decided to stay in the room until scuba diving at 11 and I would have to be down there and ready at 1030. Unbenounced to me my dad changed scuba diving to 1 pm so he could come with us. It worked out perfectly though. 

At 1030 I was just finishing putting on the sunblock when Jeff came rushing in to get the last minute things for scuba. I guess my dad didnt tell anyone he changed it. We headed down together only to find out our dive had been changed. 

Now I was all ready for some time in the sun but I didn't want to be in the sun, I desperately needed shade. I went to the pool with my mom and jeff disappeared to the Xbox room. It was so hot where my mom was sitting I was pretty much forced to take a dip in the pool. I have been surprised to learn that wood decking gets hotter than concrete! 

When I got in the pool I found daniel but I guess he was too cool for me because he wouldn't hang out with me... His friends were more important. I got a drink and just relaxed in the water for a bit. Finally Jeffrey came around and we all three hung out. We went down the water slide and into the lazy river and got in trouble... I guess you can't just jump into the lazy river... You must have a life vest or tube. We were hanging with our little English friend Ben, from whales, and he told the lifeguard: "the pool is deeper than this and you don't make me wear a life vest in the pool!" we all got a kick out of that. 

After that we headed to scuba! Ben was on that boat too so we all just went together. This time I made sure to get a small tank so it would weigh less and boy did it make a HUGE difference! 

The boat ride out was great and all the prep was super easy the second time around. It was also a smaller dive too.. Only about 15 people total including instructors and all. 

We went to a different spot, Anchored the boat and jumped in. I wasn't nearly as scared this time I just didnt want to look like a fool cause there was a cute guy on the boat... I jumped in and went over to the rope to go to the bottom. 

Something must have been wrong with my ears because they weren't clearing. I should have cleared them before I got in the water, but we learn from our mistakes right? 

It was a lot more difficult on my ears, but I eventually got down. I didnt get all the way to the bottom but I was only 4 feet from the sand. 

This dive spot was different than the other day and was so much cooler! I got to see so much more! The fish were so bright and tropical it was insane! The coolest part was we saw a GINORMOUS CRAB! I mean it was freaking huge!!! Jeffrey and Daniel also found a fish that blended in with the sand and we got to see it swim and then blend in! It was awesome! At the end of the dive Karen, the dive instructor, found a fish in a hole on the bottom and it bit her! we made are way to the surface and loaded up to head back to shore! 

Once back on the shore we turned in our gear and I headed straight to the pool! I needed to get some freshwater on my legs. They were stinging like crazy! I find that when I shave and then go jump in the ocean my legs don't really like me... 

Once I had sorta 'rinsed' off it was perfect timing to go on the banana boat. I grabbed Danny and our English friend, Ben, and headed to water sports.  

There was no line today! It was so cool! We grabbed helmets and jumped on! We were able to go on two consecutive rides without anyone else coming and wanting to ride. The only thing missing was Jeffrey! I decided to go look for him and when I got back Danny and Ben were gone! 

I went back to the pool and found them there. I got a drink and started talking to Daniel and his friends. They were cool, but definitely 13.

I got bored of them and headed back to my mom. I sat up with her for awhile and them got hungry and brought her with me to get food. We started walking around and decided to grba pizza. I ordered two cheese and they were so good today. Totally hit the spot. Yummy in maddys tummy! 

On our way back to our chairs we stopped by the gift shop and the bar. While we were at the gift shop it started dumping buckets! Tropical storm here we come! I had to race over to our chairs to make sure all of the electronics were okay. Luckily my dad was there and he had already covered up all of our stuff. 

After that little snafoo we just headed back to the room. I needed a break and the room was the perfect place to relax. I just chilled for a couple of hours with my mom and dad and then my mom and I headed to dinner. 

We ate at the mill, again, and it was actually really good tonight. I had pasta salad, herb rice, marinated chicken and 6differeny types of beans. It was really really good. There was also a little cat roaming aroun looking for food scraps. I guess it found some In between a woman's legs and it went for it. That lady freaked the freak out and jumped out of her chair faster than she could scream! It was funny cause they had new York accents and my mom said: " probably scared her cause she is from new York and she probably thought it was a rat!" 

My mom got dinner for my dad and we went back to the room. I got ready for bed and the boys got ready to parrrrrtayyyy! They were going to the club. 

I layed down for a while and relaxed and then thought that I should go check out the chocolate party. It was pretty cool and there were a ton of people there. It was popppppin! I faced timed my mom while I was there so she could see everything since she was almost asleep. 

While I was there I saw Jeff ad Dan and talked to them for a bit then I came back to the room to grab my mom and bring her with me back to the chocolate party. 

When my mom and I arrived it looked like the chocolate party had been demolished! All the chocolate was gone! The chocolate fountain was just dripping now and they were out of cotton candy! It was perfectly fine though because my mom and I weren't going to eat any of it anyway. 

I then came back to the room with my mom and the boys stayed out. We watched a show called UFO Chasers and it was kinda sketch. Then my brothers came back to check in and begged my mom to let them stay out later.. It was already 11 and so my mom said "no way!" they weren't happy to say the least. 

Now we are all watching tv and off to bed! Tomorrow is going to be one amazing last day! I'll be posting lots of pictures! 


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