Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Three!

26 June 2012:

This morning we woke up and had to go straight to scuba diving. Us kids had to do a prep class while my dad just did a refresher course. 

For the prep class we went in a room with about 7 other people and watched a 20 minute video. It was okay at the beginning and then the audio started to go and after that it got choppy and we could barely understand it. It was good to re-watch though  because I had forgotten some important things from the scuba class I had taken. 

After the video we went back to the scuba shop and got all of our gear including the BC, regulator, fins and goggles. We headed to the pool where they had already dropped off our tanks. We had a quick briefing before  we jumped in. We swam the length of the pool and then came back an put our gear on.  Once we were all ready we practiced breathing and getting out regulator both under and above water. Then we practiced clearing our masks and purging. Free swimming in the pool followed the class. Daniel was causing a ruckus in the pool while the rest of us got out.

 I was surprised that the class was so short! When Paige and I took the class back in April it was 3 hours long! So being in the water only for maybe 34-40 minutes was a little shocking. The scuba gear was also a little beat. Daniels gear started to leak in the middle of the lesson and the lady was just like "ok" and twisted it and it stopped leaking.

After the scuba I was starving because I hadn't gotten the chance to eat breakfast before the scuba class. My brothers went to the cute little resturaunt on the beach and I headed back to the room to put on sunblock. I thought, "oh I will only be a few minutes and the boys will still be there," but no. I show up 10 minutes later and they are gone! So I had to eat alone. It was alright though. I had my phone and I had wifi so it was all good. I mean no worries man, we are in Jamaica! I ended up getting the French toast sticks and they were AMAZING. I mean literally to die for. So good. They were crisp yet fluffy and perfectly cooked. On top of it they put whipped cream and Carmel sauce and some brown sugar. No syrup which I thought was a little strange but it was no needed! It was perfectly sweetened without the syrup! 

After breakfast I eased back to the room, switched bathing suits, got more sunblock on and headed to the pool. 

While poolside I sipped some drinks, went down the waterside, chilled in the pool and then went out to the ocean and took a dip. It felt extra hot today outside for some reason. Then I tricked my mom into going down the fast water slide! We climbed up to the top and I told her that the fast Enclosed water slide was actually really slow and no big deal. Let's just say she wasn't too happy with me after that. 

We went back to our loungers I took a nap and then we got up to go snorkeling. Since it is so windy the trip got canceled so we went to go get on the banana boat instead. Daniel immediately took that offer up and jumped on it. He rode and then right before it stopped he fell off a hot the water hard! He came running to my mom with a headache... Here we go. 

I decided I wanted to go on the banana boat too and so I dragged my dad back out there with me. We got life vests and got in the line and
It was our turn and then the boat driver just unhooked the banana park and took off while saying "I have to go to the other resort!" the people who were next to us were not happy at all... And that's to say the least. 

I decided it was probably best to go back to the room after that to get ready for dinner because we had reservations at 5.  Considering it was 330 and I still had to shower, blow dry and straighten my hair. 

When we got back to the room Daniel had just got up and left! My mom started freaking out and went to search for him. I on the other hand knew he was somewhere on the compound and so I proceeded to get ready.  An hour later he was still missing.

Once I was ready and it was 450, and we had to be at kimonos at 5, I decided to go look for Daniel on my own. I found him in the main pool with some of his new found "buddies." 

I brought him back to the room and my mom was so pissed at him. We legitimately had 3 minutes to make our reservation. 

I went to kimonos and got our table with my dad and Jeffrey while my moment Daniel ready.  It all worked out fine in the end because Kimonos was running behind. 

Kimonos is our "chop-chop" at home, the only thing different is that you don't get to order they just make everything and you sample it all!

 It was a really cool experience.  Our chef was super cool. We had to cheer To get him out of the kitchen and them he sang songs the whole time he cooked while making up fun words to go along with the situation. The fried rice was good, chicken was excellent, steak was really good but the tenderloin wasn't too good. I must have gotten all the fat pieces because it was all gooey and nasty. The shrimp was good too. The stuff back home is better, but considering I only eat shrimp at these type of places it was good. 

After dinner we tried some interesting desserts. There was a chocolate banana cake that was spicy! I have never had spicy chocolate before so it was different. There was also a mini pumpkin thing and something else that looked gross and I don't try it. 

After dinner, we headed back to the room to regroup. Dad, Daniel and Jeff all started wrestling and the younger boys won. My mom and I were laughing at them and I was also taking pictures of my dad getting his butt kicked. Around 730 we decided we were going to go to the teen mixer at 930.  With two hours to kill the boys went to the Xbox room and I went online and checked on Facebook and played on my phone. After awhile I went looking for my brothers too see what they were up too. I found them in the xbox room and Daniel took me then to this cool new room above the lobby. It was the teens room and it was air conditioned! That alone was a good enough reason to stay in there for hours. I was having fun and then realized I had left Jeffrey in the Xbox room! I went looking for him and then lost Daniel in the process. 

After I had found both of them we went back to the room to check in with mom and dad and then headed back out to just explore. It still wasn't 930 and the 'club' wasn't open yet. Daniel ditched Jeffrey and me to hang with his bros to go 'get chicks...' that didn't work out too well for him cause when the club opened and jeff and I went in we found him in there with just his friends... And nO girls. I was the only girl in the 'club.'

The club would have been more fun if there were more people but since there were only 10-15 people I decided to leave with Jeffrey. Daniel had already disappeared again so we went searching for him. We decided to go back to the room to check in one last time and found Daniel in the room. He was already in bed so Jeffrey and I decided to stay in too.  

Now we are in bed and watching the show 'American Colony.' it's an interesting Show about people who live on a colony that is t modernized... Kinda like the Amish. Alright time to sleep now! I am going scuba diving tomorrow!!! So excited! Praying that it won't be windy and we can see some really cool stuff! I'll be posting tomorrow!

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