Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Two!

25 June 2012

So today was a blast! Our first full say on the island. I got to wake up to this amazing view!

After we got ready we headed over to the scuba (show in the picture. Green roof anyone?) and attempted to sign up for scuba lessons tomorrow. We had to fill out these long forms about our medical history and yada yada yada... Long story short my mom put down that Daniel has asthma and they wouldn't allow him to go scuba diving. My dad was pissed. We then had to go get the resort doctor to clear him. Boy was that an adventure.

As we went over to the nurses office we were made aware that we would have to pay for this doctors visit... Only $100 bitt I guess it will be worth it in the end because both of my brothers will be able to scuba dive. Once we got to the nurse we went in and it was a nice little area. Air conditioned. You wouldn't even believe how amazing that felt. She proceeded to call the doctor and he said he could be on the property by 10. Just like MST (Mormon standard time) Jamaicans are typically late too... And we got to experience that today.

After the nurse called the doctor she told us to come back at 10 and my mom and Daniel showed up exactly at 10. The doctor was late because of some emergency outside the complex and when he showed up someone from the resort needed stitches. That bumped Daniel back. Then a super drunk lady passed out and so they helped her before Daniel. It seemed that the drunk lady took forever in there! By the time Daniel got into the doctor and cleared for scuba diving it was almost 11!

While Daniel was waiting for the doctor Jeffrey and I went to go get breakfast. When we walked in and asked to be seated the hostess asked us if we were getting married. When I told her we were brother and sister she was super embarrassed but it was pretty funny. The food was good. I had an egg omelet with ham and cheese. I also had the most amazing banana bread ever. IT WAS SO GOOD. While waiting for my omelet I probably at half a loaf! It was seriously so good. After breakfast we grabbed some smoothies and headed back to the nurses office. Daniel was still waiting but almost in.

Also while Daniel was waiting my dad and I set up the wifi! Woo hoo! Sad to say we have some SO dependent on technology and the Internet. But whatever! I LOVE technology! Now I won't be completely bored while relaxing poolside.

Finally the doctor cleared Daniel! We went to the scuba shop and signed him up! We then went directly to the pool. It was so hot that we needed to cool down and ASAP! Jeff, Dan and I all raced to the water slide! There were two, one enclosed and one open. The enclosed one was sooo much faster than the open one. It was fun for a while and then we got bored.

We headed to the lazy river took one lap around and decided to go to the beach! The sand is so soft and doesn't get very hot which is good! The water is crystal clear and WARM. It was like being in a bathtub! Super relaxing! Once we got bored swimming we went over to go on paddle boats. It was really windy and the people in front of us had just checked out all three so we went kayaking instead.

Lucky for us they had a triple seat kayak! Yay! No separating the kids! We jumped in the kayak and headed off into the water. We all got along really well and were working like a well piled machine. It took us awhile to get into a good groove, but eventually did it. We kayaked over to the swimming area, jumped out one at a time, and then were about to head back when my dad spotted us from the beach and swam out to us. After we talked to him we paddled back in and then decided to try out paddle boarding. Since it had gotten windier we couldn't take them out into the open water we could only play with them while they were still tied down.

Jeffrey and Daniel both had no problem getting on the board and standing up. Me on the other hand, I had some trouble. It was difficult but eventually I got it! We tried to tackle the obstacle of all three of us standing up on the same board at the same time, and almost did, but we just couldn't seem to get it! We did get some cool pictures though!

After that experience we headed back to the pool to relax and get more drinks! I swear, that swim up bar is going to kill me! We swam around, got some cool pictures and then ate some lunch. I had a cheeseburger with fries and the burger was really good, but what I have realized about the fries is that they don't season them! They were just straight up fries! Next time I will be sure to grab the salt!

After lunch I came back to the room do cool off and get ready for the glass bottom boat ride! I definitely needed to put more sunblock on! When I went back to the pool to meet up with the rest of my family I had to go find my brothers. I passed aide guard and asked him if he had seen them. He said, no, "but you have a huge spider in your hair!" So while I am trying to keep my cool he is just standing there doing nothing! I was like "well can you get it out?" and he said "sorry man, I am scared of stuff like that. Don't worry it just started sucking the blood for my our neck!" I absolutely lost it after that. Did the whole 'shake-the-spider-out-of-your-hair-dance-because-you-are-too-scared-to-touch-it' dance. It was a sight to be seen. Only after I had made a scene did Alton, the lifeguard, tell me he was joking. Gotta admit, it was a good one! And I ended up finding Jeffrey and Daniel too.

We left for the glass boat and met it at the beach. It was a worn boat but it still had a glass bottom. It was so cool how we could see everything! We first came to a coral reef that was dying because tourists touch it and then it dies. The next thing we saw was an alive coral reef. It was so much different than the dying one just because it was more colorful and had way more fish! It was interesting to learn that by me putting on too much sunblock and then going snorkeling or scuba diving effects the coral reefs. The sunblock comes off of me and then lands on the coral reef which then protects the coral reef from the sun. The coral reef doesn't get the proper amount of sun and then it dies too. After the coral reefs we passed over star fish and they were so pretty. A fun fact that we learned was that you can break a starfish into as many pieces and it will keep rejuvenating! It never dies! Unless you bring it out of the water of course. Next we explored a shipwreck not too far off the coast, which was a glass bottom boat that had been caught in a hurricane. When the your guide asked us to guess what kind of boat was sunk a kid responded "airplane!" Daniel and I couldn't stop laughing.

When we got back from the glad bottom boat we hung out in the pool more, switched pools, got more drinks, ate some pizza(which was delicious!), played some volleyball and then headed back to the room. We all got ready for dinner and headed off to eat. It was a buffet and I had baked pasta with peas and corn. Both were very flavorful an delicious, I was just so full I couldn't eat anymore. After dinner we went to the Xbox room and messed around for awhile, came back to the room and are now in bed. It was such an amazing day and I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! As we prep to go to sleep and I am so thankful for all I have been given and I am truely blessed. I will be back with an update tomorrow of tomorrows activities!


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