Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Day of Summer!

Quite possibly the best first day of summer ever! Started off at Castille and parked my baby like a boss! I am getting very good at parallel parking! Then I discovered that I look like Marida from the new Disney movie Brave! After I headed over to Rylee's and we chilled for a little bit and then went to get Wendy's Frostys! They were delicious! Totally hit the spot!

Rylee and I had the most amazing idea while we were together for later on at work. Since I am pretty much in love with the field boy, Danny, and I am leaving for Jamaica today, we decide to make them little goody bags! We filled it with kisses, hearts, ranch seeds and tied their favorite gatorade to it! They were so happy when we gave it to them and of course we got a super cute picture! We also attached a picture of me and Rylee to the baggie and wrote a sweet note on the back!

We had tons of fun at work and our 9year old all star team won!! So my boss, Jeff, shaved his head into
a Mohawk!

After work Jess and Ry came over and we went crazy for an hour and then Jess had to be home, so we dropped her off and then convinced her parents to let her have a sleepover!

We went back to Rylee's house and rested for a couple hours and then tp'd a couple houses. Haha I am not posting those pictures.

I went home from tp'n and fell asleep for a couple hours and then Paigey picked me up and we tp'd sister barnes's house! The beehives were having a sleepover so we decided to get them really good. 29 rolls an 1&1/2 hours later we headed home and I got to finally hit the hay! I had a big day the next day! Friday was super busy but very fun!

Im off to the airport now! I will be back in 10 days!

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