Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer is almost here!

With only 8 days left of school I thought it would be appropriate to post an "almost summer entry!"

After Spring Break things went crazy! (a spring break post to come later!)
WORK EXPLODED. I worked two days a week but it felt like 5 days because I was down at work almost everyday of the week.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE WORK. I didn't mind being down there it was just a lot of my free time.  Now that we have slowed down, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY FREE TIME! I am going crazy! Haha.

Anyway here is a picture recap of the past few weeks AFTER spring break up until now!

Paige and I volunteered at the Ragnar Race and then went to the San Diego Temple!

Stop. Looking. at. my. Butt!

cool car!

we ♥ volunteering!

the bestest friend ever!

we liked our light up wands!


me and Paige

keeping it classy!

After a long day of volunteering and a visit to the temple, GUESS WHAT!

Saturday at the temple:
the cute couple who got married wanted a picture with the 200 youth at the temple! 

just the youth

Jeffrey's Group
Thursday night, Indexing:


in the car!

our beautiful camp site! 

HUGE water fountain! 

movie night! 

just the coolest tent ever! 

ellen, me, katie, paige, carissa
 Saturday: HIKE DAy
the view! 

maddy sandwich! Me, Kendall, Mady

fountain picture!


sister christensen

throw up yo gang signs!

keep it classy

Happy Birthday Alexis!

Ward @ the Temple 

Navy Blue Team!

Piano Recital

allison performing

 THen we went to disneyland!
allison was in this picture, until my hair decided that it didn't want her in the picture...
 we kinda went crazy taking pictures waiting for the tram to come!

tram ride back to the carrr

back at the recital

Allison and I had this crazy idea at 1 am to go to IHOP. They were closed.
we went to BJ's instead, and got a bomb pizookie! 

Boy Outfits, Following

late night at the shack

then we went to Party City
just because I had a genius idea to follow someone home

so we bought wigs...

and then dressed up like boys... 
switched cars with my dad....


VUA LA! No one knows who we are!! 

our disguises were so great! 

you couldn't even tell... right?

quick stop to frappy's and the worker recognized us.... awkward.....

here's the instagram pic! 

Daddy's Birthday
*I can't find these pictures :|

I [heart] Aspen!

blue tounge aspen!

she is SO cute!

Physics class is so much fun! I LOVE THESE BOYS.

haha, they call me momma

he was so tired, i wrote on his hand. 

just this kid, braden, you know, the usual

the KOOL table! Braden, Josh, Jacob

Baseball BBQ

i felt pretty, so I took a picture.

mmm, my mom is cool.

this kid, damon <3

i love him to death. 

now i was just goofing off.

lil daaaaams <3

the snapchat caption says it all

Executive Summary. this 13 page research report just about killed me. i felt this picture was appropriate:

Spirit of the Cougar

My all time favorite teacher, Mrs. Brincks, gave me such an amazing award! Spirit of the cougar! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to teach me my least favorite subject. I was so honored to receive this award!

Spirit of the Cougar!


Velma at Aunt Ronnee's

after the awards ceremony I had a nice relaxing evening (i think I remember that correctly) and then I went over to my aunt's house and saw my amazing boss, Velma!

we are so dorky!
lets just say I can't rock the duck face.

PROM (See the Prom Post!)

Danny at Work! this kid probably hates me by now! hhaha his face in this picture says it all!

mm, just had to add a caption. LOLZ

Golf... we have SO much fun. I am going to miss this year SO SO SO MUCH!

Our last Chipotle date of Junior year.. 

golf party! Mr. HOT Dollar decided to photobomb.

range dayzzzzz

Eric and Me at the Range! Last Range Day!!! YAYY!

Rylee and me, on thursday's, WE HAVE FUN. nuff said.

Matt GOrdon got his license! we sent him this pic

rylee tries to creep on me and danny. She is kinda successful.


*Matt (aka my wing mannn) did me a soild and was getting me one step closer to a picture with danny! and so we have this picture with all the kids.

rylee and me on gator. After Danny and Ernie had left, and we were set up at the Juniors field for TOC, Rylee and I had the gator. We decided to be REALLY MATURE and started doing donuts!

sent this snapchat to Ernie! 

aren't we so cute?!
Then we went to Frappys! 

we [Heart] Frappy's!

Laser Quest:
here is the story:
Ryan and I are trying to set up Andi and Keegan.
Ryan and I decide to all just 'hang out' and we will ditch Andi and Keegan.
Ryan ditches me.
I am the third wheel on the set up date.
I ditch Andi and Keegan and they went on their date!
YAY! Mission Accomplished!

yep, definitely the THIRD WHEEL.


we ate lunch at CPK at the spectrum
L to R: Rachel, Kenzie, KAILEY, Nikki, Allison, Leanne, Me

me and Kailey! 

Seminary Grdutation

I am going to miss you guys so much! CONGRATS!



Pictures will come soon.

XOXO, Maddy

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