Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 2 of efy and Day 4 of the "Utah trip!"

Today started off great for me. I woke up at 6:30 and got ready. Hair was already done so the only thing was get dressed and brush teeth! 

At 7 we had to meet in crazy girls room and we had a participant morning side. It was alright, but the girls weren't really prepared and they just read straight from the manual. After that we headed down to breakfast. 

CANNON CENTER WOOP WOOP! We met up with the boys and headed over. Paige and I have this secret pact where we don't eat with our company at all. Well except lunch. But we stick to it at breakfast and dinner and this was no exception!  We swiped our meal cards an away we went into the endless food cavity. I grabbed a burrito which was good until it got cold, fruit, applesauce and a donut. Breakfast was hilarious. So far the most I have laughed at a meal. We found a bar where we could sit and sat in our little pair. This isn't new to us either. We did this all last year too. Hahah. But anyway so first thing I do is grab the donut... (Jeff and Dan no rude smirks!) and take a bite and say "mm yep just as good as I Remember." Paige thought was was hilarious. Kylie found us and told us the group was sitting over at a different spot and that we could join them if we wanted and so we acknowledged her but we both knew what the actual result would be. Stay where we are and where we are comfortable. So then we start to talk about our group and how there are some interesting names. Or example, navy. Paige starts to say: "who names their kid navy? That is so stupid!" as a joke I whisper: "he is right behind you!" her face dropped to say the least. Then Nathan comes and finds us and tells us the same thing Kylie told us except he invited us to get up right then and there and come join them. I responded (since i do all the talking) "it's alright." he said back "what kind of an answer is that? It's alright?" we then had to crack some jokes to make him go away like 'this is our time to talk' (it's not like we are ever apart and don't share a room or anything...) he finally left disappointed but Paige and i thought it was hilarious. 

Before breakfast though we had gospel study and it was so cool. Nathan told u to study with a purpose and have a question in mind when we study so we can find an answer. My question was "how can I get along better with my brothers... Specifically Daniel because recently we havent been getting along." as I started to follow along with my bom audio book (thanks mom!) I was very happily surprised to find an answer to my question so quickly. I picked up in the place I had left off which was 1 Nephi 17. It was talking about how laman and Lemuel treated Nephi terribly and tied him up but Nephi was always nice to them and always had faith in them. I likened these scriptures unto me by comparing me to Nephi and Jeff and Dan to laman and Lemuel. It really hit me that I must always treat them kindly and always have faith in them. 

After breakfast we went to morning side with brother Martin and it was really good. I misjudged him yesterday that's for sure. He was hilarious today! Still not as funny as brother Horton but pretty funny. He spoke on letting our light shine and being examples. Also before he spoke two people sang and they were so good! The male, Michael was an insanely amazing bass singer! Brother Martin compared us to moons and how we all have our own orbit here on earth and we all reflect the 'son of god' and we all have to shine in our own way. It was very touching. 

Next, CLASSES!!! My absolute favorite part of efy!!! I was really upset to learn that that cut the classes in half this year! Instead of two days we only have one day and on the other day we do missionary activities which I guess are nice but I want my classes back!! 

So anyway our first class was downstairs in the Wilk in the garden plaza. With a partially shaded roof Paige and I chose seats to where I wouldn't get sunburned and our eyes wouldn't be blinded. We though we did pretty well until about 10 minutes into his talk when the sun came out from behind a cover and we were blinded for about half his talk until it went away. There were also a lot of technical difficulties during that talk. The speaker, brother oehring, was from Germany and a convert to the church. He spoke on forks in the road and how we have the free agency to choose! Some key thins he mentioned were:
-we can do whatever we want to do, but we have to live with the consequences. 
-all of our choices determine our destiny
-don't comprise because Satan will be there to tempt you. 
He was an alright speaker but kind of cocky so we decided not to go back. 

Next speaker: brother Stockton. Our favorite. Not as good as brother Wilcox, but still an amazing speaker. We went to two of his talks back to back actually, lunch just separated them. His first talk was on a firm foundation in 5 easy lessons. The five lessons are:
1. Put your armour of god on -> everyday! 
2. Be kind! -> to everyone!
3. Let your light shine! -> be an example! 
4. Know the difference between joy and fun. *cool thought: it isn't always easy to go downhill.*
5. Know that god knows me individually. 

In his second talk he spoke on trials and how they make us or break us. *cool comment: trials make us either bItter or better. Only I make the difference.*  He came up with a list of 6 things that trails do to us. They are as follows: 
1. We don't know the good until we know the bad. Trails let us know the good. (d&c 29:39)
2. Trials make is stronger and sanctify us. (d&c 101:5)
3. Trials are tests to see wether or not we stay true. ( deut. 8:2)
4. We develop christ like attributes when we go through trials. ( alma 7:11-12) 
5. Pressure, heat and time make diamonds. (job 23:10)
6. We come to know the lord through our trials. (d&c 122:7)

In between his classes we had lunch. We saw Isaac again and he serenaded us. It was adorable. haha just kidding.  He was a little off tune but nothing he can't fix. Lunch was an enchilada and we sat with our company, talked to Kylie and highlight: Nathan took a picture of himself on Paige's phone! Haha we then played missionary tag... Got us nice and sweaty... Saw Kate Christensen and then headed back inside for more classes. 

The last class of the day was sister Becky Herbert Haggard. Every time before someone speaks they are introduced to the audience and we learned she was from so cal but weren't sure what part and wanted to find out after. She was very intimidating at first but as her talk went on I came to love her and her teaching. She spoke on Satan and how he and the 1/3 are always there. They can't read our mind or know our thought but they can put thoughts and temptations into ours brains and lives every day. It was a very well prepared talk. Here's the cool part! So we go up to ask her what part of so cal she if from and as usual I do the talking. This time I was so extremely happy I did because it turned out to be such a cool experience. She told me she was from west Covina and almost immediately I replied "oh my gosh! My grandma lives there!" In my head I am thinking there is no way she will know her because its a big city and lots of members but we keep talking. She says she moved out of the area a while ago and I proceeded to tell her my grandma is 85 and she says well I'm 60 and then I mentioned the lark Ellen building and told her my grandma in Jolene Hannah and she screamed and screamed and started freaking out and tearing up and grabbed me and hugged me without even thinking.  She then said "you are Jolene's granddaughter? Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your grandparents." I was so taken aback by her response I didn't know how to react myself and so I started to tear up too. Now as I am writing this and looking back I realized that my prayers were answered when I shared my family with her and connected with sister haggard. I had prayed to meet someone here that needed to see me or meet me or just something special to connect with someone that I don't already know. I know recognize that she was that person and that experience I had been praying for. 

On a funnier note and not so serious, as we walked out of the classroom I told Paige that I just had to call my grandma, but that she is probably sleeping. Paige starts cracking up and says "it's 2:30 there! She is sleeping??" I then had to explain that she stays up all night watching qvc and sleeps all day. Paige found that hilarious. It was a funny moment to say the least. Kinda a 'you-had-to-be-there-moment.' 

After classes we had free time and we went to the BYU bookstore and I bought a sweatshirt and I love it! (p.s. it was on sale too!) we then headed back to the room and just relaxed in our nice 61 degree room. It felt soo good because it is SO hot outside! 

At 5:15 we all met for dinner in the lobby except half the company didn't show up because they were already in the cannon center. Once again the pact was enforced. We literally got a seat at a bar with only two seats so no one could join us even if they wanted too. I know pres. Uchtdorf has told us not to gossip, but we needed to get our opinions of the rest of the group out and the only time we can do that is at meal times. It kind swirls out perfectly. For din din we had some Asian chicken with rice and super super super spicy sauce that almost made it Not edible for me and we also tried a chicken teriyaki burger (shout out to Velma Frye! Thought of you when I saw it being served!) which was also not edible because it was all dark meat. So I pretty much stuck to fruit and cookies. I also got a text from little miss dailee Anne during dinner saying she was very upset with me because I wasnt calling and texting her 24/7. I had to tell her nicely that I am very busy and don't have much time to be on my phone. 

Also as usual, we finished our meal early so we could go and brush our teeth before the next activity. And this time was no different. Once done we met in te lobby at 6 to go over dancing and appropriate etiquette. It was awkward to say the least but when is it not when talking about what you shouldn't do. Nathan also mentioned that he hated dancing and Paige just about had it and she came up with an inside joke where she pointed to her ring finger and says: 'right here'. It is hilarious. 

Off to the dance we went. Escorted by the lovey Eric we had a lot to talk about. To every escort we always tell them we are a pair because there are two extra girls and it just works better that Paige and I are always together. Eric is super polite and genuinely nice too. And he's not bad on the eye Either. Super cool guy. 

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to the two and a half hour dance but I was there and so I might as well have fun. At first our whole company didn't want to dance and Kylie kept pushing us to the back and it was kinda annoying but we all loosened up and ended up dancing and having fun. While at the dance I: 
-got to know this kid josh from our company better and learned that hard way that he is super clingy just like someone else whose name won't be mentioned but the event name rhymed with cd-rom except drop the cd and add a p. 
-met some cool kids from Alaska. 
-saved a counselor from embarrassing female issues that would have shown in a few short minutes
-met a really nice girl, Jen, from our stake! 
By the end I was a little sweaty but not too bad, I had fun and most definitely NEEDED A SHOWER ASAP. 

We were escorted back to our rooms by our lovely boys and you'll never guess who asked to escort us! Mmm I just LOVE clingy! Once we got to the cannon center we parted ways and here is the best part. 

Paige and I had a system down for after the dance. All our shower stuff was ready. I run to the room grab the stuff she saves the showers. Kylie also knew that we all needed to shower and as we said goodnight to the boys she shouted something along the lines of: now show me how much you want to be clean or something like that... I started to sprit as fast as I could to our dorms and up those three flights of stairs. I am proud to say I was the first up and Paige and I were the first in the showers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. All the other girls were jealous our plan worked do well and they decided to complain about how long we were taking the whole time so I took just a couple extra minutes to make them even more happy with me. 

At 10pm sharp we headed once again across the hall to counselor devotional. Tonight it was on obedience and boy could cray girl have learned from that. The whole time she was getting up and down up and down in and out of cabinets. I don't know where her self control is an I am truely trying hard not to get do frustrated with her, but it is hard. The devotional was good, kylie went off on tangents that were interesting and then ran out of time but we were still in bed by lights out. One cool tidbit Kylie mentioned though was: "do I live by covenant or convenience?" a very good question to end on. It's now midnight and I will be arising and shining at 5:30 tomorrow to do my hair, so until tomorrow. 


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1 of efy, Day 3 of the "Utah trip"

Day 3

Today started off great! Woke up and got straight to it! Straightening hair, finishing packing and breakfast. I had cinnamon Cheerios again and they were delicious! 

Around 10 am we headed out on our journey to Provo! I thought it would take us about 45 minutes to get down there but we flew down the freeway and made it in about 30. We found lunch at this super cute Mexican place and the chips were so good I could have eaten them for the rest of my life. Mom: they were better than the mi casa chips!! The salsa was delish too! 

We finished lunch at 11:45 and raced over to the BYU campus to make 12 o'clock check in. They had us park in the law school parking lot which was a nightmare and then we had to walk in the heat to check in. 

At check in Paige and I were both very nervous about the living arrangements and I had a bad feeling in my gut that we would be in heritage. Once we got our name tags and bracelets we were pleased and relieved to learn that we were going to have air conditioning in Helaman halls! My prayers were answered! I couldn't even explain the joy I felt at that moment. It was such a relief to know we would come back to a chilled room with no worries. The only bad part: third floor, no elevators, HEAVY LUGGAGE. We were grateful to have brother Sanford help us with that. As Paige put it: beggars can't be choosers. 

Still at check in we were waiting in some random line and Paige mentioned: "I haven't seen jake Stidham yet."   As I look up I say back "mm yeah spoke to soon." haha there was jake across the room.. We chose to say hi at a later time. 

Once we realized we were in a random line for something we don't need we went to get maps to go to Helaman halls and ran into ISAAC! He is only the best, craziest and most outgoing, amazing counselor from last year! Also the man I'm gonna marry... Haha just kidding. But he remembered us! Well sorta. He called me Hannah and Paige Maddy and then realized Maddy Hannah was all one person. Haha but it was cool getting to see him again! We grabbed our maps and off we went to find our ride and off to our new home for the next week. 

We realized we were in Stover hall. Same hall as last year! Crazy! Only this time we are on the third floor, on the Other side of the hallway and on the complete opposite side of the building. But other than that same place! Haha and we are super close To the canon center! (GET FAT TIME!) 

Once we got our keys and arrived at our room we said farewell to pairs parents and unpacked like no ones business! Had time to spare even too! I had just enough hangers or everything and one left over for my necklaces! Perfect! 

We met our counselor and group at 1;15 in the room right across the hall. So happy it wasn't our room! We arrived first and the most prompt at 1:15 and everyone else trickled in. Everyone appeared to be nice and normal except the girl whose room it was. She was cray hyper and all over the place. As the meeting went on she just came out and said she is on medication for her actions and such AND THEN when kylie (our counselor) asked if anyone hard harmful weapons or knives to hand them over she pulls out a pocket knife! And says its the first one of her collection! Paige and I were a little baffled to say the least. 

So as we got to know our counselor, Kylie, and the rest of our group we discusses the rules and what to expect at efy. Kylie made some funny remarks too that reminded me of TAwny. Haha. She said "my name is Kylie and it is pronounced how it is spelled... No random vowels or consonants in there." Paige and I started cracking up. She also said she was a stickler about modesty and so it kinda freaked us out and brought back some bad memories from last year. 

After we met the girls we headed downstairs to meet our boys! We are so lucky because our company spot is in our dorm lobby which means we can literally leave our dorms 5 til and be on time! Yay! 

The boys counselor Nathaniel was super attractive and reminded me of the actor who plays Ben in Jane by Design. All of our boys seemed normal too so that was a plus. We played two games with them; two truths and a lie and do you love your neighbor. My two truths were:
1. My mom is not a member and my dad is inactive.
2. My cars name is jadeparker.
My lie was:
1. I absolutely hate flying. 
Do you love your neighbor was hard because we weren't in chairs and we were sitting on the ground.. Fun but not as much as it could have been. 

We then picked our company name which was a battle between candlesticks and gloriFIRES! We ended up choosing gloriFIRES. Had to get some sort of flame in there to go along with the arise and SHINE forth theme. The scripture we got to chose from was Matthew 5:14-16. 

Next we headed to orientation and of course we were escorted by our lovely boys. There are 12 girls and 10 boys so four girls have to pair up. Paige and I took the initiative to be one of those pairs. Great idea. No awkward moments! Orientation was alright and we met out session directors, the Martins I believe. They were unique. Just your average jack and Jill though. Funny quote from that session: "my wife, she is wry talkative. Do you have anything to say honey?" 
"mmm nope, nothing." 
That got a laugh. 

After that we were dismissed to dinner. I  had pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad and a chocolate chip cookie. it was all good except for the sandwich I couldn't finish because the meat was a little to hard. And while we were getting our food we ran into Isaac again!! 

After dinner we went to FHE with the session director and it was in the stadium under the bleachers. Really cool.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before they could seat us and in those minutes I probably laughed about 13 of them. First Alec our escort decided to slide down a banister that had just been painted royal blue and he was wearing black pants. Mm not smart. Then alec and his roommate Elijah start telling us how Elijah waked Alec up with a kiss on the forehead every morning! But here is the best laugh. Kylie starts to go on this crazy rant about being crazy and tells us it's what her and her friends did in high school to freak people out. It started out: "I was crazy once, the put my in an asylum in a padded room with all the other crazies..." THEN THE ACTUAL CRAZY GIRL SAYS in a super erie creepy voice with her head tilted oddly: " I used to be crazy once and they locked me up... "And she went on and on and I looked and Paige and whispered, "that's the truth." we both almost died. It was too funny. 

Anyway, now to what actually happened at FHE.  Brother Martin  talked about how we are a peculiar people and in God's eyes that is good. He also talked about what makes us peculiar and we came up with these four things, but it is definitely not limited to this: 
1.dress modestly
2. Keeping the word of wisdom
3. Not swearing
4. Keeping the sabbath day holy. 

Then as a company we walked back to our company spot and that was a fun walk. Paige and I were escorted by the hollister model and his friend and they were hilarious. Not the cleanest or most appropriate jokes, but funny none the less. 

Once arrived at the company spot we played three games and related each to the gospel. The games were Hagu, Stinger and Ora. All very fun and I had never played any of them before. After games we set individual  goals and company goals. Our three company goals to be achieved by the end of the week are:
1.learn everyone's name by game night!
2. Participate (at least) once a day in a session and company setting. 
Nathaniel then gave a devotional on how reading scriptures changes people and it was very touching. 

After it was time to say goodnight to our boys and head up stairs to get ready for bed and counselor devotional. Paige and I raced up those three flights of stairs and were the first into the showers! It worked out perfect. 

We got ready for bed and headed into counselor devotional. It was on faith and it was very touching. But the whole time the special girl kept opening food and getting up and distracting all of us and it was just rude! I wanted to just stop her! She then proceeded to stare at my foot for five minutes because it is peeling. She is a strange child. Then off to bed we went and here I am blogging and it's cutting into my sleeping time so I will be back tomorrow with lots of new good stuff to tell! Good night for now! 


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And it's off to efy we go!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 2!

Sunday started off good. I woke up and went downstairs and met Paige and we got breakfast. I had cinnamon Cheerios which were surprisingly so delicious! 

After breakfast we realized we had four hours to kill before church. We went to the reading room and looked at old pictures from sis Sanford's childhood and one of her brothers weddings. The pictures were al super cute and interesting to look at. 

I then had some down time and rested upstairs. Mainly played on my phone and then I got a text from Paige who was downstairs. They were watching the Olympics and I decided to come down and join them. We watched men's volleyball and it was so intense! USA took the first round vs Serbia and the second and the third! It was awesome! 

With two hours until sacrament started I decided that it would be a good idea to go pack my bags for efy tomorrow. I went upstairs and did just that and got ready for church. Yep, still had an hour to go until church. Alright I am doing great on time here. 

By now it's around 1 pm and I watched more of the Olympics and then thought it would be smart to eat lunch. I had some of my left over pasta which was gross and made a pb&j on a warmed English muffin and it was so good. Paige made spinach filled ravioli and it was pretty good. 

Then off to church we went. 40 minutes early to get our pew! Safe to say we got our pew. And everyone was so friendly and nice to us and they all welcomed us.  

Church was nice. The cutest baby sat in front of us and the only way she behaved was by feeding her and feeding her and feeding her! She was a little chub! The speakers were okay. The youth one was nervous and the first adult had an obnoxious voice and she recited a poem for 3/4 of her talk. The lady's husband had an Amazing talk though and I enjoyed it. 

Once home we immediately started on dinner. I peeled carrots and chopped potatoes. We were having chicken salad and it was delicious! 

After dinner we all sat around the table and talked. I don't think I have laughed that hard since this time last year when I was here. The Braby family is legitimately hilarious. It blows my mind how much I laughed. 

Dessert followed; ice cream with all the toppings! I had a little of each: vanilla, strawberry and cookies & cream. And added on top caramel with peanuts! It was good as ever! We kept talking and laughing through dessert and then some family had to leave so we wound down and continued to watch the Olympics. 

At this point in the day I had filled my water bottle up about 7-8 times and my bladder finally had to give in and all of the sudden it was like bam bam bam bam bam! Bathroom, NOW. And like a stupid little kid I kept filling my bottle up! Haha 

Still watching the Olympics we were all talking and now it's almost 10 and efy is tomorrow!  Freaking out! I'm so anxious and excited. I don't know what to expect, but I do because I have been to it before. I don't want to be in heritage and I want a good counselor and agh! So much to think about.  I just want to fast forward as get there already! I'm going to shower and go to bed before I have a panic attack! I'll be back tomorrow. 


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Traveling + Day 1

Today started off with an early morning. Rise and shine and give God your Glory, glory is how the song goes right? Anywho, my mom and I were off to Long Beach Airport at the crack of dawn (6:30am) to catch my 8:30 flight.   Truth be told: probably could have left the house at 715 and made it on time.  We arrived at the airport at 7:30 and I don't even start boarding until 8. Check in was a breeze. No lines, no hassle. Long beach airport is such a nice little easy-going airport. 

After I checked in my mom came and met me (because she was parking the car) and we waited together until 7:50 when I thought it would be good to go through security.  That line flew by too. Pretty much walked in. 

I waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes and then I finally was called to board! Here I go! The plane was scheduled to leave on time! Woo!

The LBA is really cool in the way you board the plane. It's not like a normal terminal where you walk down the hallway and get on the plane. Instead you walk straight out into the Tarmac and walk up a ramp to get on the plane! It's kinda cool, got to admit it! I found my seat, 14E, a middle seat over the wing, (thanks mom) and just happened to be sitting between two old and older men. One rieked of b.o. And the other one fell asleep the whole time and when he woke up went to town picking his nose! GROSS! 

The whole flight I listened to the book of Mormon in the form of audio book and loved it! Got through 1 Nephi chapter 15! About an hour and a half give or take. I also played bejeweled the whole flight. That's probably what killed my phone battery. 

The flight was such a good flight, other than the b.o. man next to me. I got a cute little mini water bottle too! The flight attendants were all very nice and it was pressurized almost perfectly. Little turbulence but it just felt like a massage. And I only got the stomach-in-your-throat-feeling-weightless feeling once which was good! And it was while we were landing so no bid deal at all. The landing was a little thought though just because it was windy when we landed. Very wobbly, but other than that it was very smooth. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how smooth the wheels-hitting-the-ground went over. Quite possibly the best I have ever experienced. 

After I got off the plane I rushed to the bathroom of course because (duh) I am scared of airplane bathrooms! I then went to baggage claim carousel 4 to get my second bag for the trip.  On my way to baggage claim Paige surprised me and was waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator! It was so exciting to see her and realize that efy is almost freaking here!!! We grabbed my luggage and off we went to mama and gramps' house! 

On the way home we stopped by a grocery store to get dinner food and grab lunch. We thought we could get cold cut sandwiches but they didn't serve those so instead I got Bowie pasta with broccoli. It was good, but there was a little too much cheese on it and that was overpowering. Plus the broccoli wasnt cooked, that was a disappointment. 

After lunch we bought some candy in the store for the coming week and headed home. One scenic drive through the canyon and we had arrived! The canyon is so green and lush this year it is crazy! Still gorgeous as ever though and the fire station at the corner it still the nicest fire station I have seen. Ever.  

We unloaded the car and got to settling in. Well I did at least. Dragged my bags upstairs and got to relax. Paige and I went downstairs-into the basement- and played some ping pong with each other at first and then gramps and bro Sanford joined in. It was really fun and we had a top rally score of 30! We were trying to get to 50, but it just wasn't happening. Paige's dad then left to start on dinner and Paige and I were playing against gramps. You can just say that ping pong ended when we lost three games... In a row... To paiges grandpa. 

After losing we decided to quit and go upstairs to see what was going on.  We had plans to go downtown and see the temple and the Capitol and get our nails done, but there was no way that that could all get done before dinner so we thought we would just get our nails done. 

I check out some nail salons on yelp and found one that I thought would be good considering the reviews for the others sucked. My favorite part about this place was that one of the reviews starts off with: "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET THE MAN WITH THE MOLE ON HIS FACE DO YOUR NAILS." I found that quite hilarious and so did Paige. 

Sure enough when we got there the man with the facial mole was there! It was an interesting little salon. No dryers, only 5 people working and only 6 massage chairs with 3 mani tables. The service was ehh and I had to wait a good 15 minutes before being helped. 

The lady who came to help me didn't speak much English so I knew this was going to be a very interesting situation. I am extremely particular about my nails so if you are doing something I don't like or you are doing it wrong I am going to say something. I am not the type to sit back and watch you ruin my nails even further. I already have crap nail beds, I don't want to make them any worse. 

As the mani went on I kept correcting her and at one point I had to file my nail myself because she just couldn't do it right! I kept asking her to cut my nails shorter and she wouldn't because she claimed they were already short enough. Umm excuse me, I'm not the PAYING customer or anything... 

This lady was literally driving me crazy with my nails and I had just about had it and was about to say, "you know what just put the freaking polish on," when she gets up and walks away! SHE GOT UP AND WALKED AWAY... And starts working on Paige. AND THEN starts shouting in Vietnamese to her little coworkers! Oh yeah like I don't know you are talking crap about me? 

So Paige's lady comes over and is all nice and asks me what's wrong and what she can do to make it better. I was so happy she came because the other lady was sucking up swap water. The nice last told me the the first lady didn't speak much English and couldn't handle me telling her what to do... Okay let's get a job with a language I can barely speak and not have good people skills... Great idea! I have a whole newfound respect for my nail ladies in California! 

The second lady finished my nails and I was very pleased with the end result. All my complaining paid off because my nails are super cute! 

We then went back home and sat on the porch for about a half hour with sis Sanford and watched a wasp build a nest in the swing. It was quite interesting and as long as its not bugging me we are fine.

Brother Sanford cooked dinner and it was delicious. We had steak, corn, peas, carrots, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes and to drink water. It was so good. 

Following dinner we got changed an freshened up and into downtown salt lake we went! Off to the Capitol and temple square! Oh and the 7 seater bike! Yes. You read that right. 7 seater bike! 

The Capitol was so cool. Not to mention GINORMOUS! We walked around, took some pictures and had an amazing view of downtown, the temple and the great salt lake! 

Once we were done there it was off to temple square we go! Paige and I got dropped off by the visitors center and went in and went straight for the statue of Jesus. I just love that statue. It always makes me so calm and peaceful reminding me of my savior, Jesus Christ. We then went to the other visitors center and saw the mini temple and all the rooms that are in it. It was a cool learning experience for me because I got to understand the temple better. 

While walking the grounds we saw 20 sister missionaries! How crazy? By this time it is 7:30 & the sun is still high in the sky! We walked around to the reflecting pool and had some nice picture opps and then went to find our bike! 

So this six seater bike is owned by Dennis, Paige's uncle. It is so cool. It's round and everyone pedals. There is one person who steers and all the other people just pedal. It still blows my mind how this thing works. 

We took a nice work out of a ride around temple square, past the conference center and all the other church buildings and then got stuck behind a horse. That was gross. Our tour guide was a nice guy, served in Boston and wasnt too bad on the eye either. 

After the bike ride it was time to head home but not without some fro yo first right? We went to a place called TCBY standing for the country's best yogurt. Boy does it stand true to its name! I tired strawberry, white chocolate, raspberry sorbet, & peanut butter cup with Oreos and reeses peanut butter cup on top and it was mmm mmm good! 

A quick detour to the grocery store to get more food because more people were coming for dinner and we were officially home. 

When we got home I was Exhausted! It was a long day! Took a shower and hit the bed hard. I am going to rep well tonight knowing I can sleep in tomorrow! For now, good night! Sleep tight! 


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Friday, July 13, 2012

Reminiscing.. Sighhhhh

Just looking through pictures and living vicariously through them and found this! I love people movers! We were on our way to customs in Miami! I miss this trip way too much! Jamaica 2012💘

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


And as for my teeth? Yeah they are doing better! Just a little swollen, but good enough to get a frosty and go to work for a couple hours! Was able to help my mom run errands and got to see Paige today! Yay! Now I am prepping for the night at work I have ahead of me!



Mmm finally!

I finally got my chocolate fix! Nothing like a Wendy's frosty! Yum yum!!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Really wish I could have a chocolate fix but guess this will have to do for now.

Wisdom teeth round 2

So as you can tell by that last post I was still clearly under the influence of anethesia. And I guess I couldn't tell what I looked like in the picture because that is one awful picture!

Here are my teeth before, the lines of red are the nerves and my teeth are right over it. Bummer. I did have some tingly-ness in my lip and chin but now it is all gone and I am 90% back to normal! Just some slight pain where they cut the teeth out from!

It was such a weird experience too. They put nitrous has over my nose and I started to get tingly. Then everything went white. I could feel them playing around with my arm and putting in the needle but I couldnt feel pain and all my vision was white so i couldn't see anything. I told myself to just relax, as soon as I wake up it's gonna be over! I relaxed, heard the heart monitor beep one last time and bam! Next thing I know I am waking up.

When I woke up I remember asking to see my teeth. You won't even believe what I said to them: "I want to put my teeth in my scrapbook! Can you find them for me?" yeah I was clearly out of it still, but I felt normal. It was weird. Then I wanted Daniel to sit on my lap? Yeah I Remember all of that.

When I got home I watched some 90210 on my computer and then the 5 hours of sleep I had last night caught up with me. I took a two hour nap and then got up to go downstairs because my room was so freaking hot.

I came downstairs and realized I wanted to change my gauze because it was choking me. When I pulled it out it hurt REALLY BAD. I tried to walk and breath it off, but I needed some pain meds! When I tried to take the ibuprofen, the water got all in the holes and started stinging like crap! It was awful!

I ended up being able to take all the pills and then went to the store with my mom. I am pretty much bound to liquids and very soft food for a couple days so I got yogurt and applesauce!

I think I have already had 3 packs of it! Haha it's just so good!

My jaw hurts a little bit but now bad enough to need heavy duty pain killers or even ibuprofen.

Allison came to see me too. I am so glad I had her today. She got hers taken out a couple months ago, so all day I was texting her with questions and my worries. She is so good to me. She answered patiently and came to visit me with more applesauce! Yummmy!

As for now I think I am going to try and eat some circle noodles 😊 bringing back the childhood! With some very finely diced chicken!

*note to self: when I can't eat anything but liquids don't go on Pinterest and look up food. It is pure torture.*

Wisdom teeth

Just out of surgery and ready back on my phone. I was a lot shaky after waking up from the anesthesia and it's a little hard to walk but other than that I am perfectly fine! My lower lip, chin and some parts of my cheek are numb too. Such a weird feeling touching that!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today I went to church with blue gel nails and came home with it all peeled off because I was just so sick of it! So I painted them red and added sparkles! I then went online to try and upload pictures to Costco but it made me do it one by one. Anyone remember that I had about 740 pictures to print? Yeah. I'm not about to upload each one individually. So right now I am waiting for my computer to update so I can mass upload! Weoo! Trying not to think about wisdom teeth tomorrow! :/ gross.




Alright so I have been trying to get these tickets FOREVER. I had planned on getting tickets to the Angels vs. Dodgers game before Jamaica but that didn't happen.  Instead I asked Jose if he could score me some tickets and boy did he do that and more! We got prime seats and he got us into the diamond club! 

pre game girlies!
L2R: Rylee, Me, Paige

Ryan, Paige, me, Rylee

in front of angel stadium! 

Then we went inside and got into the diamond club and ate dinner! it was so good!


sent this one to Ernie to make him jealous.
it worked.

 We then just happened to find FOUR empty seats in the diamond club! SO WE TOOK THEM! hahaha! all of them were on edge the whole night, afraid that someone was going to come claim their seats, but never happened! WOHOOO!

ryan was talking...

ryan was talking still


did my toes for the occasion!
bestest friend! 

different angle

Paige's Snapchat.. no words can describe this picture.

then FIREWORKS! WOOP WOOP. Pictures after. 

me, paige, ryan


Fourth Of July!!!!

Had such a nice fourth of July!

ate breakfast with my momma and bre, jeff and then:
we went to the street fair way to early and so we decided to meet up later.. long story short her family came in and i headed to the chuns for dinner.  I got some down time which was really needed.

First I stopped by my aunt's house, helped her clean, got cute pics with the kids and then went to the store with her! Bare with me I have 20 pictures with the kids.  They were just all so cute! How could I edit one out?

kissy faces!



everything ok, Damon?

currently my phone background!

my favorite!

then we went to the store to get ice.  Only after we arrived and were about to walk in did the children realize they were not wearing shoes.  which resulted in this:



then i went home and had some down time.  it was nice until I realized this:

my rainbows had stained my feet on FRIDAY! its now wednesday and they still aren't clean!

I then took Dail and her two friends Abby and Hannah to the street fair.  It was super fun.  We went on the ride and walked through and then ran home because I had to get to Allison's house for dinner!

in the ambulance on the bed!

Dailee, Hannah, Abby

me and dailee on the ride!

dinner was yummy at the chuns! The best part was Allison's RED VELVET CUPCAKES! they are so amazing!

mm mmm DELISH!
Then, here is the fun part!, Allison and I drove to costa mesa to buy fireworks! we got there and everywhere it was posted you had to be 18 to purchase them and we were freaking out.  contemplating on having someone buy them for us and just straught up freaking out.  I told her, lets just go try to buy them and if it doesnt work we will go to another stand and have someone buy them for us.... turns out they don't care about that rule because we bout $40 worth of fireworks at that stand, got in the car and went to another stand and bought $40 more dollars worth of TNT! BOOM BOOM! YES! 

mission accomplished!

Then with these kids we blew all of them up.

LtoR: Allison, Me, Kenzie, Matt, Rachel, Keslyn