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Day 1 of efy, Day 3 of the "Utah trip"

Day 3

Today started off great! Woke up and got straight to it! Straightening hair, finishing packing and breakfast. I had cinnamon Cheerios again and they were delicious! 

Around 10 am we headed out on our journey to Provo! I thought it would take us about 45 minutes to get down there but we flew down the freeway and made it in about 30. We found lunch at this super cute Mexican place and the chips were so good I could have eaten them for the rest of my life. Mom: they were better than the mi casa chips!! The salsa was delish too! 

We finished lunch at 11:45 and raced over to the BYU campus to make 12 o'clock check in. They had us park in the law school parking lot which was a nightmare and then we had to walk in the heat to check in. 

At check in Paige and I were both very nervous about the living arrangements and I had a bad feeling in my gut that we would be in heritage. Once we got our name tags and bracelets we were pleased and relieved to learn that we were going to have air conditioning in Helaman halls! My prayers were answered! I couldn't even explain the joy I felt at that moment. It was such a relief to know we would come back to a chilled room with no worries. The only bad part: third floor, no elevators, HEAVY LUGGAGE. We were grateful to have brother Sanford help us with that. As Paige put it: beggars can't be choosers. 

Still at check in we were waiting in some random line and Paige mentioned: "I haven't seen jake Stidham yet."   As I look up I say back "mm yeah spoke to soon." haha there was jake across the room.. We chose to say hi at a later time. 

Once we realized we were in a random line for something we don't need we went to get maps to go to Helaman halls and ran into ISAAC! He is only the best, craziest and most outgoing, amazing counselor from last year! Also the man I'm gonna marry... Haha just kidding. But he remembered us! Well sorta. He called me Hannah and Paige Maddy and then realized Maddy Hannah was all one person. Haha but it was cool getting to see him again! We grabbed our maps and off we went to find our ride and off to our new home for the next week. 

We realized we were in Stover hall. Same hall as last year! Crazy! Only this time we are on the third floor, on the Other side of the hallway and on the complete opposite side of the building. But other than that same place! Haha and we are super close To the canon center! (GET FAT TIME!) 

Once we got our keys and arrived at our room we said farewell to pairs parents and unpacked like no ones business! Had time to spare even too! I had just enough hangers or everything and one left over for my necklaces! Perfect! 

We met our counselor and group at 1;15 in the room right across the hall. So happy it wasn't our room! We arrived first and the most prompt at 1:15 and everyone else trickled in. Everyone appeared to be nice and normal except the girl whose room it was. She was cray hyper and all over the place. As the meeting went on she just came out and said she is on medication for her actions and such AND THEN when kylie (our counselor) asked if anyone hard harmful weapons or knives to hand them over she pulls out a pocket knife! And says its the first one of her collection! Paige and I were a little baffled to say the least. 

So as we got to know our counselor, Kylie, and the rest of our group we discusses the rules and what to expect at efy. Kylie made some funny remarks too that reminded me of TAwny. Haha. She said "my name is Kylie and it is pronounced how it is spelled... No random vowels or consonants in there." Paige and I started cracking up. She also said she was a stickler about modesty and so it kinda freaked us out and brought back some bad memories from last year. 

After we met the girls we headed downstairs to meet our boys! We are so lucky because our company spot is in our dorm lobby which means we can literally leave our dorms 5 til and be on time! Yay! 

The boys counselor Nathaniel was super attractive and reminded me of the actor who plays Ben in Jane by Design. All of our boys seemed normal too so that was a plus. We played two games with them; two truths and a lie and do you love your neighbor. My two truths were:
1. My mom is not a member and my dad is inactive.
2. My cars name is jadeparker.
My lie was:
1. I absolutely hate flying. 
Do you love your neighbor was hard because we weren't in chairs and we were sitting on the ground.. Fun but not as much as it could have been. 

We then picked our company name which was a battle between candlesticks and gloriFIRES! We ended up choosing gloriFIRES. Had to get some sort of flame in there to go along with the arise and SHINE forth theme. The scripture we got to chose from was Matthew 5:14-16. 

Next we headed to orientation and of course we were escorted by our lovely boys. There are 12 girls and 10 boys so four girls have to pair up. Paige and I took the initiative to be one of those pairs. Great idea. No awkward moments! Orientation was alright and we met out session directors, the Martins I believe. They were unique. Just your average jack and Jill though. Funny quote from that session: "my wife, she is wry talkative. Do you have anything to say honey?" 
"mmm nope, nothing." 
That got a laugh. 

After that we were dismissed to dinner. I  had pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad and a chocolate chip cookie. it was all good except for the sandwich I couldn't finish because the meat was a little to hard. And while we were getting our food we ran into Isaac again!! 

After dinner we went to FHE with the session director and it was in the stadium under the bleachers. Really cool.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before they could seat us and in those minutes I probably laughed about 13 of them. First Alec our escort decided to slide down a banister that had just been painted royal blue and he was wearing black pants. Mm not smart. Then alec and his roommate Elijah start telling us how Elijah waked Alec up with a kiss on the forehead every morning! But here is the best laugh. Kylie starts to go on this crazy rant about being crazy and tells us it's what her and her friends did in high school to freak people out. It started out: "I was crazy once, the put my in an asylum in a padded room with all the other crazies..." THEN THE ACTUAL CRAZY GIRL SAYS in a super erie creepy voice with her head tilted oddly: " I used to be crazy once and they locked me up... "And she went on and on and I looked and Paige and whispered, "that's the truth." we both almost died. It was too funny. 

Anyway, now to what actually happened at FHE.  Brother Martin  talked about how we are a peculiar people and in God's eyes that is good. He also talked about what makes us peculiar and we came up with these four things, but it is definitely not limited to this: 
1.dress modestly
2. Keeping the word of wisdom
3. Not swearing
4. Keeping the sabbath day holy. 

Then as a company we walked back to our company spot and that was a fun walk. Paige and I were escorted by the hollister model and his friend and they were hilarious. Not the cleanest or most appropriate jokes, but funny none the less. 

Once arrived at the company spot we played three games and related each to the gospel. The games were Hagu, Stinger and Ora. All very fun and I had never played any of them before. After games we set individual  goals and company goals. Our three company goals to be achieved by the end of the week are:
1.learn everyone's name by game night!
2. Participate (at least) once a day in a session and company setting. 
Nathaniel then gave a devotional on how reading scriptures changes people and it was very touching. 

After it was time to say goodnight to our boys and head up stairs to get ready for bed and counselor devotional. Paige and I raced up those three flights of stairs and were the first into the showers! It worked out perfect. 

We got ready for bed and headed into counselor devotional. It was on faith and it was very touching. But the whole time the special girl kept opening food and getting up and distracting all of us and it was just rude! I wanted to just stop her! She then proceeded to stare at my foot for five minutes because it is peeling. She is a strange child. Then off to bed we went and here I am blogging and it's cutting into my sleeping time so I will be back tomorrow with lots of new good stuff to tell! Good night for now! 


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