Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 2 of efy and Day 4 of the "Utah trip!"

Today started off great for me. I woke up at 6:30 and got ready. Hair was already done so the only thing was get dressed and brush teeth! 

At 7 we had to meet in crazy girls room and we had a participant morning side. It was alright, but the girls weren't really prepared and they just read straight from the manual. After that we headed down to breakfast. 

CANNON CENTER WOOP WOOP! We met up with the boys and headed over. Paige and I have this secret pact where we don't eat with our company at all. Well except lunch. But we stick to it at breakfast and dinner and this was no exception!  We swiped our meal cards an away we went into the endless food cavity. I grabbed a burrito which was good until it got cold, fruit, applesauce and a donut. Breakfast was hilarious. So far the most I have laughed at a meal. We found a bar where we could sit and sat in our little pair. This isn't new to us either. We did this all last year too. Hahah. But anyway so first thing I do is grab the donut... (Jeff and Dan no rude smirks!) and take a bite and say "mm yep just as good as I Remember." Paige thought was was hilarious. Kylie found us and told us the group was sitting over at a different spot and that we could join them if we wanted and so we acknowledged her but we both knew what the actual result would be. Stay where we are and where we are comfortable. So then we start to talk about our group and how there are some interesting names. Or example, navy. Paige starts to say: "who names their kid navy? That is so stupid!" as a joke I whisper: "he is right behind you!" her face dropped to say the least. Then Nathan comes and finds us and tells us the same thing Kylie told us except he invited us to get up right then and there and come join them. I responded (since i do all the talking) "it's alright." he said back "what kind of an answer is that? It's alright?" we then had to crack some jokes to make him go away like 'this is our time to talk' (it's not like we are ever apart and don't share a room or anything...) he finally left disappointed but Paige and i thought it was hilarious. 

Before breakfast though we had gospel study and it was so cool. Nathan told u to study with a purpose and have a question in mind when we study so we can find an answer. My question was "how can I get along better with my brothers... Specifically Daniel because recently we havent been getting along." as I started to follow along with my bom audio book (thanks mom!) I was very happily surprised to find an answer to my question so quickly. I picked up in the place I had left off which was 1 Nephi 17. It was talking about how laman and Lemuel treated Nephi terribly and tied him up but Nephi was always nice to them and always had faith in them. I likened these scriptures unto me by comparing me to Nephi and Jeff and Dan to laman and Lemuel. It really hit me that I must always treat them kindly and always have faith in them. 

After breakfast we went to morning side with brother Martin and it was really good. I misjudged him yesterday that's for sure. He was hilarious today! Still not as funny as brother Horton but pretty funny. He spoke on letting our light shine and being examples. Also before he spoke two people sang and they were so good! The male, Michael was an insanely amazing bass singer! Brother Martin compared us to moons and how we all have our own orbit here on earth and we all reflect the 'son of god' and we all have to shine in our own way. It was very touching. 

Next, CLASSES!!! My absolute favorite part of efy!!! I was really upset to learn that that cut the classes in half this year! Instead of two days we only have one day and on the other day we do missionary activities which I guess are nice but I want my classes back!! 

So anyway our first class was downstairs in the Wilk in the garden plaza. With a partially shaded roof Paige and I chose seats to where I wouldn't get sunburned and our eyes wouldn't be blinded. We though we did pretty well until about 10 minutes into his talk when the sun came out from behind a cover and we were blinded for about half his talk until it went away. There were also a lot of technical difficulties during that talk. The speaker, brother oehring, was from Germany and a convert to the church. He spoke on forks in the road and how we have the free agency to choose! Some key thins he mentioned were:
-we can do whatever we want to do, but we have to live with the consequences. 
-all of our choices determine our destiny
-don't comprise because Satan will be there to tempt you. 
He was an alright speaker but kind of cocky so we decided not to go back. 

Next speaker: brother Stockton. Our favorite. Not as good as brother Wilcox, but still an amazing speaker. We went to two of his talks back to back actually, lunch just separated them. His first talk was on a firm foundation in 5 easy lessons. The five lessons are:
1. Put your armour of god on -> everyday! 
2. Be kind! -> to everyone!
3. Let your light shine! -> be an example! 
4. Know the difference between joy and fun. *cool thought: it isn't always easy to go downhill.*
5. Know that god knows me individually. 

In his second talk he spoke on trials and how they make us or break us. *cool comment: trials make us either bItter or better. Only I make the difference.*  He came up with a list of 6 things that trails do to us. They are as follows: 
1. We don't know the good until we know the bad. Trails let us know the good. (d&c 29:39)
2. Trials make is stronger and sanctify us. (d&c 101:5)
3. Trials are tests to see wether or not we stay true. ( deut. 8:2)
4. We develop christ like attributes when we go through trials. ( alma 7:11-12) 
5. Pressure, heat and time make diamonds. (job 23:10)
6. We come to know the lord through our trials. (d&c 122:7)

In between his classes we had lunch. We saw Isaac again and he serenaded us. It was adorable. haha just kidding.  He was a little off tune but nothing he can't fix. Lunch was an enchilada and we sat with our company, talked to Kylie and highlight: Nathan took a picture of himself on Paige's phone! Haha we then played missionary tag... Got us nice and sweaty... Saw Kate Christensen and then headed back inside for more classes. 

The last class of the day was sister Becky Herbert Haggard. Every time before someone speaks they are introduced to the audience and we learned she was from so cal but weren't sure what part and wanted to find out after. She was very intimidating at first but as her talk went on I came to love her and her teaching. She spoke on Satan and how he and the 1/3 are always there. They can't read our mind or know our thought but they can put thoughts and temptations into ours brains and lives every day. It was a very well prepared talk. Here's the cool part! So we go up to ask her what part of so cal she if from and as usual I do the talking. This time I was so extremely happy I did because it turned out to be such a cool experience. She told me she was from west Covina and almost immediately I replied "oh my gosh! My grandma lives there!" In my head I am thinking there is no way she will know her because its a big city and lots of members but we keep talking. She says she moved out of the area a while ago and I proceeded to tell her my grandma is 85 and she says well I'm 60 and then I mentioned the lark Ellen building and told her my grandma in Jolene Hannah and she screamed and screamed and started freaking out and tearing up and grabbed me and hugged me without even thinking.  She then said "you are Jolene's granddaughter? Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your grandparents." I was so taken aback by her response I didn't know how to react myself and so I started to tear up too. Now as I am writing this and looking back I realized that my prayers were answered when I shared my family with her and connected with sister haggard. I had prayed to meet someone here that needed to see me or meet me or just something special to connect with someone that I don't already know. I know recognize that she was that person and that experience I had been praying for. 

On a funnier note and not so serious, as we walked out of the classroom I told Paige that I just had to call my grandma, but that she is probably sleeping. Paige starts cracking up and says "it's 2:30 there! She is sleeping??" I then had to explain that she stays up all night watching qvc and sleeps all day. Paige found that hilarious. It was a funny moment to say the least. Kinda a 'you-had-to-be-there-moment.' 

After classes we had free time and we went to the BYU bookstore and I bought a sweatshirt and I love it! (p.s. it was on sale too!) we then headed back to the room and just relaxed in our nice 61 degree room. It felt soo good because it is SO hot outside! 

At 5:15 we all met for dinner in the lobby except half the company didn't show up because they were already in the cannon center. Once again the pact was enforced. We literally got a seat at a bar with only two seats so no one could join us even if they wanted too. I know pres. Uchtdorf has told us not to gossip, but we needed to get our opinions of the rest of the group out and the only time we can do that is at meal times. It kind swirls out perfectly. For din din we had some Asian chicken with rice and super super super spicy sauce that almost made it Not edible for me and we also tried a chicken teriyaki burger (shout out to Velma Frye! Thought of you when I saw it being served!) which was also not edible because it was all dark meat. So I pretty much stuck to fruit and cookies. I also got a text from little miss dailee Anne during dinner saying she was very upset with me because I wasnt calling and texting her 24/7. I had to tell her nicely that I am very busy and don't have much time to be on my phone. 

Also as usual, we finished our meal early so we could go and brush our teeth before the next activity. And this time was no different. Once done we met in te lobby at 6 to go over dancing and appropriate etiquette. It was awkward to say the least but when is it not when talking about what you shouldn't do. Nathan also mentioned that he hated dancing and Paige just about had it and she came up with an inside joke where she pointed to her ring finger and says: 'right here'. It is hilarious. 

Off to the dance we went. Escorted by the lovey Eric we had a lot to talk about. To every escort we always tell them we are a pair because there are two extra girls and it just works better that Paige and I are always together. Eric is super polite and genuinely nice too. And he's not bad on the eye Either. Super cool guy. 

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to the two and a half hour dance but I was there and so I might as well have fun. At first our whole company didn't want to dance and Kylie kept pushing us to the back and it was kinda annoying but we all loosened up and ended up dancing and having fun. While at the dance I: 
-got to know this kid josh from our company better and learned that hard way that he is super clingy just like someone else whose name won't be mentioned but the event name rhymed with cd-rom except drop the cd and add a p. 
-met some cool kids from Alaska. 
-saved a counselor from embarrassing female issues that would have shown in a few short minutes
-met a really nice girl, Jen, from our stake! 
By the end I was a little sweaty but not too bad, I had fun and most definitely NEEDED A SHOWER ASAP. 

We were escorted back to our rooms by our lovely boys and you'll never guess who asked to escort us! Mmm I just LOVE clingy! Once we got to the cannon center we parted ways and here is the best part. 

Paige and I had a system down for after the dance. All our shower stuff was ready. I run to the room grab the stuff she saves the showers. Kylie also knew that we all needed to shower and as we said goodnight to the boys she shouted something along the lines of: now show me how much you want to be clean or something like that... I started to sprit as fast as I could to our dorms and up those three flights of stairs. I am proud to say I was the first up and Paige and I were the first in the showers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. All the other girls were jealous our plan worked do well and they decided to complain about how long we were taking the whole time so I took just a couple extra minutes to make them even more happy with me. 

At 10pm sharp we headed once again across the hall to counselor devotional. Tonight it was on obedience and boy could cray girl have learned from that. The whole time she was getting up and down up and down in and out of cabinets. I don't know where her self control is an I am truely trying hard not to get do frustrated with her, but it is hard. The devotional was good, kylie went off on tangents that were interesting and then ran out of time but we were still in bed by lights out. One cool tidbit Kylie mentioned though was: "do I live by covenant or convenience?" a very good question to end on. It's now midnight and I will be arising and shining at 5:30 tomorrow to do my hair, so until tomorrow. 


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