Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 2!

Sunday started off good. I woke up and went downstairs and met Paige and we got breakfast. I had cinnamon Cheerios which were surprisingly so delicious! 

After breakfast we realized we had four hours to kill before church. We went to the reading room and looked at old pictures from sis Sanford's childhood and one of her brothers weddings. The pictures were al super cute and interesting to look at. 

I then had some down time and rested upstairs. Mainly played on my phone and then I got a text from Paige who was downstairs. They were watching the Olympics and I decided to come down and join them. We watched men's volleyball and it was so intense! USA took the first round vs Serbia and the second and the third! It was awesome! 

With two hours until sacrament started I decided that it would be a good idea to go pack my bags for efy tomorrow. I went upstairs and did just that and got ready for church. Yep, still had an hour to go until church. Alright I am doing great on time here. 

By now it's around 1 pm and I watched more of the Olympics and then thought it would be smart to eat lunch. I had some of my left over pasta which was gross and made a pb&j on a warmed English muffin and it was so good. Paige made spinach filled ravioli and it was pretty good. 

Then off to church we went. 40 minutes early to get our pew! Safe to say we got our pew. And everyone was so friendly and nice to us and they all welcomed us.  

Church was nice. The cutest baby sat in front of us and the only way she behaved was by feeding her and feeding her and feeding her! She was a little chub! The speakers were okay. The youth one was nervous and the first adult had an obnoxious voice and she recited a poem for 3/4 of her talk. The lady's husband had an Amazing talk though and I enjoyed it. 

Once home we immediately started on dinner. I peeled carrots and chopped potatoes. We were having chicken salad and it was delicious! 

After dinner we all sat around the table and talked. I don't think I have laughed that hard since this time last year when I was here. The Braby family is legitimately hilarious. It blows my mind how much I laughed. 

Dessert followed; ice cream with all the toppings! I had a little of each: vanilla, strawberry and cookies & cream. And added on top caramel with peanuts! It was good as ever! We kept talking and laughing through dessert and then some family had to leave so we wound down and continued to watch the Olympics. 

At this point in the day I had filled my water bottle up about 7-8 times and my bladder finally had to give in and all of the sudden it was like bam bam bam bam bam! Bathroom, NOW. And like a stupid little kid I kept filling my bottle up! Haha 

Still watching the Olympics we were all talking and now it's almost 10 and efy is tomorrow!  Freaking out! I'm so anxious and excited. I don't know what to expect, but I do because I have been to it before. I don't want to be in heritage and I want a good counselor and agh! So much to think about.  I just want to fast forward as get there already! I'm going to shower and go to bed before I have a panic attack! I'll be back tomorrow. 


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