Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth Of July!!!!

Had such a nice fourth of July!

ate breakfast with my momma and bre, jeff and then:
we went to the street fair way to early and so we decided to meet up later.. long story short her family came in and i headed to the chuns for dinner.  I got some down time which was really needed.

First I stopped by my aunt's house, helped her clean, got cute pics with the kids and then went to the store with her! Bare with me I have 20 pictures with the kids.  They were just all so cute! How could I edit one out?

kissy faces!



everything ok, Damon?

currently my phone background!

my favorite!

then we went to the store to get ice.  Only after we arrived and were about to walk in did the children realize they were not wearing shoes.  which resulted in this:



then i went home and had some down time.  it was nice until I realized this:

my rainbows had stained my feet on FRIDAY! its now wednesday and they still aren't clean!

I then took Dail and her two friends Abby and Hannah to the street fair.  It was super fun.  We went on the ride and walked through and then ran home because I had to get to Allison's house for dinner!

in the ambulance on the bed!

Dailee, Hannah, Abby

me and dailee on the ride!

dinner was yummy at the chuns! The best part was Allison's RED VELVET CUPCAKES! they are so amazing!

mm mmm DELISH!
Then, here is the fun part!, Allison and I drove to costa mesa to buy fireworks! we got there and everywhere it was posted you had to be 18 to purchase them and we were freaking out.  contemplating on having someone buy them for us and just straught up freaking out.  I told her, lets just go try to buy them and if it doesnt work we will go to another stand and have someone buy them for us.... turns out they don't care about that rule because we bout $40 worth of fireworks at that stand, got in the car and went to another stand and bought $40 more dollars worth of TNT! BOOM BOOM! YES! 

mission accomplished!

Then with these kids we blew all of them up.

LtoR: Allison, Me, Kenzie, Matt, Rachel, Keslyn


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