Monday, July 2, 2012

Jamaica man!

Most used quotes:

Your face! (Daniel, and my Dad) 
Rosayyyyy! (Daniel)
Gwagon popcon! Wasssup my Negro! (Definitely, Daniel)

Daniel using these to make fun of me because I use them so much:

Yeah mahn! (all Jamaicans and eventually our whole family) 

Weirdest concepts I had to grasp:

*Driving on the wrong side of the road
      Driving on the left was so bizzare! I still can't get over the fact that the drivers didn't care about lanes, or speeds or PEDESTRIANS! We almost hit a dozen people and the drivers get so close to EVERYTHING! It was also scary how they would just honk there horn to say "hey I am passing you, you better slow down while I do so!" and "get out of my freaking way you stupid pedestrain!"

*People being so nice!
       Without fail, everyone would look you in the eye while you were walking towards they and say "Hi, how are you?" they weren't like americans who just smile and get on with there day. They were  genuinely nice and caring people! 

*eating and then leaving without paying a bill.
       Because it was an all inclusive, everything was included! It was so weird ordering, eating and then just getting up and saying thank you! No BILL?! WHat the heck? Also, you would just swim up to the swim up bar and order a smoothie and NO BILL! I got used to that! Bummer I have to pay a bill again now that I am home! 

Things I learned:

*Be nice to everyone and soon everyone will be nice back! 
*i am for sure marrying a Jamaican man! I AM STAYING TRUE TO MY WORD THAT I WILL MARRY A BLACK MAN! 
*When I am on the market for a husband, I know where to find one! LOLZ
*my butt is big! (I already knew this, but the locals just reassured me of it! haha)

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