Saturday, July 28, 2012

Traveling + Day 1

Today started off with an early morning. Rise and shine and give God your Glory, glory is how the song goes right? Anywho, my mom and I were off to Long Beach Airport at the crack of dawn (6:30am) to catch my 8:30 flight.   Truth be told: probably could have left the house at 715 and made it on time.  We arrived at the airport at 7:30 and I don't even start boarding until 8. Check in was a breeze. No lines, no hassle. Long beach airport is such a nice little easy-going airport. 

After I checked in my mom came and met me (because she was parking the car) and we waited together until 7:50 when I thought it would be good to go through security.  That line flew by too. Pretty much walked in. 

I waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes and then I finally was called to board! Here I go! The plane was scheduled to leave on time! Woo!

The LBA is really cool in the way you board the plane. It's not like a normal terminal where you walk down the hallway and get on the plane. Instead you walk straight out into the Tarmac and walk up a ramp to get on the plane! It's kinda cool, got to admit it! I found my seat, 14E, a middle seat over the wing, (thanks mom) and just happened to be sitting between two old and older men. One rieked of b.o. And the other one fell asleep the whole time and when he woke up went to town picking his nose! GROSS! 

The whole flight I listened to the book of Mormon in the form of audio book and loved it! Got through 1 Nephi chapter 15! About an hour and a half give or take. I also played bejeweled the whole flight. That's probably what killed my phone battery. 

The flight was such a good flight, other than the b.o. man next to me. I got a cute little mini water bottle too! The flight attendants were all very nice and it was pressurized almost perfectly. Little turbulence but it just felt like a massage. And I only got the stomach-in-your-throat-feeling-weightless feeling once which was good! And it was while we were landing so no bid deal at all. The landing was a little thought though just because it was windy when we landed. Very wobbly, but other than that it was very smooth. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how smooth the wheels-hitting-the-ground went over. Quite possibly the best I have ever experienced. 

After I got off the plane I rushed to the bathroom of course because (duh) I am scared of airplane bathrooms! I then went to baggage claim carousel 4 to get my second bag for the trip.  On my way to baggage claim Paige surprised me and was waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator! It was so exciting to see her and realize that efy is almost freaking here!!! We grabbed my luggage and off we went to mama and gramps' house! 

On the way home we stopped by a grocery store to get dinner food and grab lunch. We thought we could get cold cut sandwiches but they didn't serve those so instead I got Bowie pasta with broccoli. It was good, but there was a little too much cheese on it and that was overpowering. Plus the broccoli wasnt cooked, that was a disappointment. 

After lunch we bought some candy in the store for the coming week and headed home. One scenic drive through the canyon and we had arrived! The canyon is so green and lush this year it is crazy! Still gorgeous as ever though and the fire station at the corner it still the nicest fire station I have seen. Ever.  

We unloaded the car and got to settling in. Well I did at least. Dragged my bags upstairs and got to relax. Paige and I went downstairs-into the basement- and played some ping pong with each other at first and then gramps and bro Sanford joined in. It was really fun and we had a top rally score of 30! We were trying to get to 50, but it just wasn't happening. Paige's dad then left to start on dinner and Paige and I were playing against gramps. You can just say that ping pong ended when we lost three games... In a row... To paiges grandpa. 

After losing we decided to quit and go upstairs to see what was going on.  We had plans to go downtown and see the temple and the Capitol and get our nails done, but there was no way that that could all get done before dinner so we thought we would just get our nails done. 

I check out some nail salons on yelp and found one that I thought would be good considering the reviews for the others sucked. My favorite part about this place was that one of the reviews starts off with: "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET THE MAN WITH THE MOLE ON HIS FACE DO YOUR NAILS." I found that quite hilarious and so did Paige. 

Sure enough when we got there the man with the facial mole was there! It was an interesting little salon. No dryers, only 5 people working and only 6 massage chairs with 3 mani tables. The service was ehh and I had to wait a good 15 minutes before being helped. 

The lady who came to help me didn't speak much English so I knew this was going to be a very interesting situation. I am extremely particular about my nails so if you are doing something I don't like or you are doing it wrong I am going to say something. I am not the type to sit back and watch you ruin my nails even further. I already have crap nail beds, I don't want to make them any worse. 

As the mani went on I kept correcting her and at one point I had to file my nail myself because she just couldn't do it right! I kept asking her to cut my nails shorter and she wouldn't because she claimed they were already short enough. Umm excuse me, I'm not the PAYING customer or anything... 

This lady was literally driving me crazy with my nails and I had just about had it and was about to say, "you know what just put the freaking polish on," when she gets up and walks away! SHE GOT UP AND WALKED AWAY... And starts working on Paige. AND THEN starts shouting in Vietnamese to her little coworkers! Oh yeah like I don't know you are talking crap about me? 

So Paige's lady comes over and is all nice and asks me what's wrong and what she can do to make it better. I was so happy she came because the other lady was sucking up swap water. The nice last told me the the first lady didn't speak much English and couldn't handle me telling her what to do... Okay let's get a job with a language I can barely speak and not have good people skills... Great idea! I have a whole newfound respect for my nail ladies in California! 

The second lady finished my nails and I was very pleased with the end result. All my complaining paid off because my nails are super cute! 

We then went back home and sat on the porch for about a half hour with sis Sanford and watched a wasp build a nest in the swing. It was quite interesting and as long as its not bugging me we are fine.

Brother Sanford cooked dinner and it was delicious. We had steak, corn, peas, carrots, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes and to drink water. It was so good. 

Following dinner we got changed an freshened up and into downtown salt lake we went! Off to the Capitol and temple square! Oh and the 7 seater bike! Yes. You read that right. 7 seater bike! 

The Capitol was so cool. Not to mention GINORMOUS! We walked around, took some pictures and had an amazing view of downtown, the temple and the great salt lake! 

Once we were done there it was off to temple square we go! Paige and I got dropped off by the visitors center and went in and went straight for the statue of Jesus. I just love that statue. It always makes me so calm and peaceful reminding me of my savior, Jesus Christ. We then went to the other visitors center and saw the mini temple and all the rooms that are in it. It was a cool learning experience for me because I got to understand the temple better. 

While walking the grounds we saw 20 sister missionaries! How crazy? By this time it is 7:30 & the sun is still high in the sky! We walked around to the reflecting pool and had some nice picture opps and then went to find our bike! 

So this six seater bike is owned by Dennis, Paige's uncle. It is so cool. It's round and everyone pedals. There is one person who steers and all the other people just pedal. It still blows my mind how this thing works. 

We took a nice work out of a ride around temple square, past the conference center and all the other church buildings and then got stuck behind a horse. That was gross. Our tour guide was a nice guy, served in Boston and wasnt too bad on the eye either. 

After the bike ride it was time to head home but not without some fro yo first right? We went to a place called TCBY standing for the country's best yogurt. Boy does it stand true to its name! I tired strawberry, white chocolate, raspberry sorbet, & peanut butter cup with Oreos and reeses peanut butter cup on top and it was mmm mmm good! 

A quick detour to the grocery store to get more food because more people were coming for dinner and we were officially home. 

When we got home I was Exhausted! It was a long day! Took a shower and hit the bed hard. I am going to rep well tonight knowing I can sleep in tomorrow! For now, good night! Sleep tight! 


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