Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week after Jamaica

Alright so I have already fallen behind on updating this blog! What can I say?
I am a teenage girl trying to have a fun summer? Sure we will go with that one.

So I get home from Jamaica and after almost a full 24 hours of traveling I am ready to face plant onto my pillow. I don't think my bed has ever looked better.

as you can tell, I wasn't about to unpack at 11:30 at night...

The next morning when I woke up at 7:35 it was weird to me for it to be overcast outside! I had gotten so used to the Jamaican weather! Made me a little sad. :(

overcast :/

Once I had gotten up and got started I did my daily organization and then made cookies for our new neighbors! 
*as for my daily organization, I am trying to become clutter-free! I am so sick of all of it! I am trying to pick one space a day and just de-clutter it! ORGANIZING QUEEEN RIGHT HERE!*

Today my organization task at hand was unpacking and keeping my room CLEAN! I would say mission accomplished! I also helped my mom unpack and did some laundry for her. I also found my JAMAICAN SAND! I got in back! WOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM!!! hahaa my sole purpose of bringing that back was for scrapbooking! 


and then I made these cookies for my new neighbors.  I am a good baker and cook, I swear, i just got a terribly bad recipe this time! These were so gross and did not turn out the way I had wanted them too. Compare them to the idea! haha oh well I will just have to redeem myself with my chocolate chip cookies! 

as you can see, not green enough and not red enough... FAIL, just FAIL. 

what they were supposed to look like: 

yeah, I WISH.

Then I went and picked up my girls who I hadn't seen in FOREVER! Rylee and Jessie! We went to work and then got Bowl of Heaven! It was DELISH! 

mm mmm mmmmm! Soo good and HEALTHY TOO!

Tuesday was swell, nice and relaxing. Just organized and worked and then WEDNESDAY! FOURTH OF JULY!!!! WOOT WOOT! Thursday was relaxing too! Just another day at work. FRIDAY: ANGELS GAME! Thank you Jose, for getting us tickets! Such a blast! And now Saturday. Lazy morning and headed to work for the afternoon! got out early because our team beasted out a MERCY! THAT's RIGHT! SMVLL 10 YEAR OLD ALL STArS ARE UH_MAY_ZING! Came home and watched Prom, from Disney and it was super cute! Ate din din with my mom and pops and then dropped Jeff off at the lake concert and went straight to blogging! be sure to check out my fourth of july and angels game posts! 



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