Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Well Over Due "Almost Summer Take 2" Post

OKAY! Phew! My life has been so crazy over the last few weeks it is nice to finally have some down time! After I posted this entry, I still had 8 days to go until it was FINALLY SUMMER! A lot happened in those 8 days! 


On a tuesday, I was walking to my car via the dirt hill and gracefully slipped and skinned up my knee super bad.  I got a nice, fat raspberry! 



Luckily I didn't have to stay for golf that day! 

Then I bleached one of my work shirts! I was assuming that putting bleach on a navy blue shirt it would turn white. Yeah, no that doesn't happen. It instead turned RED! It actually turned out pretty cool though! Here is the before pic! (I took it to work to show Velma and we cut it up and made it all fringy!) 


THEN SCHOOL WAS CANCELED DUE TO A BLACK OUT! WEEOOO! I got a 99% on my executive summary! In English the next day I laughed my butt off, bonded with Ernie the next night at work and thought my hair looked pretty NICE. 

it just happened to be Daniel's Birthday!
I brought him a bundt cake to school and hit Jersey Mike's with Ryan and Keegan!


oh Kai, what would we do without you?

he wore my sweatshirt...

and then i thought my hair looked really cool :)

What we should be doing: studying for finals
What we actually did: Drove up to Calabassas to a Golden Spoon Charity event we were told celebrities might be at.


Then we met the girl from a show called Victorious! She had a delicious boyfriend! 

my sad attempt to get a picture of him.

i am so sneaky! 
and here she is: 

She is so pretty and SO NICE!
We then just had to stop by DASH the Kardashians shop becasue what the heck! WHY NOT?! YOLO! Lets just say I didn't get anything and I won't ever be shopping there again.... $245 cotton T-shirt. Yeah, Target sells the same thing for $20. 

After that adventure, I came home and watched the Sanders Kids while Lauren went to the hospital to check on Matt.  We had some fun adventures!

*Matt was in a accident down at the baseball fields and had a really bad head injury. He was in the hospital for about two weeks and just got out on June 28th.  As far as I know he is doing better and receiving treatment for the brain injuries.*

Mia girl! 

Austin, Me, Mia!

kissy faces! 
Sunday I stopped by South to get some paper work from Danny and of course Rylee creeped hard on us! LOLZ, but I also got a super cute pic with Rylee!

Me and Rylee!

Mmm, this gurl creeps HARD

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! (aka finals week!)

MONDAY: I went to APUSH and ENGLISH for the very last time. It was bitter sweet. :( No pictures from Monday! In APUSH we literally vegged the whole time which was nice.  I got to catch up with Tiffany and talk with Cortland and Brenden.  In English we took our final. It was alright. I got a 96 on the multiple choice and I was just so over the essay so I BS'd it. ended up getting an 85 though. Not bad right?

TUESDAY: LAST DAY IN MATH. bitter sweet as well. Took the final and thought I did well but i got a 76.  Luckily I walked into that final with an 86 and walked out with an 88! DONT EVEN KNOW HOW THAT IS POSSIBLE! after school I went to disneyland with Allison, Andi and Kenzie. It was fun but not nearly as fun as what was to come the next day with Paige! I also left early from Disneyland to come back to work, because I LOVE MY JOB!

snapchat picture! L2R: Andi, Kenzie, Me, Allison

WEDNESDAY: went to Physics for the last time.  SO SAD. I loved that class! It was weird being at our table without Jacob. Since he was a senior, he had graduation prep. We (well mainly Parker) built our rocket and headed out to launch it! It was so cool! Our was the best in our class! After Physics I went home and I was offically done with Junior Year! VERY VERY VERY Bitter Sweet :/  But forget that! I WAS OFF TO DISNEYLAND WITH MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER! We raged all day and through the night (well until 9pm when we were pooped and decided to head home) there! It WAS A BLAST!

braden with the rocket on the launch pad!

cahill screwing it on, Parker ready to pump

group picture! I love how awkwardly spaced I am!
l2r: me, Josh, braden, jordan, parker

Road Trippin in to Disneyland with my driver, Paigey! 

California Screamin'!

the dog from up!

WHOA! Look at that thing in the sky!

classic castle pic!


Animation Studio!
Minnie Mouse! 

oh my gosh. the heart attacks this thing gave us!
followed us around ALL NIGHT!


And that catches me up through the end of the school year!! You can find my first day of summer post here, and all of the jamaica posts in my june section on the left hand side bar! I am going to try to post everyday, as long as I do something interesting! 


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