Monday, July 9, 2012

Wisdom teeth round 2

So as you can tell by that last post I was still clearly under the influence of anethesia. And I guess I couldn't tell what I looked like in the picture because that is one awful picture!

Here are my teeth before, the lines of red are the nerves and my teeth are right over it. Bummer. I did have some tingly-ness in my lip and chin but now it is all gone and I am 90% back to normal! Just some slight pain where they cut the teeth out from!

It was such a weird experience too. They put nitrous has over my nose and I started to get tingly. Then everything went white. I could feel them playing around with my arm and putting in the needle but I couldnt feel pain and all my vision was white so i couldn't see anything. I told myself to just relax, as soon as I wake up it's gonna be over! I relaxed, heard the heart monitor beep one last time and bam! Next thing I know I am waking up.

When I woke up I remember asking to see my teeth. You won't even believe what I said to them: "I want to put my teeth in my scrapbook! Can you find them for me?" yeah I was clearly out of it still, but I felt normal. It was weird. Then I wanted Daniel to sit on my lap? Yeah I Remember all of that.

When I got home I watched some 90210 on my computer and then the 5 hours of sleep I had last night caught up with me. I took a two hour nap and then got up to go downstairs because my room was so freaking hot.

I came downstairs and realized I wanted to change my gauze because it was choking me. When I pulled it out it hurt REALLY BAD. I tried to walk and breath it off, but I needed some pain meds! When I tried to take the ibuprofen, the water got all in the holes and started stinging like crap! It was awful!

I ended up being able to take all the pills and then went to the store with my mom. I am pretty much bound to liquids and very soft food for a couple days so I got yogurt and applesauce!

I think I have already had 3 packs of it! Haha it's just so good!

My jaw hurts a little bit but now bad enough to need heavy duty pain killers or even ibuprofen.

Allison came to see me too. I am so glad I had her today. She got hers taken out a couple months ago, so all day I was texting her with questions and my worries. She is so good to me. She answered patiently and came to visit me with more applesauce! Yummmy!

As for now I think I am going to try and eat some circle noodles 😊 bringing back the childhood! With some very finely diced chicken!

*note to self: when I can't eat anything but liquids don't go on Pinterest and look up food. It is pure torture.*

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