Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 10 of the "Utah trip!"

Day 10 of the "Utah trip!" 

Today started off early, but not nearly as early as efy! I got to sleep in but my body woke up a half hour early thinking I over slept so I just got up and lost a half hour of sleep.  In that extra half hour I managed to repackage my suitcases into two piles: what I need for the next four days and what I don't need until I get home. It was easier than I had thought. 

After my cinnamon Cheerio breakfast we headed out to olympic legacy in park city! I was super excited! As we pulled up we could see the jumps and it was insane! 

The first thing we saw after we had bought our tickets was the giant practice swimming pool right off the side of the jumps! It was the coolest thing ever. Literally a huge pool with pipes of air on the bottom and jumps were on one side of the pool. We had to chance to see some of them jump and it was so cool! They would slide down the ramp, jump off and do some awesome trick and then fall into the pool. About halfway down the ramp tho, the pool would start to blow air bubbles and make the water turn white on the surface because it was bubbling. I later learned that that was or perspective because if the jumper is in the air doin tricks and looks down into clear water they see the bottom of the pool as where they should land.  When there are bubbles you cant see the bottom and are forced to view the top of the pool where the bubbles are. 

After being entertained for 10 minutes by the pool we decided to use our bracelets we just bought and put them to good use. First, we went on the easy zip line. I was nervous at first but once on it and hooked in I was fine. The workers opened the doors and let us rip.  it was really fun! The workers back at the top had overheard our convo and were giving us the down low on all the attractions. The black guy told us that the x-treme zip line was super fun and the adventure course was crazy hard and scary because it's so high up. Let me tell you after a whole day at the park and doing everything; he was right!  Once done with the baby zip line we headed up to the extreme! Two little kids and their mom were in front of us and after them we flew down the steepest zip line in the united states! It was 10 times better than the other one! We just had to go again! 

Up the ski lift we went to go on the x-treme again and this time we get up there and there is a line of maybe 10 people and they are all in a group. 4 or 5 of them had cameras and then 3 or 4 were just groupies. I figured one of the guys was famous and so I asked one of his groupies: "is this guys famous or something?" at first he started laughing and then responded with something my dad would say "yeah, something like that."

I still glad absolutely no clue who this guy was so I asked "so who is he?" they guy told me he was Ryan soandso (forgot his last name). Still... No clue. So I respond bak "who is that?" he replied with " a famous motocross racer." okay so still no clue. The only cool part about the obnoxious group he was with and he himself was that they were from Australia! Which meant sick accents! Another thing was that they acted as if they were too good or the regular park and had to drive up to the top of the zip line instead of taking the ski lift like a normal person. 

The line started to get long for the zip line so Paige and I decided to go on the alpine slide. The first time was fun, but we got held up because of some slow children. The second time was so fun because I flew down at full speed and only had to slow down for Paige who wanted the all clear! 

After the alpine slide we walked through the museum and grabbed lunch at a little caf.e. I had a burger and even though it was charred, it was delish! Once done with lunch we headed over to the adventure camp! 

Now looking back I should have do e the adventure course and then eaten. It would have been easier on my stomach. So at the adventure course there is a two part ropes course, a 60ft drop tower and another zip line, although the zip line is the only way you can get to the drop tower. 

Paige and I started off at the lower ropes course which I thought would be easy but boy was I wrong. Paige went first and I am so glad she did because without her example first I would have never survived, I'm not joking, I would have died, literally. So the bottom course wasn't that hard until one apparatus and then it got hard ad scary. It was scary the whole time because we were 30 feet in the air with nothing beneath us except Forrest and the only thing keeping us alive was one single black rope attached to a cable system within the course. It was so scary. Also wind so each pole tower shook. I held onto the pole so much and scooted across the ropes instead of steps because I didn't want to die or fall for that matter. Once we finished the bottom Paige convinced me to go on the top level which was another 29  feet up! At first I wasn't going to go and then I thoughT, what the heck is holding me back? I ended up going... Scariest moments of my life. This one wasn't too bad because I knew I had stuff under me at most points and it didn't require a lot of leg strength. It mainly requires upper arm strength. The whole top was relatively easy except the last four apparatuses! They turned into a nightmare! Then in got windy and I was so done. I finished and still had all 10 fingers and toes and was ready to get on sturdy, stable, solid ground. 

After a quick break Paige and I headed up to the free fall tower. That was interesting. First we had to be attached to something at all times. Then we zip lined over to the platform and then jumped off. It was so bizarre. There felt like no free fall a all controlled. The second time we went I was talking to these people on front of us from Kentucky and they knew people in mission Viejo! Such a small world! 

At the point we are exhausted and decided to head home. Once home I took a shower, helped with dinner and then ate dinner. We had boneless Ribs, green  beans, corn and tomatoes. I ate everything but the tomatoes and then after we sat Round and talked and talked until it was time to go watch the olympics! 

Watched those until 1029 and the. I was exhausted so I went upstairs for bed. VEFAS TOMORROW! Who's excited? MADDYS EXCITED! Im about to pass out so until tomorrow. 

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