Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 10 of the "Utah trip!"

Day 11 of the "Utah trip!" 

Another bright and early start today! We were planning on leaving at 630 but once again my body woke up at 530 freaking out thinking that I over slept again. So at 545 I was all ready to go and still had 45 minutes until we left. I decided to go back to bed. 

At 630 we headed out on our adventure to Vegas! I was still tired so I tried to sleep and didn't realize that my head was right by the speaker. Sleeping didn't happen... About a half hour after Provo we hit up a Denny's that was conjoined to a gas station. I had pancake poppers and they were delicious. So good. I could eat them all day long. 

We kept driving and then stopped at a petting zoo that had a zebra! A ZEBRA! How cool is that? The zoo wasn't open though so all we could do we walk around and take pictures. It was still awesome though! A few more stops and a couple hours later we were in Vegas! 

We couldn't check in until 3 so we went straight to the stratosphere! I had forgot how bad the smoke smell was and it was quite toasty today. Only 113 degrees.. In the shade... 

At the top we took some pictures, watched people drop and then went on all three rides. Favorite by far was big shot, the one that launched u straight in the air. The spiny one on the side wasn't so bad, but I got dizzy and I never get dizzy! It was weird. The one that slides off the side was still by far the scariest. 

We were then done with the stratosphere for now and went to check in at the monte Carlo! I was excited for the wave pool, lazy river and air conditioned room! Once checked in the worker told us our rooms were separate but on the same floor. Our rooms were so far apart I thought the guy looked at the map upside down and picked two random rooms! 

After getting settled we went and ate lunch and had the most amazing burger with avocado and lettuce ad tomato. I got pita with humus before had too and it was seriously so good. 

Our super nice server told us the pool closed at 7 and then we checked new York new York and that closed at midnight. We chose the pool. The wave pool was so much fun. I could sit in that all day. The lazy river was by far the most fun lazy river I had ever been in. Around the turns it would whip you around and get you going so fast! So much fun! 

At 630 ish we got out and the professional towel smuggler struck again. Thats one more for y collection! Woo! Although I don't like these towels as much as the la Quinta ones! 

We showered and went to ny ny. I was excited because it was my first time and couldn't wait. I was crazy. The ride was super uneven and it hurt! On almost every twist or turn I wacked my jaw and the ride felt worse than ghost rider! 

Then we went to dinner at the same place we ate lunch. I didn't eat because I was <and still am at this moment > so full from my burger. We then headed back to the room and tried to explore level 32 and failed and so we got ready for bed and watched tv. Tomorrow is another early morning headed to the gran canyon! Until then! 


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