Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 3 of efy and day 5 of the "Utah trip!"

Today started off very early. 5:30 to be specific and then snoozed the alarm clock til 5:50. Got up, curled my hair got dressed and still had 10 minutes to morning devotional. I was on top of it. 

Devotional was given and a cool point that I got out of it was that sometimes the best way to bare our testimonies is to be a good example.

After that we went downstairs for personal scripture study and I made it through 1 Nephi! Onto 2 Nephi I go! One book down on my BoM checklist! We then headed to breakfast. We had to be escorted too... A whole 20 yards to the cannon center! Haha it was a joke. 

Once again the pact was in place and we rushed to get food and our special seats! Breakfast was good today! I had a dry cinnamon roll (okay probably shouldn't have started with that.. Ahah) a waffle, an inlet that had ham in it, fruit and applesauce and a maple and chocolate bar. (no snickering little brothers... We ran it off at game night.) the smoothies were out again too which was a bummer. We texted BYU to let them know what we thought also. Once we were done we found Kylie and our group to ask to see what time we were going to meet up. You could clearly see that see was upset that we didn't sit with the company but we didn't care because we have too much fun sitting together. 

Once we were back in the room we freshened up and went back downstairs to get the day started! I was happy I curled my hair because I got a lot of compliments which were super uplifting! 

We walked to morning side and were escorted by Devon, the balloon animal maker, but we're more interested in the conversation behind us which the tool 1 was involved in. It was quite the story of how he broke his leg climbing mt. Everest. Once in morning side brother Martin spoke and it was a powerful morning side. He mainly told stories that I couldn't really take notes on but one thing I I'd get from it was that the ultimate example of diligence is the atonement. Also he talked about obedience and said that obedience is not the same thing as righteousness.

Once morning side was over we stayed in the same room for the preach my gospel activity. It was more of a talk cause all we did was listen to brother Martin again speak on the topic of recognizing the spirit in our lives.  He then gave of 14 scriptures of how to recognize it and then told us these two things:
1. Fear and faith cannot coexist, everything is within our own control.
2. Primary answers are REAL answers! Insert sacrificing a lamb joke here. 

after that we went to the garden plaza for the share my gospel activity. Once again, not an activity just a speaker... He was alright and we got to share something about being a Mormon online during that so that was cool. 

After that we went to lunch! Woop Woop! But wait, nasty sandwiches from last year again? Mm okay nope not flying. Saw Isaac, and jake oh and Thomas! Yeah that was not do great... Where to even begin with Thomas I don't even know but it doesn't end well so I'll stop there. We went to our company spot and started to eat "lunch." I went all protein style (mom you would be proud!) and just ate the meat. And also a banana but ruined the good streak by finishing it off with a cookie. I couldn't help it. While at lunch we filmed our 'arise and shine forth' video. It was super cute. The boys said "we will arise and shine forth because we want beautiful wives" and then the girls popped out from behind them and said "and righteous husbands!" then it zoomed in on one girl and her ctr ring as she said "thanks for always choosing the right, baby!" it was so cute! Then lunch is almost over but we have enough time to go get water so Paige and I tell BOTH KYLIE AND NATHAN we are going to get water. We do just that. We walk back to our company spot and they are GONE. Left without us.  Like I said before... No one likes us Ahahahagaha. So Paige starts freakkn out and we are asking all te counselors if they have either of their numbers.. No luck. Finally we find Kylie's room mate and she helps us find where we should be. Thank goodness. We found our group and all was well. I called kylie off Nathan's phone and I should have texted myself so Paige and I would have his number. Guess we have to get separated from the group again! 

Anyway off on a tangent. Our next activity was an actual activity where we acted like missionaries teaching investigators. Paige was paired with blonde Adam and I was paired with Devon. We chose to work together because it was just easier. We talked the topic of polygamy which led to the question of "why can men e resealed to another woman if his wife dies but if a woman loses her husband she cannot be resealed?" we asked about 5 people and chad our BC finally gave us a good enough answer that we could be satisfied with. 

We got out of this class 10 minutes early so that meant 10 extra minutes of free time! Sister tubb was coming today too!! I was so excited!! We had a couple minutes to kill before she came so we went to the cannon center creamery with Kylie to load up on goodies for our pizza night party! We then went to our room and talked with Paige's friend, Jen, for an hour and it was such a good conversation. We then headed to dinner, stayed true to the pact and pigged out. Burger, yea. Chimichanga, don't mind if I do. Pasta, mmm yep. Applesauce, yes please! SMOOTHIES? HECK TO THE FREAKING YES! We finally got out smoothies! Yes yes yes yes yes! We were stoked to say the least! 

We headed back to our dorm and got a call from sister tubb and went outside to meet her! We pretty much tackled her in the parking lot and snuck her back up to our dorm. We talked about her life, called our sister missionaries in our ward so she could talk to them and acted like 12 year olds when we screamed out the window to isaac and chad and then ducked down. Haha, fun times.

Said good bye to sister tubb and off to meet our company. To our surprise Devon had made us all swords during free time and so we all got swords to fight with. It was awesome. Oh and pink pre wrap too. We were the most spirited team. It was awesome. We were escorted to the farthest possible field in the hottest humid heat but It was so much fun once we got there! 

We played four games. They were all fun but y favorite was pioneer trail. We all got in a train and walked around and then they shouted a command at us and the last person to do it was out. Our cheer or more like skit was fun, we did pick up lines-- MORMON pick up lines which didn't relate to gloriFIRES at all but it was still funny. Our banner was awesome though and we got an honorable mention! 

After games night we came back and strategized well to get shower time. We let all the crazy people shower before pizza night and meanwhile we would have cute pictures, but shower after. It was super fun, but I ate too much. We talked about the boys of course and our cows and then five til Paige and I snuck out to shower. I think I took one of the fastest showers of my life because I only had t minus 13 minutes to shower, get dressed and be ready for devotional. It was a stretch but i did it! And we were the first ones in devotional too! 

Devotionals topic was on charity and we all turned to our left and told that person what we loved the most spiritually about them. Some were bs and others were truely heart felt. It was kinda awkward when you could tell it was bs but no one said anything. A cool thing Kylie said was " you never know when you are the answer to someone's prayer." 

Then it was lights out and off To bed we go. I wrote this post in record time too! Less than 45 minutes! Woop Woop! I hope I didn't leave anything too important out. Today was awesome and I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow! Weeooooo! See you then!


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