Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 4 of efy and day 6 of the "Utah trip!"

Today was such a spiritual day!vi always love eft Thursdays! Only bad thing is walkin around in churc clothes all day and it is HOT. 

STarted off early... 6 am.. Snoozed until 615 straightened the hair and got ready and headed over to devo. It was an alright one once again and after we went down to personal study. Since we were doing a cell phone fast I didn't have my audio so I was forced to read ahaha but it was still good. Got three chapters in! 

We were then escorted to breakfast and had good food! Well the donuts at least. I tried the eggs with hashbrowns and bacon, fruit and donuts and all was good except the eggs. They were powdered eggs. NASTY. 

We did the usual routine of course sat y our selves, left early to freshen up and met them all in the lobby at 905. We were then escorted to the Wilk and the boys an girls separated into two different places. 

The girls went to the garden plaza for the "Living Christ" activity and got some sun because the garden plaza is open and it sucked. Blinded the whole time. Once we moved to the back to talk it was fine though. We had to keep readjusting ourselves so the sun wouldn't be in our eyes.

After that was done we sang church hymns all the way to morning side and it was so awesome cause we got everyone to join in and I could feel the spirit so strong. Then at the morning side bro Martin talked about how we are all princesses of a king and our deep beauty is our spiritual attractiveness. A cool thing he said too was that "everything that matters to god is in my control."  god sets my standards, not the culture around me. we also said the young women's theme and I felt the spirit so strong I couldn't even recite the theme I was so taken aback by him testifying of its truthfulness. 

After he spoke we had chicken cordon blue and it was okay. The mint brownies were delish though! At lunch we all ate as a company and talked to Nathan and Kylie most of the time. Made Kylie jealous of him and then wanted to get to the variety show early so we could get front row so that we could see Maddy and Elise perform! I guess you could say mission accomplished on the first ones there because we were an hour early! 

On our way over we were missing 6 girls and still had 10 boys so it was a nice switch to have 2 boys to one girl instead of 2 girls to one boy. Paige and I still stuck to the 2 girls to one guy. It then turned into a quad and then Paige didn't want to be escorted so we all just walked. On the 10 minute walk to the stake center we got to know Tyler better which was super cool because he has been shy all week and I felt like we needed to make him feel included. All while we waited to get into the skate center, as well, we talked to him. 

We weren't allowed to wait in the stake center but we could go in get water an come out and that's exactly what we did. We then played never have I ever and peppered Kylie with questions. When it was time to go into the variety show we were told wrong by some crazy person to go in when it wasn't time so they pretty much had to put us in a 'holding tank' 

We got the front row. It was so sick. Dance party before the show and the show was so much better than last years. More variety, and cooler stuff! I wish we would have sat next to nicer people because the guys were snickering and making rude comments under their breaths during the whole thing. When Maddy and Elise went on we all went crazy. They did this super cool dance with words stuck onto them and they flashed the words at us in sync with the song. It was so cool. At the end three boys jumped up onto the stage and attacked them. It was super cute. 

Now free time! We didn't know why to do with ourselves. We weren't tired anymore and not quite hungry yet. Headed back to the dorms the long way we passed a ton of people and then chilled in our 55 degree room until it was 5.. About dinner time. Dinner was so good and I had pasta with steak, nacho bake and fruit. Oh and a smoothie too. Sat by ourselves of course. I also noticed some kids from our stake who had just graduated and I couldn't believe they were already at BYU. Summer session is crazy. I don't know if I would be able to handle the efy kids either. Once done with dinner we did the same routine, come back, freshen up, meet up with them. 

At this point I am so sore from games night and hiking up to floor three 5 times a day I don't even want to look at the stairs anymore. But we did anyway and found a second floor lounge about the bottom floor lobby. It had windows overlooking the lobby and some of the boys saw us. Also tried to check out the basement. It was locked though. 

After din din we all met up to go to the music program. Once again a 10 minute walk to the stake center with escorts in 95 degree weather but what was nice about this time was that we all agreed to walk in silence and be reverent. I loved it. Once at the stake center we listened to the beautiful musical program and it was inspiring. After bro Martin gave another amazing fireside. He spoke on the pure love of Christ and the most profound thing he said was "is it really that difficult to live our standards and do what is right when we know that Christ died for us so that we can live with our heavenly father again?"   We all sang as I have loved you and that was touching. 

After we had testimony meeting with two other companies and it was so powerful and moving. I am do glad I bore my testimony, but it was not easy and it took courage because I hate public speaking. 

Then we were escorted back by josh who starts the conversation with "do do you have any secret boyfriends back home?" yeah pretty much ended there and we talked to Nathan and ditched Josh. Harsh, but who says that? Once we got back to our
Dorm I took a quick shower and then came outside of the bathroom to a little girl pow wow. It was nice bonding with all the girls, well minus 4 but whatevs. So we all go to devotional, it was good... And since I just out my notebook down I'm my going to quote from it because I am too tired to pick my book back up. A cool thing I remember Kylie saying was 'be careful how you treat vdog's (virtuous daughters of god) because god counts all their tears.' stuck with me. 

Devo ran late so the girls took over and pushed back light out. Then somehow ended up all at Maddy and Elise's room and wanted to stay up and talk but Kylie was totally not down for it until we begged and pleaded and convinced her otherwise. It was so fun. We all crashed in Maddy ad Elise's room, called Nathan, stole Kylie's phone to talk to Nathan and then wouldn't let her get the pohne back. Genius plan until she got pissed and sent us to our rooms. But all that matters Is that we talked to Nathan right? Haha so now it is 11:45 and I am going to be exhausted tomorrow so until then! 

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