Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 9 of the "Utah trip"

Day 9 of the "Utah trip" 

Today we had planned on skipping church and going to music and the spoken word instead. I love music and the spoken word so I was so excited! 

We drove into temple square, got an awesome parking spot and then headed in. On our way in sis Sanford ran into her brother and so we got to sit with him. The whole performance was amazing, obviously, and my favorite song was the 'spiritual' and the 'god be with you til we meet again.' 

After ergot pictures and then headed to the roof! It was so amazing up there! I had a perfect view of the temple and the whole room has stream and plants and it is just gorgeous. Randy, one of Paige's uncles was telling us interesting facts and one of them was that all the plants on the east side of the roof were native to the east Utah valley and the plants on the west of the roof were native to the west side of the Utah valley. Also the fountain that starts off small at the top and widens as it gets to the bottom represents the gospel being spread all over the earth. It was really cool. 

Once we were done at the conference center we walked through temple square and I got some awesome pictures. We were then off to the great salt lake! I was really excited because I had never been there before. We drove to antelope island and I didnt even realize we were on an island until we were halfway done with our adventure. While on the island we saw a ton of bison and antelope! It was so cool! The bison were HUGE! We stopped to get pictures and then headed home. 

On the way home we realized we needed more food and we would have to break the sabbath and go to the store.  mama said she would go in but sis Sanford would have to go with her. Under her breath she then says 'if I'm going down you're going down with me.' it was hilarious. 

Once home we made breakfast for dinner and it was so good. We then had a couple hours to kill before we went over to Larry's house for a birthday celebration. We got a performance from Dennis on the drums and it blew me away.  He was so good and once I tried to do the same thing I realized it is do much harder than it looks. You have to be so coordinated. 

We then headed to Larry's in draper, Utah and on the way hit about 3 minutes of rain and then it was just windy and lightning and thunder. Larry's family was super nice and one of his daughters had made an amazing chocolate cake. I ate too much of it. It was just too good. The hole family was hilarious too. We ended up watching family home videos and they were all hilarious. After that we decided to head home but not without seeing the 'hotel house' first. 

Larry had described it was being ginormous and I didn't know whether to believe him or not. We had to drive up past the draper temple to get to the house and as we got closer and closer to the temple the houses got bigger and bigger. The draper temple was gorgeous too. That might jut be where I have to get married because it is seriously drop dead gorgeous. And it over looks the salt lake valley and has such a jaw dropping view. The house we were searching for we found and it made the stars house look like a child's toy. It was freaking huge! Hotel status times 123456038262. I can't even describe how ginormous it was. 

We then headed home and I was exhausted so I went straight to bed. Today we are off to the Olympic park! I'll be back later! 


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