Friday, August 3, 2012

Too lazy to copy and paste day 5 of efy

The final day of efy and day 7 of the "Utah trip!" 

Today I knew was going to be a fun day, but most definitely by as fun as the other days just because I was so tired and it was the last day so we had to make it count. 

It started off with a devotional from Elizabeth and then we went down to personal study. I really love getting into the habit of reading my scriptures for 30 minutes each day instead of just a couple chapters and then I'm good. It also helped me get back into the habit of ready my scriptures in the summer. That has been a challenge for me. 

After, we were escorted by adam to breakfast and today we broke the pact and sat with our company at breakfast. It was nice, and we talked a lot to Nathan but mainly to the other girls about the stuff that had been going on last night. At one point Nathan took Paige's phone and started reading her texts. The first one he looked at was mine and asked "why are you sending pictures of me to Maddy?" funniest. Moment. Yet. It couldn't have gotten any better because I had sent that picture to Paige and the message attached to it was "this ones for you..."  he wouldn't give the phone back and kept reading messages but I eventually took it from Nathan and we headed out to do our daily routine freshen up. 

We met again in the lobby to talk about our goals that we had set at the beginning of the week and how we were going to take efy home with us. It was really cool to see that by writing something down it becomes something that you have to do and achieve. It is just a thought until you write it down. 

We were then escorted to the Wilk for a morningside/ fsoy intro by bro martin and once again it was amazing. He has such a way of connecting to the youth and knowing how to reach out to us. It was a very inspiring meeting. 

We then broke up into different standard rooms. We traveled as a company and wanted to go see Kylie, but we're forced into music & dance and tithing. The tithing part was cool because the counselor teaching it came up with this equation: 90% income + 10% tithing > 100% income. Once done there we got into Kylie's class and heard from her. After we went to sexual purity and language. The counselor for sexual purity was really good at what she was teaching and even gave us a catch phrase! "sex isn't a no-no it's a wait wait!" 

When we were done with the fsoy activities we went to lunch and it was gross. It was a wrap with cold cuts and lettuce and other bits of stuff rolled up and then rice crispy treats and a fruit bowl. The fruit was so delish and the ice crispy treats were yummy but that wrap, man it was nasty. At lunch we took advantage of the open book policy and peppered Nathan and Kylie with questions. Mainly about there dating lives and their ex's. We then kicked Kylie out of our lunch spot because Nathan needed to talk to just the kids about his evil little plan. His plan was to get Kylie soaked so she could could cross it off her efy bucket list. And we did just that. Nathan found a trash can and filled it up with I've water. He then distracted Kylie while the whole company ran over and dumped it on her! Paige got the best picture ever of the whole scene. 

But anyway that was after the 'service project.' after lunch we went back into the Wilk and had a service project for ourselves. We had four rotations and they all did something to teach us of how to share the gospel. We got cool stuff that we can hand out to our friends and it finally hit me who I needed to invite into the gospel and who i think needs it the most right now. It's cool to me to have the tools and trinkets now to share the gospel with her completely. 

Immediately after the service project we booked it out of there as a company and headed to where Nathan had hid the trash can. We got there and it took four of the strongest guys to lift it and dump it on Kylie.  We waited around the corner and then all the sudden bam! Here we come Kylie! No escaping us now! In the picture Paige has it shows Nathan pushing kylie into the water as the boys just keep it coming.  It was so great cause she didn't even have time to get her backpack off and her phone was okay!  It was now free time! 

I had planned on going back I my room and packing and watching the BC basketball competition from our window but instead we stayed with the group and played pool. First though Elise, Elijah and navy all raced and to my surprise Elijah won the race! I was totally expecting Elise to win! Anyway we went down to te bottom level of the cannon center and attempted to play pool while Nathan anihalated us. <sound it out, I dont know how to spell> after that we headed back to the room because we lost, we still had to pack and eat dinner all before the dance! I chose to rest instead of pack and then at dinner we saw more people from our stake who are already at BYU. Craziness. For dinner we tried chicken nuggets with fries and sweet and sour chicken. The sweet and sour was amazing and the handmade nuggets were the best I had ever tasted. We also got some smoothies!!! The one I got tasted exactly like Costco! Mmm :) after dinner I came back to clean my holes Manily, and then it was time for company pics and such. We headed down and met them and all got our group and individual pictures. They are all super adorbs! Then it was time for the dance!

Adam, the dark skinned one, escorted both Paige and me to the dance and was super chill. He also helped us avoid josh, te super clingy kid with the secret girlfriend back home. Also Adam is easy to talk to and is interesting. Once we got to the dance we lived it up! Since the dance was shorter I had tons of fun going crazy and letting loose. Nathan had the genius idea to go up into the building above the courtyard we were in and take a picture of our company. One of the coolest pictures of our company. We saw Isaac for one last time at the dance, for a picture of course and also saw brother jake And got a picture with him. The dance was super fun just some people didn't get the message that we were trying to avoid them. At the end of the dance we were escorted to the Wilk to watch our slideshow and video messages. Adam escorted us again and Nathan completely ignored or didn't hear us the whole way there. Well go with didn't hear us. 

The slideshow was super cute and Paige and I were in one picture! Woop Woop! Then the video messages came on and ours was definitely the cutest! We are just so presh. Then as a youth we all sand the theme arise and as a company all out our arms around each other and swayed. I could feel the spirit so strong testifying to me that this is the true church and what we are doing an what we have been taught in the past week is true. 

After that we headed to company devotional. Eric escorted us-well more like we waited by him to escort is so josh wouldn't escort is.  It was so funny because he kept running off and jumping on and over things and pretty much doing parkour. It's not like we were encouraging him or anything..... Once at the spot we were combined for like five minutes and then we split guys and girls. Nathan taught us girls about cows and serenaded us in English and Portuguese. We then proceeded to ask him questions about his love life and he ended with saying:,"don't ever date a guy who doesn't respect you. It he truly respects you he will want you to keep th highest standards. Aftert ee came back ovthe dorms and I got ready for bed. We had planned an all night et but somehow I don't think that is going to work since i am nodding off every do often. Alright enough for me today. Good night. 


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