Friday, October 12, 2012

Today I became a statistic

Today I got rear ended before school. It was such a bummer!  SO, here's what happened.
I was driving up the hill and BAM! haha no, there was a lot more.  It was a three car accident.  This girl was reaching down to grab her junior lot pass and didn't realize that the cars on the hill were slowing down.  She slammed full speed ahead into a guy who had no where to go and went straight into the back of jadeparker.
Jeffrey saw it coming too which was weird.  and of course it happened on the day that I was driving 4 kids in the car! Any other day it would have been just Jeffrey and Me! I couldn't help but laugh though when I got hit.  My car is pretty high tech and I would have assumed that it would tell me "you've been hit" or at least something in that manner, but itstead it just dings and tells me "trunk open!" HAHA I just had to laugh. 
But when it was all said and done, I was only a half hour late to math and fine the rest of the weekend. Just a little bit sore... but that's too be expected of a car accident. 
Well, teenage driving 101 right? I hope to get jadeparker back soon!

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"Today I became a statistic. Jadeparker's and my first accident :( "

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