Monday, December 10, 2012

Chaos is ALMOST over...


It has been a while since I have been on here! I know I post some things here and there from my phone, but it has been too long! Here is a list of all the crazy things that have been going on!

1. COLLEGE APPLICATIONS (glad to report, they are all DONE and SENT IN! Waiting to hear back!)
2. The Holidays and all the fun that comes with that.
3. Finishing Personal Progress! (I am happy to say I finished on Sunday!)
4. Passing off all my scripture masteries for seminary (as of 10 Dec 2012 I have 4 more! A record!)
5. Finishing the New Testament (also for seminary)
6. Organizing activities for the YW and Laurel class and doing all my secretarial duties!

It has been a CRAZY few months!

I just wanted to write about it because today I had the most amazing experience.  I was able to attend Brenden G's Baptism and it touched my heart so much.  I so needed to be thee to hear the wonderful speakers and to see him commit himself to the Lord.  I know he is only going to go so far from here on out and he is so ready.  Before he was baptized, there were two speakers, Brother Alex Wither (I Think) and Brother Griener.

Brother Alex W spoke about how Heavenly Father loves us and WHY he loves us.  It was remarkable the things of which he spoke.  I was impressed that he had absolutely no notes and spoke with such eloquence.

Brother Griener, who teaches institute, spoke on the 10 reasons he joined the church.  I can not even begin to describe how blown away I was by how he spoke.  He was just amazing.  The spirit testified to me that the church IS true when he spoke.  I was just intrigued at the way he spoke and what he spoke of.  Some of my favorite points he made were A) we are the only church with the name "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. and B) We Have the Priesthood, oh and C) Temples, but most importantly D) Living Prophets, but the best E) the youth. He asked Aliza A, Mikayala W, Hannah S and I to come up and recite the YW theme and it was so powerful.  He knew SO much about everything he spoke about it blew me away.  He would quote scripture like he was reading it with no notes and knew quotes from prophets and apostles as if he were standing with them conversing.  I am just speechless.

I knew that I needed to be there tonight for a reason and I knew that I needed to support Brenden.  He has so much potential and I know he is going to grow so much in the church.  His Baptism is only the beginning and I have such high hopes for him.

And as for tomorrow, another crazy day.  I am privileged to start my day off at 5:30 in Sister Farrell's seminary class and then off to school.  I have a government test and then anatomy class (which should be interesting).  After School I have 30 minutes to squeeze in scripture reading and swap cars with my mom and then golf practice! Then I am headed down to carlsbad to go to the Missionary transfer meeting and then rushing back home to make it in time for the youth-senior dinner I have been planning with the laurel presidency and all the other Youth presidencies.  Ahhh, What the teenage years are like.  I can't wait for my two weeks off.  It will be a well needed rest.  And now I must sleep, so that I can function tomorrow.