Saturday, June 8, 2013

Senior Pictures!

I finally got my senior pictures back! I am absolutely in LOVE with them!! Thank you SO MUCH Wendy! They are the most amazing, stunning pictures I have even taken! Hair & Makeup by the talented Andrea Mendenhall!





Graduation Shenanigans!

So as the year comes to a close, I have completed 2,340 days of school, aka perfect attendance since kindergarten.  Graduation is on Tuesday, June 11th, but the fun has already started.  My last day of school was yesterday, friday and this weekend is filled with parties, church, and more parties. OH and Seminary Graduation! How could I forget! Monday, some seniors are going bowling and then Tuesday is the big day!

Now, for all these grad parties I needed gifts for! I am kinda a last minute person on gifts.. and so as I was thinking of this a few hours before my first party and pinteresting it, I had a brilliant idea! I saw this on pinterest and then my ideas sparked from there!

Yeah, yeah, you're probably thinking what the heck can inspire you from this? well, the actual thing I saw (which I couldn't find when returning to search for it) was a sand bucket filled with California stuff with "Class of 2013" written on it.  My little mind came up with the genius idea, and off to Target mom and I went!

So this is what I got:
Bottle Opener
Luggage Tag
Note Pad
PIcture Frame
Mini Tissue Pack
Pocket Knife
Energy Drink
Air Freshener
Lip Balm
White Board Marker
Small trash can

(I got most of this stuff in the dollar section! :))

then I added tags explaining why I chose each Item and how it should be used.

Packed it all in the trash can! Creative packaging!


because dorm rooms never come with trash cans :)

and here are all the explanations! 

For when you are annoyed with your room mates.. stress reliever

lip balm:
When your lips are wind chapped in the cold Idaho air.

Tissue Pack:
To wipe away the homesick tears.

picture frame:
A reminder of those you left behind...

note pad:
Because you get busy and forget sometimes!

Tide to go:
When you spill on your pants and don’t know how to do laundry yet.

So you’re not the smelly room mate.

white board marker:
To write positive things on the mirror.

nail polish:
To be sassy.

air freshener:
For when your room smells, bad.  

pocket knife:
Just in case. You never know.
luggage tag:
So you’re luggage won’t get lost on the way.

To record all the amazing new memories.

For when you’re too lazy too cook.

For those chance encounters with Mr. Right...

trash can:
Because dorm rooms never come with trash cans.

energy drink:
For that last minute, late night cram sesh.

Stay Clean! 

and so there you go! Coming from a HS grad, I would love to get this gift! It is unique and creative! Enjoy!