Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 inches!

Today was the day. I did it, FINALLY. I chopped off the red tips- the gross/fried/dead-as-dead-can-be tips of my hair... well I guess I can't really say tips because 6 inches is MORE than tips.  It was so liberating though. My hair is so healthy now and my natural curl is ridiculous! I absolutely LOVE IT. My new hair dresser was shocked when I told her to cut off all of the red. HAHA- red tips not shave my head. She styled it just right too. I have longer layers and my face is 'framed'. I could literally go on and on about jow much I love it, but I am going to stop here. HAHA. Save you all the nightmare. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

I AM FINALLY 18! Happy Birthday to ME! :)

Today was one of the best days. I woke up to my crazy friends asking for my pillow... haha it was an unused girls camp prank that was used on me.  They woke me up at 7am, sang to me and then kidnapped me and took me to Denny's.  Although.. There were some slip ups and I put two and two together so I sneakily woke up at 6:30, brushed my teeth and put a bra and pants on and then went back to bed. HAHA. I loved them so much for thinking of me on my special day! 

THEN, I went home and got ready just in time to go up and say my final goodbye and good luck to Allison.  It is so crazy.  For the past 14 years we have only ever been apart for 3 months.  It was not easy to say goodbye.  After some pictures and hugs, she got into the can and I drove off.  I was strong though and didn't cry. . . in front of her.  The second I got in my car I started sobbing.  Lowest point of my day.  It's always rough when you have to say good bye to someone.  Just don't let it be on your birthday... Once I got home, I looked through a ton of old pictures to see if I could find a cute and funny one of us.  I did, and I also found one of Kevin... FLipping HILARIOUS.  He was such a chubster! 
 can you tell, she had already been crying and I am trying to hold it in?

literally died laughing so hard when I found this...

since 1st grade!

So, after that dramatic goodbye, my cousins came over and cheered me up! They honestly can always make me laugh and smile! I love them to death! We ended up hanging out for most of the day! We made chocolate mini cakes and then hung out with the missionaries at the stake center! That was a blast! Our sisters invited us to come and play games at their zone activity.  We played chair soccer, scatter ball and volleyball.  All super fun games and leaving dailee and damon wanting to hang out there more! 
working on our mini cakes

tada! Thank you Pinterest!

my cuties!

they sang to me and ALL! :)

After playing at the stake center I dropped them off and then came home to what I thought was 3 hours of time to relax and get ready for the Mission Viejo City Counsil Meeting.  So I lounged and as I was about to start getting ready, (5;45) for the 7 o'clock meeting my mom walks in and was like "are you ready to go" I assure you I freaked out and was very curious as to what she was talking about. Turns out the meeting was actually at 6 o'clock.  I WAS SCREWED. Threw my hair up in a ponytail, quickly attempted to curl it.  Threw some clothes on and jumped in the car at 5:55.. I was not going to make it on time.  We managed to get there in 6 minutes though! Perfect timing. I received my award for perfect attendance and it was much better than the presentation at the district.  AND the city meeting after wasn't too boring! My mom and I decided to stay for a while to hear what they had to say. We did get a little bored though.. Snapchat was a boredom fighter though. 

After we popped on over to CPK because I was starving, but I made sure to save room for the most delicious pie I have ever tasted made by the lovely Mrs. Chun.  I was most excited for this pie!! 

I mean look at this. PURE PERFECTION
stoked on life to eat this puppy!
AND THE BEST PART about this pie is that NO ONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY LIKES IT.  SO I get to eat the entire thing! YES.  It lasted me a week.  I need this recipe, although that could get bad because I would make it a lot.  THANK YOU MRS. CHUN!

Thank you to everyone who made this day amazing! I love you all!!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Temple Friday!

Oh my gosh. The temple yesterday was seriously amazing. I always LOVE going to the temple, but today I had over 200 family names to be printed! I could not have been any happier! Nothing brings me greater joy than giving those who got me here the gospel! I love the feelings I get in the temple and can not wait to be married here one day!

My grandma > your grandma!

Grandma nancy knows just how to make me super happy! Send me a package! I love getting mail and a package is always better!! Love you so much grandma! Thank you thank you thank you for the adorable picture (and money)! It is already hanging up in my room!

LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! (Oops I guess I let everyone in on our little saying)


San Diego!! Mutual August 13th

The San Diego trip was literally one of the best days. The spirit was so strong and I loved being there with all of my young women!! The ride down was super easy, and surprisingly quiet.  There was no traffic and the conversation was kept to a minimum, which was nice for a change! 
Kate, Linds, Krista, Brooke, Me

we made it to the temple! 

When we got to the temple, Sister Christensen  had arranged for a member of the temple presidency to come out and talk to us! It was such an amazing experience.  As we sat there on the temple grounds, the 1st counselor and his wife talked to us about the importance of temple work and why we have temples.  They talked a lot about marriage and temple work. I don't remeber much of what they said, I just remember the spirit being SO strong! After, we all walked around and took pictures! (I wouldn't let a trip go by without any pictures!)

Sierra S, Paige B, Me, Savana S

ok brohter farrell... get out of our picture! 

Loren D, Kate M, Jessie E, Kate C, Me
the girls

me :)

Kate and me, what a great angle

I love to see the temple! 

Me, Kate and Raquel! 

"the paige" as we call the arms picture

my favorite picture from the day

driving shenannigans

a man from the mormon battalion 
We went to a park for dinner and then headed over to the mormon battalion!

Kate M, Jessie E, Loren D, Me, Kate C, Lindsay E

Ashley S and me! 
The mormon battalion was a great experience, once again! I love going down there! We also explored old town, which was really fun.  THe battalion had a whole new meaning this time around.  A different spirit.  I don't know what made it so different but I just remember sitting in the room watching the families are together forever video, with all of my young women feeling so great.  I was so happy and calm. It was an over all amazingly spiritual day! I loved it and would do it all over again! Hopefully I will be going down to the San Diego temple to do baptisms with all of my girls soon! 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FHE at the Mall!

FHE this week was so fun! We went to the MV mall for a scavenger hunt! On the list were things like this: 

Scott S... yes this was an item on the list.. he was cornered into the glass elevator
build a pyramid...
and... the best for last, creep on someone. 

The creeper one, by far, had to be the funniest one.  This guy looked up right as Alex took the picture and then no less than 5 minutes later, a girl in our group went up and grabbed his hand.  This guy was so creeped out. It was the funniest part of the whole night!!

After the scavenger hunt we all went to Farrell's where the bishop so graciously bought of ice cream! It was so fun to just sit and talk to everyone! I am starting to LOVE this ward! 


Today, we lose one from the lunch crew.

Today, Danielle is off to University of Idaho! We had a great last lunch at nordstrom's cafe of course and discussed her future college life! Wishing her the best of luck! We may see you on our roadtrip!! :)

Happy 18th Brooke!!!

The first of our Laurels to turn 18, BROOKE T!! 8 days older than me, but a grade younger! We love Brooke! She had a surprise party thrown for her as she was coming home from a week at EFY. (P.s. if any one ever throws me a party after being gone for a week, it will NOT go over well!) She handled it like a trooper though!! 

we really liked the mustache straws! 

I was really obsessed with my red tips

 here are some candid laughing pictures:)

They had a caricature artist come and so we all decided to get in one! It was a great idea! Then we had to reenact it of course!! 
"The Favorites" because we are. Enough said.

our mustache straws. 

"make an ugly face"
It was so fun! Had a blast and HAPPY 18th Brookie!!!