Friday, September 20, 2013

Waiting for.... College.

     The other day my dad walks into the house to me practicing piano. Nothing out of the ordinary except that he walks over and asks me: "so now that your brothers are in school, what are you doing with your life?" I was kind of taken aback. The obvious answer of course is "waiting to go to college, DUH. I'm on the winter-spring track don't you remember this?" But I sat there and thought about it for a minute. What am I doing?
     Well I am babysitting like no other. I am going to singles ward (which is 5 days a week and so much fun) and trying to just get ready for the idaho cold. I am attending as many institute classes as possible. I am trying to get a routine back in order and also trying not to forget about the friends that I still have here.  It doesn't seem like a lot but I swear it's like the entire stake and then some know I am home and not working for the semester so they all are calling me to babysit and overnight nanny and just everything! It's nice though because I need money and I also don't want to be sitting on my butt at home.  Singles ward is legitimately AWESOME. We always have FHE on mondays and it is a blast. We usually never end FHE when it is supposed too. A group always gets together and we are out all hours of the night. I have gotten to know the street sweepers route because I am coming home so late every night... Institute is Monday-Thursday and is the best ting ever. It has taught me SO much already and I have only gone to a few classes! Same thing with that, no one ever goes home after it's doe, we always go out and do something after. Again, I come home with the street sweeper. And when I am not at the singles ward or babysitting I have taken up shopping as a new hobby. WARNING: This is a BAD hobby. I am spending all the money I earn and it is just not healthy. I have this bad notion that I need a zillion clothes for college! I am on a sweater frenzy. I need to start finding regular shirts and PANTS. I have ZERO PANTS for school. I can't let my poor leggies freeze! I also need scares.. you see my logic.. I need need need. This is NOT good! I am going to have way too much stuff, but I would rather be warm than freezing! And lastly, keeping up with my friends who are still here, wether at saddleback or still in school, I have been lacking at this one. I have just been busier with shopping and babysitting and getting a routine.  I should work on it more, but I feel like I don't have enough time, yet I have all the time in the world.
    All I know is that the next couple of months are going to be crazy, fun, spontaneous, amazing, life changing. It is going to be one heck of an adventure staying here for the fall. I can't wait to get up to BYUI though! I. CAN'T. WAIT.


Happy 18th Birthday PAIGE!

Paige's birthday celebrations began at 9 o'clock at the beach, of course, her favorite place! We ended up at west beach in Laguna and it was BEAUTIFUL. We were practically the only ones on the beach too! It was going to be a good day! 
the water alone. BLEW MY MIND.

taken on the disposable camera

my favorites! Paige, Kate and me!

got hit by a huge wave
shocked I was able to capture this on the disposable! 

Carissa makes the best faces right after Kate.

the group!
L2R: Melinda D, Paige, Me, Kate, Carissa, Lindsay
my view for most of the day!
UNDER the umbrella! 

this isn't so bad! 

I made it through the day! 

We went home and got ready for our dinner reservations at Benihanas.
ready! Loving shorter hair, NATURAL CURLS ^

a glimpse at the pictures we took! So cute! 

 doing what we do best. IT WAS SO HOT. we were all in tshirts and shorts and sweating our BUTTS off. it was 87 degrees and it was 12am!

the aftermath... and I am still recovering from it, to this day, the 20th of September... 
It was so fun to celebrate Paige's 18th! 


The Last YW Temple Trip.

This day was amazing. I could not have asked for anything better. I was able to attend the temple to do baptism and MY MOM CAME WITH. It was so sweet to have my mom be in the temple with me performing the saving ordinances for those who have already passed. It was so special. It was also the 8th anniversary of the Newport Beach Temple being dedicated. That extra little detail made it that much more special.
Me and Mommy

The rest are the all of our wonderful Laurels. This group is downright amazing. We are all so unique and alike, yet we all get along and work with each other SO well. I can't begin to describe HOW amazing and inspiring each one of these girls are. Thank you for being the best friends I have ever had!

L2R: Lindsay E, Brooke T, Paige s, Sister C, Kate C, Me, Noel S, Krista T
I loved Young Women's so much and it is going to be hard to leave them, but I know that the Saddleback YSA ward is the place for me now. I am forever grateful for all of my wonderful leaders that taught me so much and helped me grow. I will never forget you.  This girl is growing up and will soon be off to college. New doors have been opened and are awaiting me. I can't wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me! 


*200th Post :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Last Weekend/Week of August!

This week was crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy busy. Just crazy. I am loving it though. It gives me something to distract myself knowing all of my friends are off at college! 

As a family we ventured to the Ontario Mills Mall. IT IS HUGE. Its actually an outlet mall, WHICH MAKES IT THAT MUCH BETTER. I loved it there. I found 3 coats for Idaho and uhm well like 15 sweaters... My mom has now put an end to my sweater shopping on her card.. haha good thing I am babysitting a LOT. I have this notion in my head that I need 10x more clothes for college than I have ever had for High School... SO FAR, I am keeping up with the notion but I am worried about space and my bank account might not like the idea of money out the window. ANYWAY, back to ontario mills: 
we like to snapchat... 

New Coats! :) I am so excited it is going to be cold! :))

in forever 21.. I got weird looks for having 2 bags.

after a day full of shopping.


Sunday's are always fun and a little crazy too. I always manage to take some crazy selfie as well.

I love getting letters from Missionaries!! <3

the pie Mrs. Chun made me.

first sunday at the singles ward.
Have to look presentable. ;)
AND OF COURSE, I must write my friends who have left me for college.. and I make my own stationary! haha.

and this makes me really sad! :(

ON monday the 26th, Paige B and I ventured to SIX FLAGS. It was such a blast with her. She has such a sweet spirit and is so kind. I had so much fun. Thank you for letting me use your free ticket! 

the awkward shadowing... 

I hung out with my cousins and we swam and baked cookies. I love them. They need to stop growing up! Stay innocent and precious my babies!