Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!

Ok, it is official.  I am in LOVE with Uath! It is glorious here! It snowed the majority of the day yesterday and all night! We got 8 inches! It is a winter wonderland out here now! Uncle Jared and I woke up early again to go on the morning hike the resort offers.  We had the same guide as yesterday, Adam, and today we were supposed to snowshoe, but we didn't get enough snow. :( I was bummed, but the 'hike' was still good. The 'hike' consisted of us going up a fire road 3 miles..it was a gorgeous view! I was lucky enough to have tire tracks to walk in because I only brought running shoes with me.  It would have been a nightmare to walk in 8 inches of snow in just my running shoes! I would
have frozen and not been able to walk the entire way!
the view from the hike, and the glorious tire tracks. 

the sun started to pop out!

"Walking in a winter wonderland" Oh my gosh I love this place.

I freaking love the snow.

but really how gorgeous is this?

the snow from 1 day.. (we got more the next night)
can you tell by all of the pictures outside I love the snow?

more for the view

I sent postcards!

can you tell which car is ours? yeah the only one with snow...

better get used to it... scraping Ice and snow

this canyon is GORGEOUS.
I started with building a snowman! We decided to ditch the morning hike because they were just repeating yesterdays hike, and we weren't guaranteed tire tracks today.  Instead I did this:

And I tried to make a snowman, but the Utah snow is super dry so it didn't work out too well.. it was my best attempt.

it started to snow again, so I took another picture op. 

chef Jerry making some really good eggs
more snow!

the mountains look gorgeous!

watching the snow

my moms snapchats > your moms snapchats
talking about a certain bachelor in our family


Monday, October 28, 2013

I love Utah!

Goodbye California, Hello Utah! 

In n out pit stop! 

car ride selfies, becauseI get bored and I love selfies! 
on the road to St. George. Through Littlefield
St. George Red Rock! 

Today's (26 October 2013) drive wasn't too bad.  I had planned on reading a lot but my grandma ended up talking my ear off.  I still got some good reading in though! We stopped at in n out for lunch and then continued on our way! The California Desert is really boring.  I couldn't wait to get into the prettier parts of the drive! (St. George to SLC)

We FINALLY got into Snowbird around 9:30 and I was so happy to see a bed and just be able to lay down! I was also stoked that it was cold! right around 34 degrees!
 I did some research on where to find the closest singles ward and then stayed up until 2am because I couldn't sleep. :( Oh & mom- they only have big forks here.  That is a relief.
I can only eat with 'big' forks... don't ask 

I woke up on sunday around 11:30 and I realized I had missed both the family wards uncle Jared had suggested.. they were a little close to the resort. Oops.  I had planned on going to the singles ward anyway so it worked out perfectly.  It was such a beautiful day! A crisp 50 degrees and sunny! Uncle Jared and I went down canyon together because he had to do some grocery shopping while I was at church.  It worked out perfectly, I was able to attend the entire block and he was able to go to REI and check out the hiking maps and go grocery shopping.
happy camper that its sunny!

Church was awesome! Sacrament meeting was all about hastening the work and both speakers were great.  After, I went to find the gospel principles class and I was super confused. I asked like 10 different people and finally I asked a girl named Rachel who found the gospel principles teacher and I was set.  The class was different than the class I teach.  first, there were only 13 students as opposed too the 35 in my class.  There wasn't as much discussion and the teacher (RJ) handed out packets in addition to the lesson in the book.  It was still a great lesson, just a little different.  The lesson was on eternal marriage and at one point it got a little iffy because one of the new members brought up same sex marriage and she was like "this world is a tough place, we should cling to whoever we can, even if it is someone of our same gender."  I added to her comment that it is important to realize that the family is central to God's plan and we need to be married to give bodies to Heaven;y Father's spirit children.  She still struggled with the idea of not supporting gay marriage... During third hour we were all combined the cultural hall for a family history lesson and I had no idea where to sit, but Rachel, from earlier saw me and motioned for me to sit next to her.  I was so grateful for that gesture.  After the block I went to wait for Uncle Jared to pick me up.  He got turned around so I waited for 15 minutes and while I waited I took some lovely pictures... haha always have to take pictures!

the gorgeous building with lovely touches of fall trees! 

the view from the building.  freaking mansions and colorful trees! 

i can't resist a good selfie.. 

I came home to this view, and then blogged the rest of the night.  Tomorrow I am waking up early for a hike! I am so excited!
the view from the balcony

the gorgeous sunset

catching up on my blogging... blogging about rexburg. 

MONDAY: October 28, 2013

GOOD MORNING! I woke up and got ready for my morning hike with uncle jared and our guide.  We were the only ones on the hike and we hiked to this cute little water shed about a mile into the mountains. It was a relatively easy hike and very pretty.  The snow is coming for sure! It was cloudy all morning!

The hike was gorgeous! This was our view when we got to the water shed and the picture below is the Salt Lake Valley! It over looked a lot of Sandy too and those houses were huge and the majority of them had tennis courts too. Rich kids... 
salt lake valley

More views from the hike:

walking back down, the Salt Lake City Valley

the view from the balcony

We came back and explored the lodge which was all closed and headed back to the room.  We took what we thought was a shortcut and ended up running into these stairs.. Uncle Jared took one look at them and turned right back around. That is 6 flights of stairs..not going to happen.

the stairs uncle Jared and I didn't climb...

the clouds getting darker! 

Uncle Jared made delicious breakfast/lunch which was eggs with all sorts of delicious stuff chalked in them. So filling. We then went to Walmart to some emergency supplies for our hike tomorrow because it is probably going to be snowing! When we got done with Walmart it looked like it was snowing in the canyon so I asked to drive to get some practice.  It started to snow about 3 miles up and I drove in the snow for the first time! It was kinda scary but so awesome! 

my first time driving in the snow!

im really excited because ITS SNOWING

the beginning of the snow! 


 the beginning of the snow!

 It snowed all day and all night! I was so excited, obviously... I took a million zillion pictures! At 4 there was a welcome party for those 21 and older. I snuck in because I didn't want to sit in the room for two hours! I passed for 21 and it was kinda boring, but they served really good fruity punch.  It was alright.
a selfie in the snow

the car starting to be covered in snow. 

I am SO excited it is snowing! 

snow snow snow! 
ya crazies swimming in the snow!
uncle Jared had a long day of getting barked at...