Tuesday, November 12, 2013

feeling crafty

Lately I have been in a super crafty mood.  Every opportunity I get, I am mod podging something or painting something else, making a bulletin board or a chalk board.. you get the point.  FEELING CRAFTY. SO, I thought I would share with you all some of my latest creations! P.S. I AM OBSESSED WITH GLITTER. This is your warning.

Craft #1 Ribbon Notebook 
(I have made one of these before, but I felt like I needed another one!) 
This is super easy.  all you need is a hot clue gun, ribbon, and card stock! I love it because you can still utilize all of those ugly composition books that have awful covers! 
step 1: pick your comp book and ribbons! 

step 2: pick the parttern you want to follow
step 3: finish the gluing ribbon
step 4: add paper to both inside covers
 to cover up ribbon excess.
and bam! Cute & useable notebook! 

Craft #2 ***GLITTER FRAME***

ok first off. HOBBY LOBBY will be the death of me.  It is worse than Joann's and Michael's combined.  I could spend WAY too much time in there.  BUT I had a mission when I went in and I came out with a few DIY ideas.. that I could do! I don't consider myself VERY crafty, but I can do some simple things.  

SO.. I found this frame and thought it was ADORABLE.. butttt I didn't want to pay $15 for it.. so I thought to myself "I can do it! I already have the glitter AND Modpodge!" 

So instead of writing my talk one sunday, I started on my glitter frame.  
this frame I had to tape off because the glass didn't pop out and I didn't want to get glitter everywhere..

I mixed mod podge & glitter, put that coat on and then covered it with glitter.
(yes I did this project in my bathroom because I didn't want my mom to know I was doing it and not writing my talk...) 
I let it dry and a couple days later put a sealing coat of mod podge over it.  It turned out beautifully! :

I need to find a good picture to put in there! 

 Craft # 3: Glitter Case (Hey, I warned you about the glitter)
I did the same technique as the frame, glitter/modpodge layer, then glitter, then mod podge.  This took way long to dry.. like a week.. there were some thick spots of mod podge... BUT I got it done! It is going to hold facial cotton pads.  It looks super cute in my bathroom!
the inside

 the outside ^
holding cotton pads

CRAFT #4, Bulletin Jewelry Display.  

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures in the making of this.. I only have the final product, BUT, you still get to see it! This could possibly be one of my favorite crafts! I took an old bulletin board Daniel was getting rid of and painted the ENTIRE thing black.  If you look closely, under the burlap, you can see the black.  I then took burlap and covered the cork part, and secured it with decorative push pins.  THOSE were a pain in the butt, but I love love love the final product! I had my dad hang it on my wall with multiple screws to make sure it was super secure.  I would be hanging heavy jewelry on it after all.. It turned out wonderfully and I love how my jewelry is displayed now!
 (NOW to just make another to take to college with me... because that aint coming off the wall...)