Friday, January 31, 2014

.Boyfriend Bragging Time.

Dennis and Me
Our first date!
LazerTag + Sammy's shakes! 
at first it was a joke...

 but then our tickle fights got serious... mainly because I was winning...

 This was actually our first 'normal' picture together.  I could never make a good face in any picture before this one. >^

And then we went to see Frozen on the 17th of January and the rest is history. Well actually, we just had a lot of fun that night.  He FINALLY kissed me... after TWO weeks of dates and seeing him all the time! Saturday we went down to Idaho Falls to the 'mall' and when we got back we established that we were dating.  This guy is so great.  He is honestly amazing.

Sunday's are super fun because we both go to church at 9:30 which means we're both out at 12:30.  The rest of the day we study and hangout and just relax.  Its so nice.

 Most Sunday nights are 'movie night' over at his place with his roommates and mine.  We have a lot of fun.

How I broke it to my parents that we had started dating, a courtesy snap chat.
 On Saturday's we normally have breakfast together.  I cook. Haha,  I really enjoy cooking and especially for other people! A bomb-dig omelet was on the menu for today!

ain't he just the cutest? 

:) He makes me so happy.
Following breakfast we went to play ultimate frisbee and football at the stadium.  It was 19 outside, but also sunny.  I only needed a few layers.  It was so fun running around on the stadium in a foot of 'hard' snow.   I actually broke a sweat and it was very entertaining running around!

Tuesday's are crazy stressful, but watching a movie at the end of the night is my favorite thing to do!

The night we made it official ^

I told my parents (via text message) that Dennis is now my boyfriend, and this was the picture we got back from my dad. 

we're just really strange people that work really well together.

Saturday breakfast dates! French toast, omelets and hash browns!

my hunky BF 

He came to church with me because his roommates ditched him. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Things to Bring to BYU-Idaho

So recently I learned that Katie (from the Babesquad) got accepted and will be joining me in APRIL up here at BYU-IDAHO!!! I could not be more excited!! I am thrilled for her and this new chapter in her life!! She texted me and asked me what things she should bring, specifically the top 10 things she needs! I asked my roommates and friends and here is a list we complied!

(In NO particular order, although- clothing is my favorite thing!)

Top 10 Things to bring to BYU-Idaho:
  1. LAPTOP with the latest updates.  You will use this is the majority of your classes. 
  2. A lightweight down (warm) coat.  Most days it’s in the 20’s or 30’s so no need for a heavy coat.  I got mine at Walmart for $10 and its the best.  
  3. Headbands. Scarves. GLOVES. Walking to and from class when it is windy makes for cold ears.  It is amazing what ear warmer headband can do! Gloves- Your hands get cold so easily. Find ones that work with touch screen phones so you can use your phone without having to take your glove off, SCORE! I found some at Forever 21!! Scarves are nice when its windy to cover your face, or shove your nose in when its -8 and you have to walk to class… yeah that does actually happen! 
  4. Comfortable Headphones. You are going to want to listen to music on your walk home. It makes things more entertaining. 
  5. Warm SNOW Boots.  I am terrified of cold toes.  I wear my Sorels even when its 20 outside.  I don’t care if I get made fun of, I am WARM! You don’t need the full boot, a bootie boot works just fine… as in it doesn’t HAVE to come up to your mid calf, although it is really cute.  I love warm clothes. Also bring regular-fashionable-boots too.  Some days it is not necessary to wear snow boots.  I also brought galoshes for the slushy days after the snow! 
  6. Thick, WARM socks.  I am getting by with workout socks that are thicker. Again, terrified of cold toes.  People tell me wool socks are amazing, but I have yet to get them.
  7. Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters.  Most days you can get by with just a sweater and a light coat! 
  8. UNDERSHIRTS for LAYERING.  oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how these have saved my life.  Most of my sweaters are holy, not as in sacred- haha, but they are hand knit so the wind cuts right through them.  An extra layer underneath makes it A LOT warmer! 
  9. Wife Skills: Cooking, Cleaning, LAUNDRY knowledge.  Wether it be a cookbook or saved recipes online, you will get sick of the MC/Crossroads food.  It’s nice to be able to cook a homemade meal every once in a while and have leftovers too. Cleaning. Roommates are messy and living in a messy apartment is stressful.  Sometimes you have to suck it up and clean up after others, but it is a lot easier to live in a clean space.  LAUNDRY.  IT IS NOT HARD.  Cold everything.  Dryer Sheets.  It’s easy! You don’t want to have to call mommy to ask what settings.  It will also impresses your roommates! (I am not saying you're going to get married but I these 'wife' skills are also LIFE skills!)
  10. A GOOD backpack… I mean one that if you had ALL of your school supplies in it won’t hurt your shoulders.  No one is judging you on your backpack so get one with amazing padding.  Some days you will be hauling all of your crap to and from the library and classes and your room and will just want a back massage at the end of the day. 
-iHome, or speakers for when you want to jam in your kitchen with your roommates
-patriarchal blessing! You will want it especially on the stressful days!

To any who think I need to add to my list, COMMENT BELOW! :)
Hope this helps! 


Why I STRONGLY dislike Tuesdays.

Wow. I don't even know what to say about the -20… Tuesday's are just not good days.  

          Tuesdays are by far the MOST stressful day of the week.  WORSE than Mondays (Mondays are awesome actually) AND Wednesdays (the day I have my 7:45am class)!  I strongly dislike Tuesday because I go to class from 9am-4:30pm with only an hour and a half break + Devotional.  It is a non stop day.  I have my Foundation science class at 9am, which is surprisingly EARLY.  I know I did seminary for 3 years but getting up at 7:30 after going to bed at 1am is brutal for me.  That class is a bore, besides Brother Griffith- who is absolutely hysterical.  I could quote him all day long.  My favorite- "Google knows it better than me!" The material is so basic, it's just foundation science.  I have to take it, unfortunately.  I then have an hour and a half break.  I usually go study and wait for Chem to start at 11:30.  I LOVE CHEMISTRY.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is BY FAR my favorite class.  I think I enjoy it so much because it comes so naturally to me.  Brother Ott is such a cute little chemist too! He is SO incredibly knowledgable on the subject, its wonderful. 
         From there I book it to my Book of Mormon class.  Brother Satterfield is an incredible professor, but by that late in the day I am exhausted.  I doze off in almost every class.  My friend Monica and I are always just a tad bit lost.   Bro. Satterfield knows Hebrew, Greek and Latin (I think) so he goes into crazy depth about the scriptures.  ITS AMAZING, but sometimes I get SO lost.  He will bring in random [FOREIGN] words, which I don't know the meaning of, and start cross reverencing a million different scriptures and I get so lost... I manage to get through class though.. with only a few naps.. haha but I do get the work done.  
          At 2, devotional starts.  I absolutely LOVE devotional.  It is such a nice break from the day.  It is awesome to go and listen to someone spiritual enlighten you for an hour.  I love the spirit of peace it brings me.  I always feel better after I come out of devo**.  
         Usually after devo I have to get right to my BIO 199 class, which in my opinion is too much work and effort for a 1 credit class... even though it is only once a week.  The point of that class is to explore all career options associated with majoring in Biology.  I already know what I want to be, so it is kind of pointless, but required nonetheless.. The only cool thing about this class is that Brother Baker, the professor, majored in molecular biology.  YEP, my major! He is super knowledgeable as well.  Thankfully after this class I am done for the day. 
        Today was my lucky day because BIO 199 WAS CANCELED!!! I could not have been happier.  I had a free hour! YEAHHHH!!! I ended up making PB& J's with Dennis and his roommate Cory.  They were delicious, as always.  Blackberry jam is amazing too.. never tried it before but anything beats smuckers grape jelly! 

         So normally when I get home from classes on Tuesday's, I am completely overwhelmed.. I don't want to talk to anyone or look at anyone or do anything.  Today was a nice break from that though.  I have all of my work completely through Saturday and spare time to blog and move ahead in math.  I am so grateful for college professors who cancel classes for no reason! 

         Today's* Devo:  President David L. Beck, the General Young Men's President, spoke to us on being fulfilled in Christ.  It was so powerful.  Some things I took away from his remarks:
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to find TRUE & EVERLASTING happiness.
    • This gospel requires selflessness, sacrifice, responsibility, handwork and service!
  • We need to keep our focus on CHRIST. 
  • The more I (you) love God, the more I (you) will want to be pure. 
  • Even if we suffer, we must endure to the end.
  • We need to let Christ in.  


Oh yeah, and the weather was crazy today.  It was -8 when I was walking to class with wind chills up to -20 degrees.  THANKFULLY I brought enough warm clothing and accessories to keep me warm! The only bad thing is the wind in your face.  Your face gets really cold, REALLY FAST. 

I look forward to Wednesdays, even though they start at 7:45 and I have to walk to class in the dark.  Chem lab is a great way to start my day! 


Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking things to a whole new level. 2/3rds of babesquad in my room ❤️✌️😂

I love my babesquad dearly and miss them so much! I was able to FaceTime with them tonight for about and hour and catch up on each others lives! I am missing so much of theirs, but we will be reunited soon!! After our awesome conversation I got another call and they were in my room..  without me.. again.  This isn't a rare occurrence.  HAHA.  They are pretty much my sisters.  Mi Casa e Su Casa... or however you spell it.  LOVE YOU BABESQUAD! Miss you like crazy! Less than 80 days until we are reunited! April 12-23 is going to be a PARTY!!! 
Facetiming the Babesquad! 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love 2306 ❤️

Happy Sabbath! I love my roommates more than anything! We are a fine bunch of girls too! I love worshipping my Father in Heaven on Sunday's! There is nothing better than going to church and feeling the spirit! I absolutely LOVE this gospel with all of my heart! I truly don't know where I would be without it.  
Tessa, Leah, Ally, Makayla, Me


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Roommate Snuggles ❤️

So we often find ourselves at Dennis's apartment hanging out with his roommates and watching movies, snuggling and playing Just Dance.  This Friday night was no exception.  We love hanging out over there.  They are so fun.  All of my roommates mesh really well with his roommates.  This is going to be our go to spot to escape from our apartment! Cheers to making new friends and enjoying a wonderful new semester!
Ally, Makayla, Me

The guys get pretty close too... Travis and Chad.

And our snuggle sesh's usually turn into apartment wide tickle fights, because EVERYONE knows that I am extremely ticklish... unfortunately I am the one constantly being attacked, unless Dennis is underneath me... which was the case tonight.  Dennis and I also don't trust each other-when it comes to tickling- because we both will tickle each other, hence the holding me hostage picture.  That's the only way we can be friends! HAHA.  What has our friendship come to? I love my new friends and our awesome relationship that we all have! I am so blessed!!


I love walking to class in the dark!

7:15 am. 
 I leave my apartment in the dark and embark on my journey to campus... in the dark! 
The sun doesn't rise until I am already in class... Yes I know there is some light, but it's still not fun walking alone in the dark.

Here's to a fun semester of walking in the dark on Wednesdays.  

I'm just extremely grateful that it's only one day a week and not every single day, like I thought I would have too.  And I love chemistry.  I think that is the only class I would willingly wake up for!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jamming to Frozen- a daily occurrence.

So all of my roommates and I have an obsession for Frozen.  We often find ourselves in the kitchen just talking and it turns into blasting the frozen soundtrack, singing at the top of our lungs and dancing.  I seriously have been blessed with the most amazing roommates. (well the majority of them at least!) We have so much fun! I love these ladies!! 
Makayla, Ally, Leah, Tessa, Me

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Saturday's are a little boring during the day.  I study, ALL DAY.  Yes, it has only been a week, but I have lots of homework and studying to do.  I am a  bio major, remember? I was so looking forward to tonight.  Sister Melissa Somers who served in the Mission Lake Ward got married and I was going to the reception with Dennis! Before we had come up I asked him if he could give me a ride and attend the reception with me and he was totally down for it.  It wasn't supposed to be a date at first, but it felt like one because we had gone out Friday night. He's really fun to be around, so I didn't mind.  Paige tagged along because she is close with Sister Somers.  It was a party down to Rigby! We jammed all the way there.  We were early so we sat in the car and talked until we could be fashionably late... haha.  It was raining in Rigby! Not snowing or hailing or sleet, but RAIN.  What is worse for just straightened hair? Yeah, rain.  Luckily I had a jacket and I threw it over my hair!
At Sister Melissa Somers wedding reception.

The reception was very cute.  All DIY, and adorable.  Sister Somers pulled it off nicely! She met her now husband back home, in Rigby, BUT they both served in the California Carlsbad mission, AT THE SAME TIME! They are adorable together! The reception was more of an open house.  We ate some food, said hi and bye to the newlyweds and the headed to CAFE RIO!!! (because it was close and Paige doesn't cook so she needed some REAL food!!!)

Cafe Rio was delicious.  I know it's only been 2 weeks since I had it, but I think that because I knew I wasn't going to be able to have it for a long time, getting it made it THAT much better.  I usually never finish an entire salad, but I did tonight.  Scarfed the entire thing down.  I don't even know how.  It was just that good.
Idaho Falls Temple

               The night was still REALLY YOUNG when we finished Cafe Rio.  At that point we had seen it rain, hail, snow and even saw sleet.  We didn't want to head back to Rexburg just yet so Dennis suggested that we go to the Idaho Falls Temple.  It was gorgeous!! We almost got locked into the parking lot too! We arrived there right around  9 and were able to take a few pictures on the temple grounds before being kicked out.  Shout out to our awesome photographer, DENNIS!! Haha, he put up with Paige and I's craziness tonight! What a trooper!

            When we headed back into Rexburg it was still only 9pm... on a Saturday night.... LAME.  We threw out ideas of what to do because we didn't want to go in for the night.  Dennis definitely has the popping apartment.  He has a x-box, DVD player and an extra large living room.  Paige and I ended up going over there and played Just Dance and watched Despicable Me 2.  It was a great way to end the night.  I love my friends and the fun times we have together!! Looking forward to the Sabbath day tomorrow!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Date night with the roomies

Group Lazer Tag Date!
L2R: Makayla P, Travis D, Ally L, Cory H, Rylie, Dennis M, Me, Chad A

            Tonight was extremely fun! My roommates and I went on a group date with my friend Dennis and his roommates!  (Recap on how I met Dennis: Twitter.) We went to the local lazer tag place here in Rexburg and battled til the death in the insane arena.  There were 3 floors and a million hiding spots.  Blue Team (our group) took the competition OUT in the second game.  Team work works! Haha.  In between some lazer tag, Dennis and I played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and he beat me like no body's business... and I was on HARD? yeah no I was on easy... hahaha It was impressive! 
             After we finished LQ we headed over to Sammy's to get pie shakes.  I was a bit skeptical at first because its a piece of pie, in a shake.  It was delicious though.  I got the oreo one and Dennis got the Raspberry one.  Both equally delicious.  We talked for what felt like 5 minutes, but in reality it was an hour, and then headed home.  I feel like I have known Dennis forever.  We are going to have a really fun semester partying it up! He is an awesome guy!
             When we got home from our date, the night was still young! My roommates and I ended up going to Dennis's apartment and playing Just Dance on the Kinect until curfew.  It was hilariously fun. What an amazing way to kick off my college experience! 


Monday, January 6, 2014


Happy First Day of College, Maddy!  WELCOME TO REXBURG! 
Yes, it was really -2 degrees outside on my first day of college! It wasn't as cold as I thought it would feel though! I was able to wear my Sorels and they looked super cute with my outfit.  One huge plus to going to school where its cold is the super cute clothes! I love dressing warm! I think its the cutest way to dress! I prefer being warm! Bundle me up! 

Classes went well today.  I only had two which was so nice.  I started off at English with Brother Dietz and he is awesome.  It is going to be a good semester with him.  He has a great sense of humor and is very passionate about writing.  I know he will only help me improve my writing even more! Chemisrty was next and my professor is seriously so cute.  He is the epitome of chem teachers, totally nerdy but pulls it off with class.  He is going to be a hard professor, but I love chem so it will be worth it.  Tomorrow is going to be absolutely crazy.  I go to class from 9- 4:15. EW.  Save me! 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to College!

Goodbye Family!!
he's ging to kill me for posting this.. if he every sees it, but he was pretty much asleep... 
he already grabbed my room.. I hadn't even left yet...

See you in APRIL!! 

my amazing dad! 

it was a really small plane... 

 Everything FITS!!
 I have a view of the Temple!!

not even gone for 30 hours... he's already in my bed,.... 

Wow! This is reality now! I am a college girl, FINALLY! I only waited 4 months longer than everyone else! I really do love my track assignment though.  Winter-Spring is the bomb.  The more I think about it the more pro's I think of.  Here are some:
-I will always be home for the holidays
-I have a 5 month summer (aka an endless summer)
-I get to meet a ton of cool people in the singles ward over summer, see them off to school, make more friends in the fall semester and then they come up to school with me.  (endless friend cycle!!)
-It only gets warmer from here
-Warm clothes are super cute and I get to wear them all the time in the winter (and possibly spring, I mean I am in Rexburg)
-It's easier to travel in a 5 month period as opposed to a 3 month (normal summer) and its also cheaper in the off months too!

and all other pluses I am forgetting now.

Moving in has been awesome.

My mom and I flew in on the 2nd of January into Idaho Falls and the flights were actually really good.  Both planes were tiny... the first only had 24 rows, 2 seats on each side and the second was even smaller! 11 full rows with 2 seats on each side and then half of a twelfth row.  It was surprisingly a really smooth flight though.  I was excited to get into Rexburg, check into the hotel and go to the Ivy to see if my boxes had arrived!  The rental car company was super nice and very flexible.  The drive to Rexburg wasn't bad at all either, we made good time and laughed at the maps app for telling us there was light traffic.. there were maybe 10 cars on the road- total.  Idahoians thinking that's traffic. HA Ha HA.  Traffic... you haven't seen anything.  We checked in at the hotel and then decided to head over to the Ivy to check things out, see if my boxes got there and such and walk around.. also find dinner.  We were pleasantly surprised when we showed up to the Ivy that we could check in early for $10!!! My mom jumped right on that, I got my key and we headed to my new home! When we were getting my key, I asked if my boxes had arrived and the lady was like "ooooooooh, do you have a ton of Lowe's boxes?" and my mom and I just laughed because the lady was thinking I had way to much stuff, but I knew it would all fit.  No one was in my apartment which was so nice.  I pretty much spread out all over the room and kitchen and unpacked all 9 of my boxes. IT ALL FITS... YES DAD. IT DOES! AND I still have space! A walmart run was in order so we went there and got bedroom stuff and finished up and went back to the room.  It was SO nice to be able to unpack with no one there.  I would definitely do it again! We were exhausted at the end of unpacking, it was only 9pm... but we had also traveled all day.  I don't know how or why, but traveling makes me so tired.  Its not like I am doing anything.. I am literally sitting on a plane for 2 hours.. I shouldn't the tired! It was nice to hit the pillow! Tomorrow is an early morning!

I attempted to wake up at 7:30 to get back to the ivy at 8, but that did not happen.. I woke up around 8 and we had breakfast and then headed to the ivy.  No one else had showed up yet except Nicole and I kept to moving in.  We went to Walmart and Kmart, pretty much got everything for my room and apartment except food and then Get Connected started! At 3 we met up with our I-groups and attended the welcome meeting with President Clark.  He spoke on how we are stewards here at BYUI and that we should choose carefully and learn deeply! I loved that! He also told us the student living model, which is: Love, Mutual Respect & Shared Responsibly.  The students were then released from that meeting to go to 'meet our Iteam' and we pretty much just hung out in the Hart Auditorium and heard from some students and then talked to our I-Team leaders.  Paige ended up being in my I-team which was awesome and both of my roommates, Ally & Makayla, were in my group too! I knew some familiar faces! We stuck together! After that we came back to the ivy and finished up some last minute things. There was a new student talent show that night also and it was AMAZING! People are so talented!!  I stayed the night here because all of my stuff is here.  I am going to love college.  Ally, Makayla and I came back to our rooms and had girl talk for a solid hour before going to meet Dennis down in building 3.  He is awesome and so are his roommates/friends! This is going to be a crazy fun semester!!


GET CONNECTED DAY 2 WAS SO MUCH FUN.  Our apartment woke up LATE! We were out the door by 8:15 and breakfast started at 8... we walked to the MC and met up with Paige.  Breakfast was very sparse.  A cup of Cereal.  Not a good start to my day... I can't do a sugary breakfast.  We could not find our I-team for the life of us either, and just our luck, our leaders were not answering.  We sat with some random group and the people were really friendly, but they ended up ditching us later. It all worked out because we found our team and headed to Living and Learning and BYUI.  That was awesome.  We learned all about the activities and programs offered and how to make the most of our time here.  During that meeting I had an overwhelming feeling that I am meant to be at this school. I am going to thrive here and I am here for a reason! I am so excited to discover that reason and am so grateful I had that reassurance.  From that meeting we met with our major specific academic advisors and had questions answered.  That was overwhelming.  So much information and so little time.  I felt like I was being choked.. I have a lot to do in the next 4 years! It will be worth it though! Right about now I was getting to the starving point so I was especially happy to be going to lunch after this.  It kinda felt like EFY, with counselors and groups and talent show and whatnot. Lunch was so good. They fed us a sandwich, chips and a cookie.. I scarfed that down.. cereal doesn't cut it with this chick.  I could not have been happier to see food.  After lunch we went back to the Hart auditorium and watched the Spirit of Ricks Showcase.  It was awesome as well.  There is so much history behind this school, so much to be grateful for! I want to be apart of its legacy! From there we went to the get involved fair and signed up for pretty much anything and everything.  I figure if I con't have enough time I can slowly drop stuff as needed.  School first! Walking back to the Ivy, I got us lost by taking a back route which turned out to be closed.  It was a nice adventure though, and we got home eventually!! My mom and I built some more of my furniture-desk and shoe rack (where is Jeffrey when you need him) and then went grocery shopping and ate dinner.  Cooking is going to be so fun! (Laundry, not so much) I said goodbye to my mom, and Ally, Makalya and I got ready for Inight! It was so fun! The entire MC and I-center were filled with activities and blow up stuff.  We started in the MC and moved to the I-center because it was more fun.  We waited in a line for human bowling for about an hour and then had friends hold our spot so we could go dance.  The dance was fun but the base was wayyyyy to loud and you could not hear any of the treble in ANY songs... it made for a nice game of "guess the song based on the bass beat!" haha we enjoyed ourselves! Makayla and I ended up going back to human bowling and it was super fun.  We then played blowup twister and headed back home.  It was a great night! Seriously, college is going to be SO MUCH FUN with these girls and all of my friends I am meeting! Looking forward to all of it!