Friday, February 28, 2014


It all begins!! Our much anticipated road trip to SLC/ Layton to see Ally perform in Les Mis and play tourist in SLC! It was an easy drive down to SLC.  I drove Chadley's car because he only had four hours of sleep! Chakayla slept in the back most of the time--- they needed sleep, insomniacs! and Dennis and I chilled/jammed out/talked the entire time.  It was quite nice.  Driving made me miss Jadeparker so much! I had a need for speed that I had to fulfill and this surely did it! 

SLC BOUND!! WOO!! (L2R: Me, Chad A, Makayla P, Dennis M)

We finally arrived at the theater and were so stoked to see Ally and her sister, Hannah, perform! We found her Cosette poster and of course, had to take a picture!!

(L2R: Leah S, Cory H, Me, Travis D, {Ally on the poster}, Dennis M, Tessa W, Makayla P, Chad A

Ally killed it!! The show was absolutely AMAZING.  

The group with Ally after the show! Phenomenal performance!!
(L2R: Chad A, Cory H, Tessa W, Dennis M, Ally L, Me, Travis D, Leah S, Makayla P)

Funny moment during the play: At the end of the fight scene some little kid blurts out (after everyone on stage had died) "Why did they die?" It was priceless.. The WHOLE audience heard and started busting up laughing.  The cast had absolutely no idea what was going on either, which made it that much better.  

AND when in Utah.. which has IN N OUT, WE HAD TO GO.  My joy is very obvious.  IT HAS BEEN WAY TOO LONG.. The only bad thing about Sexy Rexy, NO IN N OUT.  It has been a long 2 month wait for this moment.  Best burger I have had in a while.  

Dennis was very happy as well. 

The Larsen's were so generous to open up their home to ALL Of us... YES, all 4 girls and 4 guys.  They were beyond kind and loving towards all of us.  I love them so much!! We had great conversation after the performance and then headed to bed for our exciting Saturday!

Our conversations were interesting and somehow we ended up doing 4 man (well 1 girl too) push ups...
who even knows. 

the best roommates I could have ever asked for <3

the four person pushup.... 

adding Makayla... 
the rest are priceless... scroll through to see. :)


Saturday was so much fun.  Dennis, Travis, Leah, Tessa and I were able to play tourist in SLC all day.   Cory hung out with his family and Chakayla went to meet family. The day started off amazing, it involved fruit.  FRUIT.   Who knew fruit could make this girl SO HAPPY? I guess when you're used to everything being in season ALL THE TIME and then all of the sudden a box a blueberries is $8.50, getting to eat blueberries and strawberries is the best thing in life.  The Larsen's made us breakfast-- waffles, fruit, juice, milk.  It was delicious.  I was literally in heaven.  
of course, in Maddy fashion, I HAD to photograph this moment.  

After breakfast, Ally had to go perform at the matinee so we said goodbye and good luck and headed to SLC.  Here's the kicker, Brother and Sister Larsen let us borrow a car, for the day!! YEAH, you read that right.  THE NICEST PEOPLE EVER, RIGHT? Yeah, pretty much.  So generous.  We headed into SLC and had a blast.  We started at the state capitol building.  I have been once before with Paige, but never inside.  I thought the outside was cool, the inside was SO MUCH COOLER.

I mean look at this! 


We spent time exploring and then headed to a church history library adjacent to the conference center.  There I learned about my Bryner ancestors in Price and I found out more about the Bryner line.  It was such a spiritual experience! I love family history! From there, we headed to Temple Square and enjoyed the view.  It was packed because there were two weddings! After we were done on the temple grounds we headed over to City Creek to eat and shop! SHOP. SHOP. YES. SHOPPING. OH MY LANTA I COULD NOT WAIT.  We all ate at Blue Lemon-- which is AMAZING-- and then split up to go shopping!! (I haven't been shopping in 2 months and some retail therapy was MCUH NEEDED.)   I thoroughly enjoyed myself at H&M and Forever 21.  Tessa and Leah sure know how to shop too! I have met my match!   No one can ever keep up with me, but they did!  It was so much fun! I didn't realize how much I needed that!  Overdue shopping, CHECK!  We then went to the visitors center and talked to missionaries and the temple for what felt like 20 minutes, but it was more like 2 hours! We explored the tabernacle and the other building in temple square, i'm not sure on the name, and headed to Deseret Book before going home.  Deseret Book is my favorite store next to clothing stores.  I feel like a little kid in a candy shop there! Haha, can you tell that today was a great day yet? We headed home, well back to the Larsen's home and rested up before we all went out to dinner.  We went to a Tepanyaki place in Layton and it was delicious.  I love love love tepanykai! Eating out felt so good too.  A nice break from cooking! The food show was enjoyed by all too! 

for FHE the previous Monday we played the game "smurf" with our FHE brothers.  (for those who don't know what surf is: *send one member out of the room*  and the group picks an action, i.e. eating with chopsticks, and the group member that left has to ask questions to try to guess what the action is.  It goes like this "do you smurf in the kitchen?" "who can you smurf with?" "Is smurfing done in the winter?", etc.  On our final round, the girls decided to pick an extremely hard action-- eating with chopsticks.  It took our FHE brothers FOREVER to guess it.  When we went to the chop chop house we could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture with our chopsticks... because we were smurfing! haha.  

Fast Sunday! I love fast sundays!! We went to the Larsen's home ward and it was so nice.  I bore my testimony and I loved the spirit I felt at their meeting.  It was a powerful sacrament meeting.  We came back, broke our fast and then headed back to sexy rexy.  Dennis and I rode with Ally because Chad and Makayla went to go meet more family.  It was another enjoyable ride.  Ally slept the whole way, she needed that sleep too. 

Ally is adorable when she sleeps! 

This weekend could not have been any more fun and more needed than right now! It was a stress reliever and so beyond enjoyable! I have been blessed with amazing friends and roommates!! I love life!!


Temple Trips, Jeggings and Preparing for SLC!

Sometimes you just need to go to the temple with your roommates to get everything off your mind. And then you show up and realize the wait is an hour and have to go home because of math class. It was worth the effort of going up the the temple though.  It brings me so much peace! 
Best Roommates: Leah S, Makayla P, Me

After the temple, Chad proceeded to try on my jeggings.... AND Makayla's jeans!! He fit too!! Shocker!! It was a hysterical night to say the least.  FUN CHAD WAS OUT!! 

Right before we left for SLC I was able to attend the temple.  It was an amazing.  I love the temple so much.  As I walked to the temple from class it hit me.  Heavenly Father is incredible. He is amazing.  I stood all amazed.  I had an incredible experience at the temple too. What a great way to start a great weekend!!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Square Ice Cream!!!

Today was seriosuly so fun! It was a much needed break from school and life.  A group of us drove down to the Lava Hot Springs (about two hours from Rexburg) and were able to just relax and have a good time! The hot springs are insanely awesome.  I have never experienced something like that and it was a great new experience.  The pools are naturally occurring and are different temperatures.  I preferred the medium heat pool, it was the most comfortable, but I did try the hottest pool. It was so hot that I could only stay in it for a couple of minutes before I had to cool off.  The guys were able to handle it better. Overall, it was an amazing time and a much much needed break!  
                                                                      stoked to be going to the Lava Hot Springs!
The weather was so nice!!

the cutest friends ever! (LtoR: Me, Marie G, Leah S)

Lava Hot Springs Group: (LtoR: Matthew B, Travis D, Leah S, Cory H, Me, Marie G, Chad A)

After the hot springs we ate at a cute little diner.  Following lunch, we got SQUARE ICE CREAM. YES. IT WAS IN A SQUARE.  It made my day.  Huckleberry & Cookies and Cream.  Maybe not the best mix, but the huckleberry was SO DELICIOUS.  Heavenly.  XOXO, Maddy


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Temple Time!

Going to the temple today was the best thing ever.   I truly needed this today.  This week has been a struggle, but going to the temple and feelings it brought me were amazing.  The Rexburg Temple is gorgeous!
my wonderful roommate, Ally, who came with me!


I love the temple.  I love Rexburg.  I love the peace the temple brings me.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chem 105!

So this week in chemistry we were learning about electrons and how they jump from energy levels.  When they jump they energy released is released in a color and the result is what you see below.  By mixing salts with alcohol we were able to get this amazing line up of colors.  I love chemistry!!

creating mock fireworks
Also in chem we split light.  To do this, we put an element in a glass tube and ran an electric current through it.  It glowed just one color to the natural eye, but after putting on light splitting glasses, the light was split up.  This helps scientists to tell what element it is.  Each element gives off a specific code of lights when split.  This is most useful when studying astronomy because you can tell what elements are in outer space (aka other galaxies and solar systems) by splitting the light!! So cool!!
splitting light
These are the light splitting glasses!


Me, Jessica A, Kaytlyn D. 

Thank Heavens for the Ivy Shuttle!

It's days like these when I am so beyond grateful to have a ride to school!  It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I have always imagined when it would be in the negatives I would walk outside and the cold air would hit me like a pile of bricks, but it felt normal... It was so bizarre.   I almost wanted the brick wall effect!

It's only bad when it's windy.  Then it is HORRIBLE.  The wind rips through everything.  Chills you to the bone.  Overall, it was a great day though!! I LOVE REXBURG!  I LOVE COLLEGE!


Monday, February 3, 2014

{One Month}

Walking to math class in this winter wonderland I live in. 

As of today, I have officially been in college one month!! I have lived in Idaho for a month? That seems so crazy! A month ago I was not the same person I am today! I love college; the adjustment has been so effortless.  I absolutely LOVE it here in Rexburg! I love my classes, my friends, my ward, my bishop, my roommates, my apartment! Ok, yes, I love everything about being up here! I do miss my family and friends but I am perfectly fine face timing them to stay in touch.  I feel like with today's technology it is difficult to lose contact with someone with all of the social media we have.

Don't worry about me up here, I am loving life and living every moment to the fullest!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gone Snowboarding!

On Saturday I was able to try snowboarding with Dennis and our friends! It was so incredibly hard and terrifying. I felt like I was going to eat it the entire time.  Actually getting up onto the snow was the hardest part.  I couldn't get up with my butt on the ground, I struggled!  After one run I kinda had a grip on it, but decided I would enjoy myself the most if I switched to skis.  That was the best decision of the night! I had a blast skiing.  I am definitely a skier.  I don't like to give up, and I don't believe I did, I just knew I would have more fun skiing and I wouldn't be holding Dennis back either.

On our way to Kelly Canyon

 It was extremely cold! Night skiing + WIND = BRR.

I tried it! It was fun while it lasted! 

the group!
L2R: Leah S, Dennis M, Me, Travis D, Cory H, Angel Mauri C, Makayla P, Chad A