Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last day of 7:45 lab! We love Sister Lemon! #chemnerds

I have absolutely fallen in love with chemistry this semester. I knew coming into this class my 7:45 lab was going to be so early and a struggle every week. Well.  I am here to tell you, I did it, I loved it, and it was a struggle, like for real. The only thing that got me through it was knowing that I get to do really cool chemical experiments! And I did get to do just that. We titrated acids, created hydrogen and made solids from gases. Do you see why I love chemistry? Haha I just really enjoy chemistry! Another plus to my early lab was these wonderful ladies!! Sister Lemon was always so encouraging and Jessica and Kaytlyn were so easy to work with. By 9 we were pretty much done with the lab but we pushed through and finished them all. I am going to miss this! Onto Chem 106!! 



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best roommates ever ❤️

I seriously was so blessed this semester to have these two amazing girls as my roommates. I know that they were placed into my life so that I could help others! If I had to deal with my own roommate problems I would not have been able to help those who needed it this semester. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and I am so grateful for that!! I can't imagine having any other girls by my side this semester! Love you Ally and Makayla! ❤️❤️❤️



Monday, March 24, 2014

Softest Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

I felt uber domestic today.  I came home from FHE and made Lemon-Rosemary Chicken with rice and green beans followed by the most delicious chocolate chip cookies.  I proceeded to clean the entire kitchen.  I am my mothers daughter.  I couldn't resist not sharing the cookie recipe, so here it is!

  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Mist a large baking sheet with cooking spray, then wipe it off with a paper towel. (You barely need anything on the pan, the cookies will produce their own anti-stick grease!)
  2. In a large bowl mix together sugars, butter, eggs, and vanilla. In another bowl combine flour, salt, and baking soda and whisk to combine. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until just combined (I do this part with a spoon or spatula, instead of a hand mixer etc, to keep the batter from becoming “over mixed”)
  3. Roll the dough into 1.5 inch balls (if the dough is way too sticky you can add a little more flour 1 tablespoon at a time until you can roll it – it will still stick to your hands a little bit but that’s okay). Place rolled dough balls on prepared baking sheet 2-3 inches apart and press each ball down slightly with the palm of your hand to flatten it a little bit. Stuff extra chocolate chips in the top of the cookies if you’d like. (I always do this) Bake 10-12 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven and allow to cool 5-10 minutes on the pan. Repeat process with remaining dough. Store in airtight container at room temperature.

What I did: 

I used 1/2 C less flour, but it depends on the batch.  You want the dough to be just a tad bit sticky to the touch, but not enough to stick to your fingers when rolling into dough balls.

I made the butter soft enough to smush up, but NOT melted.  

Beating the sugars and butter before adding the dry ingredients is crucial.  It determines the entire texture of the cookie.  I add eggs and vanilla next, followed by the baking soda and salt.  I add the flour 1/2C at a time until I get the right consistency. (reference first paragraph)

Bake for about 15 mins, or until puffy with a little golden brown edge and barely brown on top. Be careful, you don’t want them raw.

Leave on pan for 3-4 minutes to cool.  THIS IS NECESSARY because if you pick them up right out of the oven, they WILL fall apart.  I have learned from experience.  Trust me.  It is worth the wait. 



Saturday Slacklining!

Saturday was not my average Saturday! I actually came out of my studying cave and went outside! It was a GORGEOUS day, like sun shining, no wind and a warm 37 degrees! I ventured to Porter Park with Cory H, Travis D, Leah S and Tessa W to slack line! It was a blast! I ate it HARD once... but it didn't stop me.  Slacklining is a difficult task.  You think its going to be a leg workout, but then you get on and its ALL ABS.  Which I lack... majorly.  It is hard! I enjoyed the challenge though! I love hanging out with my people too! I can not wait for spring semester! :)

 It is truly a balancing act.

fun in the sun! 

I honestly forgot home much I love feeling the sun's warmth on my skin.  Being outside made me miss it just a little bit (just a little, don't get carried away now).  I know I get to go home and visit in a little while, and I can't wait, but there is just something about this Idaho air.  I am in love.  I love Idaho.  Living the dream. 


Saturday, March 22, 2014

25 Things That College Has Taught ME.

With only 20 days left of my first semester of college, I took some time today to sit back and reflect on what I have learned and how much I have grow thus far.  I am so happy with the way this semester has gone.  I could not have asked for a more perfect first semester. I continued thinking about what made it so perfect, and complied a list of things worth sharing.  

1. I am a beautiful Daughter of God.  
  • On my very first Sunday in the Rexburg YSA 63rd ward, my amazing bishop got up and told every single woman to go home from church that day and write on our mirror, "I am a BEAUTIFUL Daughter of God, and He LOVES ME."  I can't even tell you how many times I walked into the bathroom not having the best day and seeing that on the mirror made everything alright.  I am so grateful for Bishop Bair and his sweet, loving words he spoke to us on the first Sunday of the semester.  
His love for me is what keeps me going! 

2.  I am strong.  
  • Freak.  I thought I was strong before I came up, but boy did I underestimate myself.  College has taught me a whole new level of strong.  From dealing with everything on my own (meaning no mommy and daddy) to helping out friends with various issues.  I always knew I could do it, and the transition to becoming an adult was easy, but it took more than I thought somedays. Each day is a new beginning.  I am strong.  I can do this! 

3.  I can do hard things. (so cliche, I know.... but so true.) 
  • STRESS.  What sums up college more than this one word? I don't know.  What I do know is that I got through it.  I did the hard things.  I sucked up my pride, humbled myself, got on my knees and prayed, and I made it through.  I am still here, happier than ever.  I could not have done it without my Heavenly Father though.  I  knew coming into this that I would have hard days and weeks, but I never thought it would be like some of the weeks I have experienced.  Let's just say my roommates love the way I hash out my stress... and that our apartment is always spotless.  Hooray for stress cooking and cleaning! 
4. I am loved.
  • Do I even need to explain this one?  The love I have been shown is endless. From my amazing roommates, to my awesome friends, to my bishopric, to my professors, to my friends I left at home, and from my Heavenly Father, it truly is endless.  Okay, one quick experience.  I was walking to my Book of Mormon class early in the semester and it was a day when we had a blizzard.  Everything was gorgeous outside.  White winter, snow blowing everywhere and I just couldn't help but smile.  I felt like I was living a fairytale.  NO joke.  Anyway, I am walking to class enjoying the blizzard, happy as can be when this overwhelming feeling comes over me that I am so loved and Heavenly Father is so pleased with me and my decisions.  I knew in that moment that I was extremely loved my Heavenly Father, my Savior, Jesus Christ, and so many more.  I knew I made the right decision coming to BYU-Idaho and I knew without a doubt that God is real and He is good to me and HE LOVES ME.  
5. Saying I'm sorry is necessary. 
  • This has been a huge lesson for me. It has truly humbled me too. I recognize the importance of saying I'm sorry. You don't ever want to have people mad or upset at you. It  causes unnecessary drama and bad feelings. The biggest examples I have learned this from are my best friends, Dennis, Cory, Travis, Matt and Chad. In their apartment there are some conflicts but they ALWAYS say I'm sorry. No matter who is at fault, no matter what the issue, they are mature about it and apologize. I learned from them the importance of saying sorry and humbling yourself enough to say it. 
6. Roommates are FUN.
  • But really.  I have never shared a room in my life.  Going into this, I admit, I was a little  (A LOT) nervous.  I didn't know what to expect when it came to sharing or room, or a kitchen or even a bathroom for that matter!! But, it all worked out perfectly.  I was blessed with these amazing girls!! 

first FHE

church! :)
that one night we were "she wolves" and climbed all over our kitchen....

because we're goofy and I love them.  

7.  Being grown up is fun too!
  • I can't even tell you how much I love being on my own. From cooking to cleaning to laundry to shopping, I just love it. Yeah sometimes I don't want to cook and I procrastinate my laundry, but I love the feeling of being on my own and being independent! 
8.  Class is IMPORTANT.
  • I have always been fond of school, obviously-- perfect attendance k-12, but in college, class is way more important and you're not obligated to go. Attending class is critical, especially in major classes. I know that if I missed days of chem 105 I would be screwed. Missing foundation classes, eh not as big of a deal, but I have been blessed for attending all of my classes! I am keeping my perfect attendance streak! I love learning so why miss class? 
9. Your maturity level matters. 
  • Like #8, this is kind of obvious, but to some it isn't.   Being mature will get you a lot farther than being immature. I have many many experiences. Yes I am still 18, and I have my 18 year old moments where I freak out and cause drama and yada yada, but acting mature is so much easier. Having roommates that act mature is so nice too. You never want to have the roommate who comes in and is inconsiderate of everyone, slams doors and cabinets and backpacks, flips on lights when others are sleeping and acts like they are 5. Grow up. This is college. This is reality. Wake up, be considerate of others and act like a freaking adult! It's not that hard!! 
10. Knowing how to cook is an amazing skill to have.
  • I like to eat, so cooking has saved me- money and time. This skill is just wonderful. Being able to come home and make lemon chicken with rice is heavenly, plus I don't have to buy food from the crossroads. Learn how to cook. It is a great wife skill and it's actually useful to sustain human life! 
11. First dates can be awkward, BUT they are fun.
  • Mmm. We have all had our fair share of first dates. Most of mine have been very enjoyable and not awkward, but there are the few that are super awkward and end on a weird note. Enjoy the date and if worse comes to worse, you got a free meal right? Bask in awkwardness. 
12. Making friends is easier than you think.
  • It is hard for me to make friends. Ok… let me clarify. It is hard for me to make friends In my classes. I don't go to class to socialize, I go to class to learn. I think for the first month I didn't have any friends in my classes. What I learned from this is you get what you give.  If you don't put any effort into making friends, you're going to be alone.  I was alone for that month-- in my classes at least. I didn't bother with getting to know people and looking back that was so stupid. Since then I have opened up and made lots of friends! My advice: go to class to learn and socialize for the added benefit of you won't be lonely! Friends are fun! 
13.  Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. 
  • Need I say more? I would not have made half of the memories I have here if I had stayed in my comfort zone.  It only takes 20 seconds of courage.  Just do it.  LIVE A LITTLE. 
14.  Ramen is still gross.
  • As a child, I loved 'circle noodles' as they were called at my house.  One day during my senior year of high school, something just clicked and I instantly thought they were disgusting.  I vowed that I would never buy or eat ramen in my college life.  I still have never bought it willingly.  However,  I bought ONE package, ONLY ONE, because Daniel convinced me to try  cheesy ramen.  Why I ever listened to him, I do not know.  If you think normal ramen is gross, DO NOT TRY THIS.  I tried it to please Daniel and it was GROSS. NASTY. EW. Don't do this to yourself.  He still thinks it's a good idea, I do not.  I advise against this idea.  Don't do it.  You had a fair warning.  
15. Weather is beautiful.
  • I guess coming from 70 degree weather year round really made me appreciate the season here in Idaho.  Winter and now Spring are so incredible to me.  I fell in love with winter, and snow, and blizzards, and cold cold cold weather.  I fell in love with the cloudy days before the storm, the frozen hands from talking on the phone on my way home from class,  the gorgeous winter sunsets, the calm before the storm.  I know, people probably think I am crazy for actually enjoying myself in this crazy weather Rexburg sends us, but I know I am not crazy because I am happy.  Weather is beautiful.  
seriously, how can you not love this?

16. Let it Go.
  • Frozen has been 2306's motto.  We eat, breathe and sleep Frozen.  We even have frozen dance parties and sing alongs.  But, the most important thing we took from the movie is that we (and by we I mean me, or I for proper grammar) can't let things sit and fester and bother us.  We have to deal with our problems and then LET IT GO.  It is so much healthier.  It causes a lot less stress too.  Just Let It Go.  It helps.  I promise.  

17. Attending the Temple keeps you in an eternal mindset... which we all know is much needed. 
  • How I can testify of this. There has been a couple times this semester where I just wanted to give up, go cry in a hole and do nothing. (I didn't. I know how to deal with my problems, don't worry.) When I had these feelings I headed to the temple. I always came out feeling refreshed and full of peace. My prayers were always answered and I was refocused. My eternal perspective was out right back into place.  I absolutely LOVE the temple. 
18. Attitude MATTERS. 
  • Tuesdays. Need I say more? Tuesdays, as you may or may not know, are my longest day of the week, and usually my worst day of the week. After 3 weeks of trudging through my Tuesdays with a bad attitude, I decided to change it. Yeah it took me a month to figure out that my attitude was bringing me down. I woke up one Tuesday and decided that I was going to be happy and have a good day. It worked. I had an amazing day. I know attitude plays a huge role in my happiness level. I always like to be happy and I usually am in a good mood too. Attitude changes everything. Stay positive. Stay happy. Life is better when you're happy. 

19. Sleep is essential.
  • yes, all nighters are a bad idea.  yes, 5 hours of sleep is also a bad idea.  Going to bed early is hard because you don't want to miss all the fun and the action that is going on outside your bedroom, but what is more important? The fun you will have now, or repeating that class because you slept through it?
because no one wants to send this to mom  or dad... oops.

20. It's ok to admit you're wrong. 

  • This has got to have been the hardest lesson to learn. I hate admitting that I am wrong. I am sassy, stubborn and like things my way. What first born doesn't? Having to admit that I am wrong sucked, but it truly humbled me and made me grow as a person. I now realize it's ok to admit that I am wrong, and it is getting easier to say that I am wrong. College makes you grow up in wonderful ways. I needed to learn that admitting my faults is a necessity of maturing and growing up. 

21. Being courteous goes a LONG way. 

  • Serving others, especially your roommates, goes a long way. What you put in to the relationship is <<normally>> what you get out. I have noticed that by serving my roommates and being courteous of them we have become closer and truly bonded as an apartment. The scriptures are true: 
Mosiah 2:17
17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. 

23. Smiling at Strangers is fun and frustrating.

  • I absolutely LOVE to smile. I love the how happy it makes me and that I can share that happiness with others. I always try to  smile to everyone on my walk to school. Most of the time it is gratifying because people smile back. The other half of the time it's just downright frustrating because people don't smile back. I hate when this happens! I shouldn't get so worked up over it, but it just bothers me when people don't smile-- or even a nod, c'mon people-- back at me! I'm not trying to hit on you or ask you out, I'm just being nice and smiling! PLEASE JUST SMILE BACK! 

24. You Need an Outlet. Like for REAL. 

  • Enough said? I love my roommates and friends to death, but sometimes I just want to be alone and do my own thing. I have found that hitting the gym or hiding on campus does the trick. It's usually the latter. I love hiding on campus and studying on my own with no distractions. It's so peaceful. I often read my scriptures as an outlet as well. That is by far the best thing that I do to escape from this hectic, crazy world! Needing an outlet has become a necessity for me. Lately I have been extra stressed (for various reasons) and many outlets have come to my rescue. I love having multiple outlets too.. Sometimes I almost think having multiple outlets is healthier than just one because I have options, and options are great! 


  • I can't say it any better than Gordon B. Hinckley. I have used this quote as my life motto for a long, long time. I am a firm believer in this. I know everything will work out. It is all in the Lord's hands. 

I love college. I love life. I love growing up and I love being an adult. Life is so good. Progressing in life is essential to get back to our Heavenly Father. It will all work out! 


Temple Time!!!

It was such a blessing to get to attend the temple with two of my amazing friends today! I was able to take family names which makes going to the temple just that much more sacred and special! I am so grateful to have friends like Travis and Cory who are willing and able to attend the temple with me! What a great day and experience it was! I love you guys! 
we all matched :)
L2R: Travis D, Me, Cory H


Roommate Shenans

I literally have the best roommates and friends in the entire world. I know everyone says that about their friends, but it is truer than true.  Ok, everyone says that too, but in my mind, I DO, and I should not have to justify this!

This semester has been an absolute BLAST. I have enjoyed every single day; the good, the bad, the in-between, the amazing and the down right i-am-so-done-with-this days. What got me through all of the crazy days were my {absolutely amazingly fabulous} friends.

to cory and I being complete dorks while we wait for our dinner to cook, 
from our crazy lunch outings to the MC:
to the Ivy management delivering a box of Lucky Charms to our apartment, 
to getting this bizarre magazine... in our mail... (I don't think they got the memo that we are college students... and NOT in our 30's, 40's 50's OR 60's.... yeah, weird.)

to our absurdly CRAZY nights, usually mondays, after FHE.  

and of course there is Chadley.. FUN CHAD. He makes us all die, multiple times, every day, every second.  The things that he does... like try on my jeggings, Makaylas jeans and Ally's shirt & scarf.  
He provides entertainment for hours.  *CHEEEEEERS, CHERS, CHEERS.*

to that one time it was National Pancake Day and we made pancakes just to dirty up some dishes for the boys apartment to clean. Yes. They were delicious. 

to us just being weird in our natural elements. 

to our deep late night conversations, 
to Ally and I being.. normal. HA. 

We have bonded so much as an apartment and with our favorite boys apartment.  I love the way this semester has turned out.  No better way to break in my first semester than this one! I wish it would never end! I love life! I love college! I love my friends! 


St. Patrick's Day Celebrations!

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations:
the stone cold sober way.  
Cory and Me

The celebrations started off a the BYUI-Wellness 5K! It felt SO good to get out and run again.  It was so cold though.  As you can see from the picture, I was only in spandex pants and a t-shirt! My hands FROZE!! It was a balmy 27 outside and I though I would be fine... well my hands decided otherwise! The run over all was so good.  Cory booked it and finished in 19 mins and I finished in 33.  Not so bad for only running 3 days prior! I miss running! I need to run more often! I can't wait  for spring when it is warm enough to run outside! 

Monday was so fun too! I wore the socks my mom sent me, YES ALL DAY MOM!!, and had a great day! It snowed too... yes, blizzard status! I enjoyed the short lived snow.  

After FHE it was party time at 2306! My roommates and I know how to party hard! We have so much fun together! I am going to miss our group in the spring! Grateful I will still have ally and makayla though!! 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tuesday's are by far my longest days, and this Tuesday was NO EXCEPTION.  I went to bed SO late, like 2 am late and had to wake up at 7... not my brightest idea, but that's college right?  I suffered the consequences in my science class at 9am.. I then had my hour and a half break, which I should have taken a nap, but I had to study... so there goes the rest of my day.  I barely made it through chemistry, and I practically fell asleep in my Book of Mormon class. Devo was good though! I am always able to stay awake during devo and that is such a blessing! I LOVE attending devo! I always need that spiritual enlightening! Bio 199 is always hard to get through after devo too because I just want to go home! I made it through this week, but I never know each week if I will be able to stay awake! I am so grateful I made it through this day and even more grateful that the day is now over with! 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Love FaceTimeing with these cuties. ❤️❤️❤️

My cousins are literally my favorite people! I love them so much! I miss them on the daily! Their sweet faces brighten my day every time I talk to them! This was no exception! 

We talked about their fun day at Disneyland and got to catch up on life! I can't wait to see them so soon!! Miss my cuties!! 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend with Jenni!

Friday night was so fun! I had a date and she helped me get ready.  We hung out with my roommates and goofed off.  It was a good night! 

we have a weird obsession with booties...
(L2R: Tessa W, Me, Ally L, Leah S) 

The date was so fun! We went latin dancing and then shared a shake at ShakeOut!
Babalo and Me

After the date, I had another date, but with the babesquad! A much needed catch up session!!

the girls proceeded to stay up late and girl talk, of course.  

Saturday was also so much fun, although I am lacking pictures! I went to a gateway seminar that was actually better than I expected and then hung out with Jenni.  We went to a surprise party for Kelsey thrown by Zach M and I and then watched movies at the guys apartment.  It was a blast!  Sunday Jenni left when we went to church and we will be reunited in April! What a blast this weekend was!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I found REAL Mexican food in Rexburg!!

You can only imagine my sheer joy when I went to the Taco Bus today.  REAL. MEXICAN. FOOD. This California girl could not be any happier!! I'm talking like real, AUTHENTIC, they-speak-spanish-ONLY, mexican food.  IN HEAVEN.  Thank you Dennis for showing me the Taco Bus!!! 

my heart is full, and so is my stomach.