Monday, June 30, 2014

IM SO HIGH! That is on endorphins- from running!

What used to be a dreaded chore has now become my favorite activity. The gym has become a sanctuary to me and I am so grateful to have started to get healthy and fit. I am grateful for my best friend, Dennis, who has been along side me and encouraging me all the way. Hard work pays off. Endurance is the most rewarding feeling and the runners high is by far the absolute best part of the workout. Seven weeks strong and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I feel amazing. I can see and feel my progress. Nothing beats this (except the gospel of course). For the first time, ever, in my entire life, I truly feel GREAT about my body. I have come to realize that I am the only one who cares about MY body- and the only one who should care, so why let what others think bother me. I feel great and I know I am only going to continue to make more progress. I am definitely not where I want to be but I am working hard to get there. I have to enjoy the journey or it is not worth it at all. I am so happy! :) 

Two months down and a lifetime to go! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014 Guacamole

Tonight Dallas and I made some Kick-A guacamole... and you better believe it was our dinner! (I mean we are college students!) We proceeded to have a great night that consisted of a long walk and ended with stargazing out at the dunes! He is pretty awesome! :) 

Surprise Bridal Shower!

Today Ally and I had the task of pulling off a surprise bridal shower for Makayla!! 

Exciting right? Yes. 
Stressful? Yes.
Where do I begin?

Well, lets start with the fact the everything that could go wrong did... There were so many things that happened that were NOT supposed to happen.

Operation: Get Makayla Out Of The House
Plan A: go kayaking with Katie and Robby.
  • the computer would NOT let me buy tickets... LOVELY. 
Plan B: Go down to Idaho Falls around 12, happen to miss the exit, get 'lost', do baptisms at the temple and possibly grab lunch and head home.
  • Makayla woke up sick... OH CRAP.
Plan C: Go to Idaho falls later in the day, like 2:45, do baptisms and come home.
  • Makayla is still sick...
Plan D: Go to the Rexburg Temple and PRAYYY that all of Rexburg is feel especially spiritual today...
  • Makayla is FINALLY on board! 
Plan E: Makaylas photographer calls and tells her that her invitations will be ready to be picked up at 3pm. PERFECT. Temple before and then go to the store after. Perfect timing.  
  • It took some convincing to get Makayla to the temple before but she decided to come. The store was just random stuff I needed that totally could have been picked up at any time. but in order to burn more time, it was NECESSARY to go to the store! 

And so off to the temple we went.  Our prayers were answered when the chapel was full.  THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER.   There was a huge group in front of us and they happened to be taking people from the back of the chapel first... Makayla was on a time crunch and I was starting to relax knowing that we would be here a while.  The temple was awesome and we made it out just in time to go pick up her wedding invitations from the photog.  We headed to the store and I wandered around 'forgetting' what I needed... even though I had a list on my phone. HAHA.  Ally sent me the "all clear" text and we headed home.  It was about to go down! I was so excited!

When we pulled in the parking lot, I offered to carry her invitations upstairs but she refused.  I then insisted that I carry them up the stairs and handed her my keys and didn't give her a chance to resist.  She was a little confused but it all made sense in the end.  Alas we arrived at the door which was locked.  Makayla opened it up and SURPRISE!!!!!!!


It was glorious.  She was so confused but excited at the same time.


The party was a blast; we had great food and fun times.  It was a night to remember!

Best wishes to Chad and Makayla as they prepare to be sealed for time and all eternity! I love you guys!