Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Week Ever ft. Dennis

The week officially started on Monday, when Dennis and I caravanned home (well my home), but I'm going to include Saturday and Sunday in this post as well. 

and some Friday; Me, Cory, Dennis road tripping home.
CA-> Vegas// not bad;
Vegas -> UT, UT-> Vegas in two days... yeah I was sick of being in a fart box.  

Saturday Shenanigans: 

We went to lunch with our friend, Taea, and had another reception/open house for the wedding! 

*our little secret* 
We went to wienerschnitzel after the open house because we had been craving it all day! :)

Sunday we went to church and had family dinner with the Minsters.  It was a great day at church and a wonderful dinner! The Minster Family is seriously amazing! I love them all so much! There is never a dull moment in that house! They are so loving too! :) No... Dennis and I are not going to get married...

August 25, 2014
Monday! The week begins! 

I was really excited to get on the road and show Dennis Orange County, California!  By excited I mean SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT I COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF!   I forget now that my windows are no longer tinted, so drivers around me got a nice view of my dance party on the way home.  HAHA.  I don't even care.  I enjoyed myself, it was fun and I was going home! We got home on Monday, took care of some business (Dennis's oil needed to be changed) and then went to the gym! I missed my gym buddy! :) Good to have him back! I then took him to Don Gustavos! In my opinion the best mexican in the MV.   Check off for day one! Full bellies are always a good sign.

August 26, 2014

What a wonderful day that was.  Dennis went up to LA and I was able to go see my Grandma Hannah and Uncle Bruce!  I brought my grandma lunch and we were able to talk for some time before the doctors took her back to physical therapy.  I then went over and visited with Uncle Bruce for a couple hours.  He is the most amazing man.  I admire him so much.  He is so loving and service oriented.  I seriously wonder how he is still single!  I can't wait to see who you end up with eventually Uncle Bruce! :)  After I got home from visiting with them, I did some homework and headed to temple prep! I absolutely love the Herscherrs and their flexibility to work with me so I can be ready to enter into the Holy Temple.  I can not wait! When I got home from that, my Dad made Dennis a Mitchell B meal.  After dinner, I took Dennis to Altisima Park to watch the Disneyland Fireworks, but we couldn't end up seeing them that night.  It was ok because the view was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to talk! We watched some netflix, Leslie G and Christine D came over and met Dennis and then we all went to bed.  It was a long day!

August 27, 2014

starting the day off right at Corky's!! I had to test Dennis's stomach there.  No one can ever finish a Corky's meal just because of the sheer size of them! He did well.  Took the test like a GAM.  And no, he was not my breakfast date.   

After we ate, we came home and changed and were beach bound!! 

Main Beach, Laguna Beach, California, USA. 
Hurricane Marie, off the coast of Mexico.
Red Flag Surf Advisory, 10 ft. Waves.

kind of a bust beach day because we weren't allowed in the water, but it was still the beach.  It turned out to be a wonderful day! 

you can't see the size of the waves, but they were ginormous. 

 After the beach, we came home, cleaned up and went to the Angels game! We were able to take the train which was such a cool experience! We had both never taken that train before and boy was it so much better (and cheaper) than driving!!
we were really excited! 

We got tickets from one of my mom's hookups.  They were NOSE. BLEEDS.  Straight-up we were three rows from the last row.  We moved up.  two reasons: there were sets closer & Jeff and his buddies all had tickets by us and we didn't really want to sit by them.  It was a great game! Angels whooped the Marlin's tooshies!

Even though we were in the nosebleeds, we still had a pretty great view. 

August 28, 2014

Bagels and Brew first timer!! I have grown up on this place and it is amazing! Seriously, if you haven't been, there are three local locations. GO ASAP.  It's not 5 star or anything, but boy will it fill your tummy up.  Bagel sandwiches are my personal favorite.  Dennis enjoyed this place so much he wanted to go back! :) WIN!
We then headed down to the San Diego Zoo!  I had gotten some free tickets and what better way to use them than when Dennis came to visit? 
Vista Point stop on our way to the zoo.
Dennis, the master navigator, was pro at navigating around the zoo.  I was totally lost, no gonna lie.  It was confusing- even with a map! I was glad he was there to guide us! Haha.  Somehow we managed to get all the way around the park and see what we wanted without passing out.  IT WAS HOT.  HOT HOT HOT.  I feel like the zoo is always hot though... no matter if it is snowing outside.  I only got a little bit fried... no biggie! HA.  Ginger life.  Dennis really wanted to see the Rhino so that is where we went first.  It was SO COOL.  It seriously looked like animatronics.  Not even kidding you.  I always though animatronics looked fake, but after seeing this archaic animal in motion, I realized how spot on some animatronics are.  Insane.

 and of course we had to get a Rhino selfie! 

I was looking forward to the Giraffe's! I love those animals!  Sadly I didn't save my giraffe selfie, so I only have a picture of the giraffe. It's ok though because at least I got a picture! 

The best part about the drive home was getting to see the tempe again.  That building is absolutely stunning and breathtaking.  I don't know how anyone can drive by it and not think "WOW, what is that?" I love the temple! On our way home we realized just how hungry we were and so we had to stop in little Italy to get food.  The first place we tried looked promising and really good but when we walked in they said they were closed from 2-5... uhhh hello can't you see we are tired and hungry? Yeah, thanks for nothing.  The second place we pulled up was open! Yes! Parking was a nightmare though... we ended up parking at this place called Mona Lisa and were too hungry to walk across the street so we just ate there.  IT WAS DELICIOUS.  Good choice.  Happy Maddy was back. HAHA, not that I was hAngry, I was just hungry and needed food desperately.  I could not wait until Coto later that night.  We came home and I worked on some homework and then we headed to the club.  Dennis's first experience into my secret life... This shall be interesting! 

Date Night! 

The club was amazing, as always.  Our waiter was awesome and he knew my dad which made everything so much better.  He treated us like royalty.  We both got steak and shared veggies and cheesecake.  It was a great night! :)

August 29, 2014

Kind of a spontaneous day! Hurricane Marie still wasn't allowing us to enjoy the beach so plans were changed.  We started the morning off at Bowl of Heaven and I thought it was delicious, but Dennis just thought it was like "froyo in the morning!" Haha! I got a kick out of that.
When we came home, Dennis seized the opportunity to snuggle with Daniel and it was precious.
He also found my mullet wig... that was a perfect match for him... creepy right?
So the spontaneous day began! We went to the lake to discover my pass was expired.  Cool.  So I get a new pass and we rent our paddle boards.  I was skeptical at first because I had never done this and I didn't know how to do it, but it turned out to be a great experience.  It was not a hard as I thought it was going to be.  We paddled to east beach and big bobs cove and then headed back in.  Dennis fell in first.  I just want to make that clear.  He fell in because he was trying to turn around on the paddle board and lost his balance.  I laughed. Hard.  It was hilarious, ok? He got me back by pushing me in... butt head! Haha, the lake felt great though! It was a great hour! We went and laid on the sand for about 5 minutes and then decided it was way too hot and headed home to get ready.

(Side note: All week I was telling Dennis how safe it is around town and how we can leave our stuff right by the tree at the lake and it will be fine.  Never once in my life has anyone taken it from the tree in all the times I've rented boats at the lake.  This would be the time someone takes my stuff right? Right.  We got out the boat dock and walked over to where our stuff was...... but nothing was there.  GREAAAAAT.  Fortunately, some kind soul had thought that we had forgotten it there and turned it in.  Bless them.  But really, you could have just left it there.)

So, after the lake we decided to head up to Long Beach to get Roscoe's House of Chicken n Waffles.  I was excited but a little weirded out because of the combination.  IT WAS SO GOOD THOUGH.  FOR REAL.  Black people know what's up.  I didn't think the combination would be exciting, but man, it was delicious! Our waitress was the typical sassy black woman and our food came out very quick! I enjoyed my meal! I think Dennis enjoyed his more than I did because he was mixing all kids of stuff... hot sauce on pancakes- all I'm gonna say.  So we got done there and realized Jeffrey's game was in Long Beach also and didn't want to waste the gas going home and coming back out again so we had to find something to do with our time.  We ended up at the Queen Mary and turned back once we saw the ticket prices.  Our final destination was the Aquarium of the Pacific!!! Can I tell you how much I LOVE aquariums? Like a lot.  A LOT.  I love looking at all of the fish and sharks.  We were able to pet some sharks and rays too.  It was awesome!

From the aquarium we headed to the football game, but we were super early so we stopped at 7-11 to get a drink.  I FINALLY GOT MY SLURPEE I HAVE BEEN CRAVING SINCE JUNE.  FINALLY. But it was no easy task getting this slurpee.  You see, we pulled into the 7-11 parking lot and it was a complete mess.  Two people were blocking both lanes and we could not go anywhere.  Dennis said "screw it" threw the car in park in the middle of the lane and we just went in, bought our stuff and came out to an open parking lot with some lady waiting behind his car. HAHA.  Of course, that would happen to us.  It made us look like we were the problem when really it was the two idiots in front of us.  We were super early to the game and were able to chill outside and wait for my family.  While waiting we witness some interesting and frightening things.  First, we were in the ghetto, so the people walking in were extremely interesting.  Second, we were in the ghetto, so we saw some sketchy cars doing what appeared to be a casing of the joint.  AWESOME.  Gonna be a shootout tonight.  Nothing says gangster like a drive by shooting.  *blast Maad City by Kendrick Lamar now.*

Jeff and Dan on the field together:) 

The game was really good.  The colors of the jerseys were ironic.. white vs. black.. LOL, but we whipped there butts.  As we were walking out to the car, a black guy from the other team said something along the lines of "thanks for that capo, we needed to be taught that lesson." It was hilarious.  Kind of a 'you had to be there moment.'  

As always, we were hungry and so we came back home and went to Taco Bell.  I was a very happy girl because I got my Nachos Bell Grande.  I had been craving them since the Angel's game... I finally got them!  They were delicious! HAHA.  My phone buzzed and I looked down and Gina Gordon had texted me this picture: 
creeper pic at Taco Bell, thank you Gina Gordon!
and more bonding time because Daniel is obsessed with Dennis.

August 30, 2014
The only day you can drive into LA and make it there in under 2 hours.  YES. On a Saturday. Morning.... or noon, like what we ended up doing. HAHA.  Pretty much snuggling was more comfortable than moving and getting ready so we snuggled way past the time we had originally planned on leaving. Breakfast was pushed back and everything evened up working out!

east coast bagels!! 
When we got up into Hollywood, we found out the the hike to the sign was CLOSED!!! WHAT? For real? WHY today? OF ALL DAYS?! AWESOME.  But, it was ok because Dennis got his Hollywood sign Selfie, so we're all good guys.  ALL GOOD. I then took him up to Griffith Observatory.  One of my favorite places in all of LA.  I love it up there.  It is an amazing view and its all about science!!! It makes my science mind very very happy.  After Dennis street changed, we headed up to the observatory and began exploring.  We were able to see the Hollywood sign and all of LA.  It is a gorgeous view.  It was a little foggy/smoggy, but we could still see what is important!

From the observatory we cruised on down to Hollywood Blvd. to see the stars! Dennis had never seen the stars or the Chinese Theater before so we found a parking spot in a garage and started our self guided tour! I forget how crazy Hollywood Boulevard gets around the theater and the stars! It was an awesome walk that finished with Wentzel Pretzel.  Delicious.  We got back to the car, after a minor snafu of losing the parking ticket, and headed back to South County to meet my family for dinner! We were celebrating Uncle Bruce's 90th birthday at Mastero's Ocean Club.  Delicious food.  LIKE BEYOND DELICIOUS.  Holy Cow.  Food coma.  It was a night to be remembered.  We had lots of good laughs and full tummies! I love my family so much! 

The filet with mushrooms, mac n cheese, fries, and potatoes. 

After dinner we headed up to Anaheim to meet up with Dennis's brother, Kenny and his girl friend, Erin.  They were at the Angels game and were going to grab desert with us after.  We ended up waiting an hour in the hotel lobby for them because they had to drop people off and take people places, but it was great because I got a mini nap in.  We were out until about 12:30 and came home and Netflixed until 3am.  Katie H had called me earlier that night asking to crash at my place and I told her of course.  She didn't show up until 5 am!!!! So  I didn't get to bed until 5 am... woo that was fun! I slept in until 11.  Thanks Dennis for just waiting around for me! Haha, sorry I slept so long! 

August 31, 2014
Sunday:  I absolutely love Sunday's.  I am able to go to church and partake of the Sacrament, renew my covenants with God and hear and learn from inspired teachers.  I love going to church and worshipping.  It really does bring me so much peace.  I made Dennis and I waffles for breakfast, we got ready for church and then headed off the the singles ward.   It was a great sacrament meeting with two sister RMs speaking.  Sunday School- temple prep- was so great.  RS and Priesthood were combined and the lesson was awesome.  We came home to all of my family, Walton's included! over at my house for a BBQ.  Somehow, I was thrown into the pool. COOL. I did my hair that day too.  Wasted a good couple of hair days.  Worth it to be able to spend time with my favorite cousins though.  I love 'em so much! The kiddos and I + Dennis started to watch frozen on the zoom box upstairs and then they had to leave.  We finished the movie and then watched more Netflix... haha it was almost a nightly routine watching Netflix.  Overall, amazing Sunday!

September 1, 2014
the milk mustache
the last! Sad day! Dennis packed up and we hit b&b one last time.  It was a good meal but an even better milk mustache.  I think Dennis is going to miss rocky the most.  They became goodish friends this week... when rocky wasn't being a butt.  This week truly did live up to the best week ever!! 

new best friends. 


Best inside jokes from this week:

  • MMMM gimme some of that!
    • oh wait....
  • Coitus?
  • "What do you want?" "Don't ask me what I want!" 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Leslie is going to PERU!!


The crappiest picture, but the only one I could get of us! 

Let me explain to you this situation.  Leslie decided to serve a mission way back in March/April.  I was (and still am) SO EXCITED for her and her decision.  I honestly could not see her doing anything else with her young 19 year old life!  She started her papers during my winter semester and I though for sure she would be getting her call over spring break when I was home.  Spring break came and went and still working on the papers.  I went back to BYUI for spring semester and I was going to surprise her and come home the weekend she got her call.  Spring Semester came and went and still no call. BUT, that meant perfection because I would be home all summer and she would get it while I was home.  I was only going to be gone one week in the summer and that was for Chad and Makayla's wedding- which I couldn't miss because I was in the bridal party.  Two weeks prior to the wedding, Leslie submitted her papers! It was such an exciting moment! I was THRILLED for her!!!!!  Calls take about two weeks to be deliver... MY DILEMMA. I was going to be out of town for the wedding!! I was devastated that I wouldn't be able to be there when she opened it, but I knew I would be able to FaceTime her! I was really bummed, but so beyond excited for her! 

Leslie has been called to serve in the PerĂº Huancayo Mission! She reports on December 16, 2014 to the Peru MTC.  

Congratulations Leslie!! You are going to make one stellar missionary!! I can't wait to join you in the field! 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Austin!

Today I was able to witness the marriage of Makayla and Chad! Two amazing people who were introduced by yours truly and Dennis! It is incredible to think that just eight short months ago you guys met and now you are sealed for all of time and eternity.  You are a beautiful couple! I love you guys! <3

Let's not forget the first date: 

L2R; Ally L, Travis D, Chad A, Makayla PA, Dennis M, Me.
Front, Riley, Cory H.

Here are the wedding day shenanigans! 

 waiting outside after the sealing! 

Congratulations Chakayla! 

with my best friend :) 

 we got bored waiting so we took pictures with flowers! 

After we took pictures at the wedding we waited around for about na hour because we (the bridal party) didn't know if we were going to be taking more pictures or not.  It was getting hot and I was already starving so I made the executive decision to go to In N Out.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  Chad's mom might have gotten upset, but I was starving (and so was Dennis) and so we splurged on a burger.  WORTH. IT.   Sister Austin told us she had ordered extra food and that we would have to promise to eat for two at the reception... we agreed and left for In N Out.  Like I said, best decision ever.  The food at the reception was absolutely delicious, but it was finger food, not a meal.  It was very wise that we ate before.  

The Reception was at Eldridge Manor, absolutely stunning.  
All of the following pictures were taken there: 
Ally, my adorable roommate and fellow bridesmaid! 

Me, Ally L, Makayla- the beautiful bride, Kim (Chad's sister)

Best friends wear ray bans together:) 

 Two of my favorite men! Travis and Matthew! 

 I take too many pictures with Dennis, but I just can't help how good looking we are. #vain
Michael Larsen Photography.
Gotta love Ally's dad! 

The Bridal Party!
(minus Chad's best man, Austin, and Bridesmaid Kim) 

now at this point, we were really done with waiting and just wanted to get on the road. This is our "let's get this show on the road face!" HAHA. Typical.