Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Austin!

Today I was able to witness the marriage of Makayla and Chad! Two amazing people who were introduced by yours truly and Dennis! It is incredible to think that just eight short months ago you guys met and now you are sealed for all of time and eternity.  You are a beautiful couple! I love you guys! <3

Let's not forget the first date: 

L2R; Ally L, Travis D, Chad A, Makayla PA, Dennis M, Me.
Front, Riley, Cory H.

Here are the wedding day shenanigans! 

 waiting outside after the sealing! 

Congratulations Chakayla! 

with my best friend :) 

 we got bored waiting so we took pictures with flowers! 

After we took pictures at the wedding we waited around for about na hour because we (the bridal party) didn't know if we were going to be taking more pictures or not.  It was getting hot and I was already starving so I made the executive decision to go to In N Out.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  Chad's mom might have gotten upset, but I was starving (and so was Dennis) and so we splurged on a burger.  WORTH. IT.   Sister Austin told us she had ordered extra food and that we would have to promise to eat for two at the reception... we agreed and left for In N Out.  Like I said, best decision ever.  The food at the reception was absolutely delicious, but it was finger food, not a meal.  It was very wise that we ate before.  

The Reception was at Eldridge Manor, absolutely stunning.  
All of the following pictures were taken there: 
Ally, my adorable roommate and fellow bridesmaid! 

Me, Ally L, Makayla- the beautiful bride, Kim (Chad's sister)

Best friends wear ray bans together:) 

 Two of my favorite men! Travis and Matthew! 

 I take too many pictures with Dennis, but I just can't help how good looking we are. #vain
Michael Larsen Photography.
Gotta love Ally's dad! 

The Bridal Party!
(minus Chad's best man, Austin, and Bridesmaid Kim) 

now at this point, we were really done with waiting and just wanted to get on the road. This is our "let's get this show on the road face!" HAHA. Typical. 


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