Saturday, September 20, 2014

And somehow we ended up in Wyoming!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming! 

This morning we had planned on going to Mesa Falls... We ended up in Jackson Hole, WY! HAHA! 
We realized that there was nothing at Mesa Falls.  The three of  us were not down to drive an hour to Mesa Falls, take a picture and come back... so we thought of something else.  
Wyoming!! YEAH! 

The drive was absolutely gorgeous! I can't even begin to describe how much I love fall!! The Teton National Forest is breathtaking! 

 "Welcome to Wyoming!"

Ally, Dennis and Me at the Iconic Jackson Hole Arch! 

We ate at the cutest cafe, Cafe Genevieve.  It was delicious.  A foodie's dream.  All three of us got a variation of their burger and it was an instant food coma.  SO GOOD.  

After lunch we walked around the shops for a little bit and explored.  This town is seriously so cute.  SO CUTE.  A great place to spend a ton of money! 

Overall, today was such a blast! I came home and passed out for an hour because I was so tired! haha!! 

Love my sweet friends! 


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